We present a special live debate from our Sacramento studio in the race for California’s 3rd Congressional District. We’ll hear from both Democratic Congressman John Garamendi and his Republican challenger Kim Vann, the former supervisor of Colusa County. What are their plans for the newly drawn district? The new 3rd district spans eight counties in Northern California, including most of Sacramento County.

John Garamendi, Congressman representing California's 10th Congressional District (D-Walnut Grove) and former lieutenant governor
Kim Vann, candidate for the 3rd Congressional District (R-Arbuckle)

  • Lizmez

    What are the views of Kim Vann regarding Medicare and the Affordable Care Act. Will she vote with Paul Ryan advocates or save Medicare with modifications? Will she repeal Affordable Care Act as other Republicans say they will do?

  • Curious Constituent

    I’ve been watching this race for a while, and I still can’t figure out where Kim Vann stands on Medicare. Does she support the Ryan budget plan to replace Medicare with a voucher? And what would the candidates do to improve the solvency of Medicare?

  • AggiePride03

    The Ryan Budget has been national news for months and months now. I’ve seen Congressman Garamendi on both MSNBC and Fox News stating his opposition to the bill but I haven’t heard from Kim Vann either way. With all but one Republican in Congress voting for the Ryan Budget, I’m forced to assume she supports it unless otherwise stated. If brought up again in Congress, potentially with a President who would actually sign it, would Vann vote for it?

  • George

    I heard the Republican budget cuts Medicaid spending by a third, even though Medicaid funds a good chunk of nursing room care and coverage for major ailments like Alzheimer’s and heart disease. Does Vann really think we should keep the tax cuts for the 1% while cutting health coverage for poor seniors?

  • Lbuxman

    Kim Vann has all the speaking points down about too much regulation and uncertainty being the barriers to economic growth.

    1. Which regulations did Dubya fail to repeal that caused the Great Recession?  Where are the barriers today?  EPA? OSHA? Minimum wage? Zoning?  Are credit card companies inadequately enabled to prey on their customers?  Are insurance companies inadequately free to spend all our premiums on bonuses, lobbying and sales people?
    Any specifics here that we can understand and get behind here?  Anything the  current House of Representatives have voted through that the Senate needs to act on in Mrs Vann’s opinion?

    2. If elected and all these anti-regulatory bills start traveling through congress over the next two years, how much stability will businesses perceive they have in that environment, that will prompt them to start hiring?

  • Guest

    VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!  WE are stuck with these individuals because SO many people don’t bother to vote and aren’t educated well enough to vote.

    Today, less than 25% bother to go to college and people wonder how we are in this spot.  During the debates, the majority of people were watching some “reality” TV show.
    Now, there is an example of the US public.  Ignorant!!!!

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