California’s lieutenant governor and former San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom joins us to discuss the role of the office of the lieutenant governor. And, as a board member of both the University of California and CSU, we’ll hear Newsom’s ideas about the changes in higher education in California.

Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom 1 February,2012forum

Gavin Newsom, lieutenant governor of California and former mayor of San Francisco

  • Pikachu

    The Lt Governor is in a position to help the Occupy movement achieve their aims of greater economic equality, reduced criminality in the banking sector, and less corrupting corporate influence in general. Yet in an interview, he called them “extremist” and asked “what happens when we have absolutely nothing in common with their movement”. Such language suggests he is either in the best case out of touch with reality or worse, that he is identifying himself as a part of the outlaw corporatism that has hijacked democracy.

    • Pikachu

      Here’s the link from KCBS. It is a misquote then? Journalists make mistakes sometimes.

      • Derek

        The full 28 minute KCBS audio is available on the page and it’s an interesting and lengthy interview.

        The main points seem to be;

        (A) Newsom opposes any violence by newly arriving disgruntled elements.
        (B) He had nothing to say about violence by police or agent provocateurs and whether such violence creates disgruntled people.
        (C) The “extremist” element he is referring to is whatever group opposes people in power categorically.

        Thus he seems to think elected officials are going to accept Occupiers’ opinions and change their behavior.

  • Frank

    Very easy to complain about the cuts to higher education in California.  The question is what do you propose to fix it?  Pension reform? Tax reform? Retirement benefits reform?

  • Eric

    I agree that California’s tax rates are probably not the greatest barrier to economic growth, but don’t our high land use costs, high utility rates, high worker’s compensation costs, tort laws, and ongoing shortage of water make it difficult to attract manufacturing companies to this state?  Why aren’t our state leaders addressing these issues?

  • Bank of North Dakota

    A good way to bring prosperity back to California and other states would be to replicate the model of the Bank of North Dakota, which is still the nation’s only state-owned bank. This approach removes price-gouging from large scale banking and provides government with a source of income that would otherwise go to the private banks. For more information, I refer you to the research by Ellen Brown who has spoken throughout the US about this. The big banks vehemently oppose this model in the way that gangsters oppose justice.

  • Christopher Burnett

    Its great to to hear your voice again, sir. Since voting you into state office as a San Francisco voter, I personally miss your strong & knowledge input to issues affecting the Democratic party, as well the local community here in the bay area. Its refreshing to see you in the spotlight again during an election year. Keep up the good fight. Cheers.

  • Tom

    It is hard to get outraged abot higher education, et al, when we (the public) do not have a voice. I have three friends, college educated,  who just need the banks to negotiate their loan to lower the monthly payment by $400 to $600 a month. But the banks will only negotiate if a loan holder stops paying the mortgage for 3 months. The banks own the process and hold he public at large hostage.

  • Sean

    Gavin, how do you feel about having a band named after you?

  • Adara

    Does Mr. Newsom have any plans to run for Governor or a federal office (like President!) in the future? I’ve been a faithful suporter and would love to see his political career continue.

  • The Occupy Movement would greatly benefit from watching the documentary, “Inside Job” by 
    Academy Award® nominated filmmaker Charles Fergesun.  Currently the problem with the movement is somewhat similar to the problem Wall Street has… greed.  Instead of focusing on individual problems everyone associated with the movement on both sides of the fence need to watch this!  

    • KPFA Guns and Butter

      Most Occupiers have seen Inside Job. That’s a big reason why they’re occupiers, after all. But Inside Job is a documentary that leaves out some of the more alarming facts, so one could say it’s for intended for newbies. There is more candid information available from:

      Michael Hudson
      Ellen Brown
      Max Keiser
      Peter Dale Scott
      James Rickards

  • Kyra Kazantzis

    Does Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom still hope to put a measure on the 2012 ballot asking voters to enact tight controls on check-cashing and payday loan businesses?  Those of us who have learned about the evils of payday lending were heartened to hear of your plan, but now fear that the plan is a dead letter.

  • Julia

    Can Lt. Governor Newsom comment on the likelihood of passage of SB 810.  What is Gov Brown’s take on single payer health care

  • Ben

    As a UC Regent what do you think of the UC President Yudof?  Or UC Davis Katehi?  Are the people of California getting value for the record high salaries they are being paid?

    • UC Fatcats

      Yudof receives $787,000 per year.
      Katehi received $400k in 2009.

  • Chris

    Probably won’t have time for this question, and even if there was, I doubt that the Lt. Gov. would be presented it. But the federal government is busy disassembling the medical marijuana industry. Jobs and state tax dollars are being lost right now. San Francisco’s powerful Congressional delegation — Rep Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Dianne Feinstein — have been silent on the issue. Whether you support medical marijuana or not, it’s state law and has been state law for 16 years. Newsom was a vocal proponent of medical marijuana as mayor; as Lt. Gov., can he use his position to put pressure on the proper Californians in Washington?

    • Eric

      California’s medical marijuana law has become a joke, thanks to corrupt physicians who are willing to write a prescription for anybody who claims to have a chronic ailment and is willing to fork over the $75 visit fee.  Also, it would have helped had the state adopted policies to keep Mexican narcro-traffickers away from California’s marijuana industry, but they failed to do that. 

  • Jordan Lewy

    REALLY appreciated Gavin Newson’s comments on public financing of campaigns. I agree with him that this is a dramatic but ABSOLUTELY necessary change.

  • abe

    Lt. Gov Newsom stated that 5 of the top 10 universities in the world are in California.  Based on some very quick research on world university rankings, I can’t find any source for his information.

    There are 0 in the top 10, 2 in the top 20, and 3 in the top 50 and 4 in the top 100.  That’s a far cry from 5 of the top 10 in the world.

  • ericbas

    Gavin Newsom is an artful politician. Which is to say that his comments during this interview, even when most forthright, were about as substantial as the fog in SF. If he doesn’t take a stand and stop playing it safe, he’s got no chance at higher office.

  • Uscoast

    gavin is doing a great job with the s.f county and city , business

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