Originally hailing from Sacramento, California, the rock band CAKE is known for its eclectic influences and singer John McCrea’s distinctive voice and often-sarcastic lyrics. Oakland resident McCrea joins us in the studio for a live performance, and to discuss the band’s latest album “Showroom of Compassion,” as well as his career and political work.

McCrea will appear at Notes and Words on Saturday April 28 at Oakland’s Fox Theater, a benefit for Children’s Hospital Oakland.

John McCrea, singer and co-founder of CAKE
Kelly Corrigan, creator of Notes and Words, a benefit for Children's Hospital Oakland, and New York Times bestselling author of "The Middle Place" and "Lift"

  • aww… not only am i a huge fan of cake.. but, the benefit means so much to me because my son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 13 years ago and was at Children’s Hospital Oakland for 1 week.  Love you John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dawn

    Huge fan of Cake, but not a musical expert.  Can you explain 3/4 time and why you think it has vanished from music?

  • Samvegas2

    What does john think of the tidal wave of garbage that is choking out craft musicians on main stream radio, both in rock and r&b

  • Chrisco

    It is quite odd that musicians and artists that take liberal political stands are told to shut up and play etc. and “who are they” to tell people what to think etc. Not only is it wrong on principle, everyone should be encouraged to express their beliefs, but often these successful musicians and actors are quite intelligent and articulate. Usually the ill-informed dimwits don’t become really successful in their respective fields. But even ill-informed dimwits have the right to express themselves!

  • Robyn Gregg

    I’ve also been listening to Cake since the mid-90’s and am still a big fan.  I bought their first album on tape cassette!  Of all the bands that I listened to in those days, Cake is one of very few that has held my interest throughout the years, each album released delighting me and surprising me as much as the previous ones.  This seems so rare, for great bands to maintain and improve their music.  Perhaps this is because bands that start to achieve a greater following and some success end up following a more commercial path in order to appeal to a wider and wider fan base.  How has Cake managed to thrive and grow without becoming stale and milk-toast?

  • wendy

    i have been a cake fan since the 90’s in college and they just get better with age!  

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