Yul Kwon

The new four-part PBS Series “America Revealed” explores the hidden food, energy, transportation and manufacturing systems that keep America running. We talk to host Yul Kwon about the new program, and about his unique career. The multi-talented Stanford grad has also worked at Google and the FCC. He’s also the first Asian-American to win the CBS reality show “Survivor.”

Watch a preview of “America Revealed”:

‘America Revealed’ 6 April,2012forum

Yul Kwon, host of "America Revealed" on PBS

  • LPE Antal

    Looking forward to it !

  • Wallace

    The features of American that I’ve always most appreciated and found useful were the most socialistic services, where no one is voted off the island, such as libraries, community colleges and public universities, public highways and parks. I find the ethic of Survivor is harsh and inhuman, and its core premise is one of Social Darwinism. A better show is Survivorman, which teaches the average person to survive, whereas Survivor merely teaches people to be callous and petty.

    • TheyMightBeGiants

      Yours is the attitude of an authentic team perspective…and that is authentic power. *Compulsive* individualism, ‘every man for himself,’ is the formula that inevitably sets individuals against each other and weakens the fabric of the overall whole. In a word, it’s called ‘greed.’ And, quite unfortunately, the times we live in today are ‘living (?) proof.’

      • Wallace

        ¬†There can be a balance between self-interest and the common good. But today the greed-heads have made it their jihad to dismantle all public property. Their prophet is Milton Friendman, who even said that every road should be a toll road, because everything must be privately owned. It’s obvious insanity, because it represents a return to feudalism, however they may rationalize or sell their ideas.

  • Marie

    in the¬†breakdown of the pizza delivery Yul’s description reminds me of the buddhist mantra of interconnectedness.

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