Since he was last on Forum about year ago, Bay Area-based naturalist Michael Ellis has been to Botswana, Bhutan, Belize and Burning Man, among many other diverse destinations. We’ll get his tips for educational excursions in Northern California and abroad.

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Michael Ellis, naturalist and wilderness guide for Footloose Forays

  • Mike Day

    Question for Michael Ellis: Last February I flew to Tanzania telling myself I’d better buy some carbon offsets to mitigate my jet flight’s contribution to climate change. KLM even offered me some when I purchased my ticket, but I didn’t trust KLM. Do you buy carbon offsets? Do they work? Should I buy some? Where?

    Mike Day
    San Rafael

  • Guest

    Footlooseforays.com is down. too bad.

  • Heidi

    In 2 weeks I leave for my first trip to Iceland, a destination which has long been on my “bucket list.” Any suggestions or must-see, must-do items?

  • Irene

    My sweetheart and I are taking a road trip from Oakland to the San Juan Islands.  Though we don’t have a ton of time, do you know of any natural wonders along the way that we can’t miss? 

  • Susan

    I love to swim in the early mornings in Lake Temescal.  But this year it has so much algae that I find my enjoyment is diminished.  Any explanation for the algae?  Even Lake Anza, another of the lakes in the East Bay Regional Parks system, which has always been very clean, has much more algae than in the previous 30+ years I have swum there.

  • Noelle

    Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park in Big Sur is what you are trying to name

  • John

    Gold Bluffs State Beach south of Crescent City is a wonderful place to camp. My family has been camping on the dunes there since I was a child. 

  • Keith

    Do you have any hiking recommendations for the hills west of Davis, in the Lake Berryessa area? I’m a regular visitor to Cold Canyon, but I’d love to find more. Thanks for the great show. 

    • Annhumphrey

      For some options in the hills north (in many cases substantially north) of Lake Berryessa, see the hikes  at www.yolohiker.org. Follow Napa Valley Land Trust and UC Davis Natural Reserve System news for occasional guided hikes on a few normally closed lands closer to the lake.

  • David

    Hi Michael Ellis, Welcome home. Reminder as you pick up garbage and trash, check for critters before stuffing it in your pocket. I got to experience a bullet ant sting while in Lamani.

  • Paul

    For folks who want to volunteer in nature restoration, contact the California State Park Foundation.  They organize work parties that help maintain and restore state parks.  http://www.calparks.org/

  • Fox Gaynor

    Hi- I live in Santa Rosa too. One of the most beautiful places I’ve seen nearby is Salt Point State Park near north of Ft. Ross. It has the miniature forest, rhodedendron reserve and the wonderful cove.  And it is little visited (as I remember).

    • Michael Ellis


  • Daniel H Sherer

    I love the west and all the natural beauty of northern California, but I grew up in north Georgia and have to recommend The Blue Ridge Pkwy and any of the National Parks in the Appalachian region in north Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia. If you ever have the chance you must treat your eyes and spirit to the wise and elder Appalachians. Thanks for a great forum.

  • ForumProducer

    Here is a link to Environmental Traveling Companions mentioned during the show: http://www.etctrips.org/ 

  • baynature

    We heard you all were looking for info on outdoor access for people with disabilities. http://Etctrips.org is a great resource. They do organized outings. http://Wheelchairtrails.net and http://accessnca.org/recreation/ provide info for  trips you can take on your own. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the special section we did with great stories outdoor adventures by people with various disabilities: http://baynature.org/articles/oct-dec-2006/accessible-outdoors/

    • baynature

      Plus, we’re launching a brand-new Trailfinder for the whole Bay Area —  coming July 16. Stay tuned!

  • Alanhopkins

    for having Michael Ellis on the show Tuesday. During the show the mouse eradication
    proposal for the Farallone Islands was mentioned. I could not comment at the time;
    however I highly recommend the book “Rat Island: Predators in Paradise and the
    World’s Greatest Wildlife Rescue” by William Stolzenberg. The true stories of
    the damage non-native species do to wildlife and how island populations were

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