Daniel Clowes

The pages of comic books are most often thought of as places for superheroes and evildoers. But over the course of his career as a cartoonist and screenwriter, Daniel Clowes has turned those familiar panels into windows on the complex challenges of everyday loneliness, alienation and despair. Oakland-based Clowes joins us to discuss the retrospective of his work currently showing at the Oakland Museum of California.

Daniel Clowes, cartoonist and screenwriter

  • steveinsanfrancisco

    My favorite line from the movie Ghostworld was from the Steve Buscemi character. He said, “I hate my interests!”

    Were those character’s interests yours? Do you hate them? Or were those interests more based on someone else?


    San Francisco, CA

    • Kurtbrown14

      The interest in collecting old 78 RPM records is that of Ghost World director Terry Zwigoff.  But I think the line applies to collectors in general.  It’s often fueled by OCD, so you might say collecting is built on neurosis.  We can go out of control and a collection might feel like a prison sometimes.

  • Leo

    Ghostworld is one of my favorite movies. Can your guest comment on the similarity of his work with that of Todd Solondz? I saw a similarity between Ghostworld and his films, such as Happiness.

  • Joncasey

    I remember reading your story about a traveling caricature artist. I make my living here in the Bay Area working as a digital caricaturist for corporate parties and events, and was wondering where the inspiration for that rather sad character came from and if you have ever worked as a caricaturist yourself?

  • CR

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  • Davidpiff

    I’d like to hear a comment on Chris Ware.


  • Leo

    I recently had the misfortune of watching the movie The Bridge, which I think is horrible. If loneliness and disgruntledness are a part of Clowes’ work, I’d be curious to learn what he thinks about that film.

  • for more on Daniel Clowes please visit danielclowes.com. 

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