Rep. Todd Akin

Political analyst Marc Sandalow joins us to discuss the political firestorm that has ignited in response to comments that U.S. Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) made about abortion and rape.

Marc Sandalow, associate academic director for the University of California's Washington Center and Washington editor of the California News Service

  • Ljmeyer3

    Why do you think your Money should make your speech so important?

    • Ludwig_von_Mieseskeit

      Silly lefty! Wealth is obviously a sign of God’s Favour, just as surely as all poor people are losers whom assisting is going against His Will, as Saint Calvin and Saint Rand taught us.

      • NakedShort

         Praise the holy markets and the sacred fiat currencies! I would add that Goldman Sachs is clearly doing God’s work, as Saint Lloyd Blankfein did declare himself. The 1% are superhuman and godlike, and are justified in bankrupting all the devilish and shifty poor folk, and enslaving them with debt and Malt Liquor. All praise the holy Gulag-Casino economy!

  • Frank

    A few years ago an American woman was interviewed on Scarborough Country, which was a conservative TV talk show, and alleged that she had been kidnapped by some new acquaintances, drugged, and when she awoke, she was being held in a concrete cell with other women and that the cell was located underneath a Las Vegas casino. She said they were all were forced to have sex against their will. She said there were women of all nationalities including Europeans in there being held captive. I wonder if Mr Adelson’s Sands casino was involved in such sex trafficking. (Unfortunately I’ve been unable to find that interview online.)

  • Kathleen31

    Your guest is wrong — Akin is not being pushed out because he said something crazy about women getting pregnant from being raped, he’s being pushed out because he gave the game away about the beliefs of Paul Ryan, et al. regarding abortion.

  • Noelle

    Akin and Ryan sponsored fetal personhood act in Congress. I’m glad Akin was exposed for what he really is.

  • Kathleen31

    AAGH!  Both sides do NOT mistate the facts the same way!. How telling that that was the first thing out of your guest’s mouth when responding to the last caller.

  • Stephen

     It is not Akin’s poor choice of language “legitimate
    rape” that I find troubling, it is the ignorance that his comments expose.
     Someone who takes such a strong public
    stance on an issue and who seeks to shape public policy on the matter, has a
    responsibility to educate themselves on the relevant facts. Apologizing for the language doesn’t help.

  • Another Mike

    Apparently Akin doesn’t think that consent is necessary for sex, because the only “legitimate” rape is when a stranger leaps out of the bushes and assaults a woman — a predator getting a woman drunk and peeling off her clothes cannot be a “real” rapist.

  • M.D., Ph.D.

    I have unfortunately missed much of the discussion of Representative Akin’s behavior this hour.  While I do think that Akin misspoke when he said “legitimate rape” (it is NEVER “legitimate”), his belief that women can extirpate a pregnancy by exercise of will belies a deeper ignorance of science and biology too typical of the right wing in American politics. 

  • MDA

    I was raped.  I was held at gun point and blindfolded by 3 large men.  I did not raise a hand of protest.  I asked them to stop.  If I didn’t physically resist, is that “forcible”?

  • Ralewis45

    I’m so sick of listening to men discuss women’s bodies! Your guest is a fool trying to justify Akins’ words. Shame on you for not having a woman guest!

  • MonaLS

    The only thing that Representative Akin apologized for was using the word “legitimate” instead of “forcible.” He still believes the nonsense that a women is not likely to get pregnant if “forcibly” raped. That, as far as I am concerned, is not a real apology.

  • Neil

    Question of Todd Akins:
    Mr. Akins – If someone forcibly enters your home and deposits a child there, do you automatically become that child’s parent and are responsible for all the responsibility it entails? 

    Assuming this happens in spite of installing the most sophisticated intrusion prevention mechanism against just such occurrence, but somehow  your defenses are compromised and a child is deposited in your home, what do you do then? 

    Are you obligated to retain that child for at least nine months before transferring the responsibility to someone else?

    Or, if you have a narrow window of opportunity, say three months, to correct the intrusion impact and not have to shoulder the burden of this responsibility and intrusion forced upon your life forever, do you take that opportunity to correct your situation?

  • twmv

    Representative Akin’s thinking is akin to the old trial by drowning: charge someone with a crime, submerge them in water, if they drown they were guilty, but if they live they are innocent. Similarly, is a rape “legitimate”? If the woman gets pregnant, the answer is no; it was not rape. It is not a legitimate charge of rape. She must have wanted the sex. (Apparently unwanted pregnancy is God’s punishment for a woman who desires sex.) Both trial by drowning and legitimate rape/trial by pregnancy arguments favor myth/God’s Will reasoning over rational thought based on scientific knowledge. Faith over established fact. Do we really want leaders from anywhere on the political spectrum who employ this type of thinking?

  • Harley Baldwin White-Wiedow

    Michael, you’ve just made the same mistake that every other old white guy makes when deciding what a woman can and can’t do with her body – you invited a man to discuss the political firestorm when you should have taken the time to find a woman political analyst. After hearing him say “maybe it’s ok to say that legitimate rape is a misspeak of forcible rape” I think you owe every woman who has ever contributedto KQED an apology. 

    • Baneblackheart

      So what you are saying is an “old black guy” would of never said this? Like me saying most black guys commit rapes.

  • Beth Grant DeRoos

    Why should any male have any say in women’s health issues regardless of what political party they belong to?  Just curious.

    • Guest

       Because there may be one or more males who are actually educated on the subject, instead of just grabbing the first female off the street simply because she has the same plumbing??

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