San Francisco HIV prevention specialist Dr. Grant Colfax has been appointed by President Obama to direct the Office of National AIDS Policy. His programs while director of HIV prevention at the San Francisco Health Department have been credited with helping in the recent decline of new HIV infections in San Francisco.

Dr. Grant Colfax 19 March,2012forum

Grant Colfax, newly appointed director of the Office of National AIDS Policy and former director of HIV prevention and research at the San Francisco Department of Public Health

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      The Hidden Factor, for up to ten years individuals infected may go without or with low level symptoms during the HIV infected AIDS incubation term, current U.S. gov efforts indicate the greater need to focus on those beyond the generally recognized high risk groups, testing is a followup but prevention is key for all who come in sexual contact with high risk HIV/AIDS infected group members and any sexually active individual.  Ron H&B SF

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