Dave Eggers

Writer Dave Eggers returns, this time with a much-anticipated new novel “A Hologram for the King,” which follows a struggling, middle-aged American businessman working in Saudi Arabia. Eggers joins us to discuss the book and one of its central themes: the decline of American manufacturing.

We’ll also get the latest on Eggers’ efforts to promote college access and literacy for youth.

Dave Eggers, author, founder and editor of McSweeney's and co-founder of 826 Valencia, a network of nonprofit writing and tutoring centers

  • looking forward to it!

  • Fred

    Here’s a topic for a Forum program:

    Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty in 1967.


    • Cyrus

      This man is truly insane.  Look at his blogs.  Perhaps forum should do  a show about hate-mongers like him instead.

      • Without even clicking on the link (I can just imagine the insanity you allude to there) I sort of agree that it would be an interesting topic to explore on Forum. The attack was an actual event and it was quite a strange one it seems. I’d love to hear a non-hysterical investigation on it.

        Anyhow, now on to Eggers!

  • English Teacher in Hayward

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for how positive you are about public school teachers. I am so exhausted by hearing “they don’t do x in the schools anymore” because it is so insanely inaccurate. We teachers (I’m a teacher in Hayward, a desert for kids even though it’s just across the bay) are trying to do everything for our kids. It is the taxpayers that are no longer doing x, y, and z in the schools anymore. We would love to have more time with fewer kids and teach engaging, fascinating electives. Anyway, you’re a hero to a lot of us! Thank you!

  • RA

    Though i never made it more than a few chapters through Staggering Genius, i’ve generally found Mr. Eggers to be insightful and also inspiring for his work with the community.  (I was also impressed with his telling of the Zeitoun story and i’m glad he highlighted that good man’s actions and the injustice that he was subjected to.)

    But this thing about making UCs free for everyone… by just bumping up taxes on the hated rich another couple of percent.  Ugh.  No, i don’t want that and i hope it doesn’t happen.

    Getting older, i’m increasingly coming to the conclusion that college isn’t so much about what they teach, especially for most liberal arts majors, but the selection they provide.   Putting people together with others of like mind and like interests.

    So yes, scholarships for maybe the top 5% of each high school and maybe the top 10% or 20% over all high schools.  Or for people who show themselves to be highly motivated and at least moderately qualified.  But opening the gates to everyone accomplish nothing other than to make the colleges as bad as the high schools that currently are considered to be inadequate.

  • Gratifying to know one of my favorite authors is as enthralled with The Sheltering Sky as I am! If only he also expressed his enthusiasm for Don Dellilo’s The Names.

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