Newly sworn-in San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi is under investigation in an alleged domestic violence case involving his wife. On Wednesday, District Attorney George Gascon said he would decide by the end of the week whether or not to file charges. We discuss the case.

SF Sheriff May Face Domestic Violence Charges 12 January,2012forum

Peter Keane, dean emeritus and professor of law at Golden Gate University Law School
Rachel Gordon, City Hall reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle

  • Wiggums

    Gascon and Mirakimaimi should settle their differences in the boxing ring, like real men with their bare hands.
    Then, for Act II, let their wives do battle using their sharpened nails!

  • matthew mckee

    a bruised arm.  who cares.  find a real topic.

  • Ginbahr

    I’m a licensed psychotherapist in CA who worked with a client that was hospitalized by her husband due to physical abuse. She had made multiple calls to her local police, where her husband was an officer, that went unanswered. What recourse does a woman have for her own physical safety if her husband is not held accountable due to his position as a law enforcement officer? 

    • Cleaner

      Don’t marry a cop. There aren’t all bad, but look at what the NYPD and Oakland cops did to utterly harmless protesters. Marrying one of those is like becoming a mafia wife.

  • Towlefick

    I think that this iso ne of the worst shows I’ve ever listened to on Forum – very tabloid. What purpose does this serve?

    • Colin

      On the contrary, if the Sheriff of San Francisco is indeed a wife-beater, this discussion does serve a purpose and concerns a “real topic.”  If Mirkarimi had been a conservative accused of domestic violence, would you be so dismissive of the allegations?

  • CherylA

    He should be charged with assault like any other common criminal. Police have higher rates of domestic violence, alcoholism, and drug abuse than the general population, so they’re a high-risk group already. Any assault is a crime, and anyone who pretends this is unimportant is total scum.

  • Zak

    I find some of these comments troubling. Domestic violence should never be belittled. Given the dynamics of domestic violence, its highly doubtful that this is the only incident of violence, this is probably just the one the community is aware of.
    Beyond that, why do we want someone who feels entitled to abuse his wife in a position of power? If people think that the abuse should be written off because it wasn’t severe enough (a notion I completely disagree with), doesn’t anyone have a conflict with their sheriff being a hypocrite who lacks integrity? Why should he be enforcing laws that he himself doesn’t follow? His smug attitude about these charges is offensive on so many levels.
    I am proud of the Mayor’s office probe on this matter, and of the SF District Attorney’s interest investigating this case. Kudos to them for not minimizing domestic violence!

  • Dawoz2000

    I feel sorry for the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office.  They never wanted this guy in the first place.  They supported someone else… Looks like they knew better after all.

    I think it is time Ross step down. 

  • Vicki

    What I find disturbing is the fact that he is under investigation for alleged domestic violence.  Meaning, at this point there is nothing other than an allegation by a third party.  And you people have already decided he’s been arrested and found guilty.

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