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Celebrity chef Jacques P&eacutepin has been cooking for over 60 years. He has published 27 cookbooks and has won a Daytime Emmy, numerous James Beard Awards and two of France’s highest honors. P&eacutepin joins us in studio to discuss food, his newest cookbook and his KQED-produced PBS series “Essential P&eacutepin.”

Just this month, “Essential Pépin” won the International Association of Culinary Professionals Award for TV Series under the New Media & Broadcast category.

Jacques P&eacutepin 17 April,2012forum

Jacques Pépin, celebrity chef, cookbook author and host of "Essential Pépin," currently airing on KQED Public Television

  • Ken Jaffee

    Some of my favorite Jaque Pepin TV shows were when he had his daughter on as his assistant. He was so patient with her and I always thought if she can turn out such appealing food maybe I could cook. Does she still cook with you?
    It has been such a pleasure watching your skills with common foods. 

  • Dimitar_j

    HI Michael,

    so sorry to hear your guest talking about buying presliced mushrooms or anything else presliced. Are we so lazy so we can’t cut a veggie?

    Once you slice something, like veggie or fruit it starts to decay.

    I am nowhere closed to his skills, but rule No1 is not to buy anything presliced.
    It is not only the taste, but nitrition as well.

    Best regards

    • Jstew52

      Are we so lazy we can’t learn grammar?

    • Culinary Dictocrats Hater

      Mr. Pepin never said that pre-sliced mushromm is the besthing in the world or is better than whole mushroom. He was just making the point that it is ok to use it if one has such little time in a day to cook a meal. Rule No1 is to just ENJOY COOKING. 
      All the animal will start to decay too after being slaughtered, but we can’t all go catch life fishes, or kill life chicken or cow, everytime we want a little meat in our meal, can we?

      Best Regards.

  • Russ Ito

    Thinking about the recipes in Essential Pepin, can chef point to two: a) One that best reflects the chef he was when he arrived in the US, in 1959, and b) One that best reflects the chef he is today, and why (for each)?

    • Ppacf

      Mr Pepin had a program featuring a luncheon celebrating
      His daughter’s engagement. Is the menu available?

  • Robin Bayley

    I received your book for Christmas and am enjoying reading it and cooking from it!  I also watch your show on our local public television station.  Thank you, Chef Pepin!

  • Mya

    What is one of your favorite late night snacks? The sort of thing you cook when you happen to be up later than normal & you want something easy to cook for yourself & maybe a couple other people?

  • Alicia Rojas

    I am a fun of M Pepin! However, I am always surprises when he uses, for example, Ketchup…or other products with Corn syrup…or he uses other processed products…I was not able to ask this question when I went to celebrate his 75th birthday at KQED…Please let him elaborate in this usse. We must protect the health of the people….Merci, M Pepin, j’adore votre programs!!

  • Lee Cullinan

    Ask him to teach you how to pronounce Pépin!

  • Stan

    17 years ago, our child was born with a serious illness.  We were heavy with a sense of loneliness and despair.  As we nursed him to health, we would sit with Jacques on KQED, his calming personality, cooking great dishes, and filling us with warmth and comfort.  Jacques really helped us pull through a tough time.  Now we watch “Essential Pepin” and all past shows with our now healthy 18 year old.  Thank you Jacques for being there.

  • Betsy Hada

    When my dad was ill & dying with brain cancer, he couldn’t talk and couldn’t chew. Took away two of his favorite things. So I looked for things that he had loved, that I could cook and puree. Still the same wonderful flavors. When I went to feed him these things — James Beard’s pumpkin pie, Julia Childs’ creamed braised onions, Dad’s own ratatouille recipe — he would “Mmm Mmmm Mmm” with enthusiasm. I made it a point to visit him every Saturday and take him something homemade.

  • Sarah

    My best friend and I spent Sunday mornings watching Jacques Fast Food my way and Jacques and Julia.  Every year we exchange Jacques cook books and videos for our birthdays.  What we would give to cook a meal with Jacques. We call each other Jacques and Jean Claude! 

  • peter

    I often watch your show and it seems that you always add a last minute ingredient to your dish, some chopped parsley or tarragon etc.  Do you ever cook the same dish the same way twice?

  • Cookhskpr

    My hero!

  • Cookhskpr

    My hero!

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