President Obama has tiptoed towards outright endorsement of same-sex marriage through the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and his support of repealing the Defense of Marriage Act. However, some of his supporters are calling for him to take the final step and make support of same-sex marriage part of his campaign platform. But others fear that could cost him politically.

Obama and the Politics of Same-Sex Marriage 16 April,2012forum

Evan Wolfson, founder and president of Freedom to Marry, an organization campaigning to win marriage nationwide
Ed Espinoza, Democratic political consultant with Ed Espinoza Political Consulting

  • Gerald Fnord

    If Obama outright supported same-sex marriage, we would get neither same-sex marriage nor Obama.

    Very easy for me to be cavalier about it, since my marriage isn’t one of the ones threatened by his reticence—but then again, I supported and will support him even though he backed a terrible health insurance plan…which would still be a lot better than the status quo ante, and is at leasr good enough to be loathed by Scalitomas.

    Le plus grand ennemi du bon, c’est le mieux.

  • JenK

    One thing I’d like to know in doing the math of voters is whether fully supporting same-sex marriage would encourage voters to come out against him.  I would agree that most people for whom this is a major issue are probably unlikely to vote for Obama anyway, so it’s not about winning them over.  However, are there people who are ambivalent about voting for him who would be persuaded to come to the polls to vote against him because of this issue?  Could he drive up voters for the Republican candidate if he takes a stand on this issue before the election?

  • Rev. Natalie Moon-Wainwright

    Rosa doesn’t speak for all Christians and it is NOT clear that the Bible is black and white on marriage! There are lots of Christians who are for marriage equality!

  • Bwellers

    Rosa is right this is a civil rights issue however civil rights includes the right to marry who you wish
    This is a matter for the Supreme Court to decide


    • Jurgis Pilis

      What if the person you wish to marry is already married?

  • Bharath

    Christian conservatives love to pick and choose parts of the bible that suit them. Total hypocrites …

  • Bjvalley

    US Constitution:  All men are created equal
    Pledge of Allegiance:  Liberty and Justice for all

    Until same sex marriage is adopted nationwide neither of these statements are correct.

    • Jurgis Pilis

      What about women?

  • Jurgis Pilis

    I don’t think marriage is an equal right thing.  There is no right to get married.  It is a relationship or a contract that you can enter into, if you meet the qualifications. Just like getting a drivers license or a contractors license.  It’s not for everybody.  Just look at the number of unsuccessful marriage.  We should have fewer marriages, not more.

    Romney has a family history of supporting unconventional marriage arrangements.  Especially as a Morman with roots in a fundamentalist Mexican Morman community.  He’s not necessarily a straight and narrow type of guy – he likes to swing.

  • hajaxavier

    I’m not comfortable with a mixed race president. can’t we wait until after the election to support mixed race presidents? if we came out in support of mixed race presidents now that would turn off some of our base and we wouldn’t want to hand the election to the other side. After all, they are not as strong on mixed raced presidents as our side. 

    i can’t wait until everyone agrees not supporting marriage equality is as ridiculous as the above statement.

  • Yesh Medicinebird

    I wonder if adding this plank could cause the Republican base to further radicalize… Causing Romney to embrace more issues that would drive moderates towards voting Democrats.

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