Los Angeles band Fishbone emerged in the 1980s with a powerful mix of punk and funk at a time when music was dominated by rigid genres. We talk with founding members of Fishbone and the directors of the new documentary “Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone,” about breaking the barriers between black and white music and why the band didn’t become the superstars that many musicians and critics expected them to be.

“Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone” – documentary trailer from Tilapia Film on Vimeo.

Angelo Moore, saxophonist and vocalist for Fishbone
Norwood Fisher, bassist and back-up vocalist for Fishbone
Chris Metzler, co-director of "Everyday Sunshine"
Lev Anderson, co-director of "Everyday Sunshine"
Dre Gipson, keyboardist, guitarist and back-up vocalist for Fishbone

  • wda

    Fishbone.  You guys Rock!

  • Chotoboydave

    Fishbone is red hot!

  • bassplayermag

    You can read all about Norwood and the band in his BASS PLAYER magazine cover story, on newsstands now!

  • Lisa

    Fishbone reminds me of Thin Lizzy, an Irish rock band with a black lead singer. Their recordings still sound fresh and crunchy 35 years later. Yet they never broke through and I never could understand why.   

  • Its1louder

    I remember seeing angelo moore perform a crunchy version of “sunshine of your love” at the UCSB Pub in 1991 or so.  It was heavy man.  I think the side project  was called  travelling dingleberries?

  • Adam

    I’m interested in hearing the band’s thoughts on the LA band Ozomatli.  

  • Kevin

    It is so strange that Fishbone is not as well known as they should be. It is like people who like rave music not knowing Psychic TV, people who like industrial music not knowing Foetus.  Fishbone is the LA Alternative music sound. Hopefully history will remember them as number 1 when it comes to a sound that swept the world and is taken for granted these days as regular music when I was young it was revolutionary.

  • Vinomaster

    Thanks for making my day by having Fishbone in the studio! Totally unexpected…they are still Red Hot. 

  • Chotoboydave

    FB played a few songs in studio, it was to say the least pretty awesome live.  Angelo sounds great on the sax.  I heard also will be playing some songs after its documentary “Everyday Sunshine” at the Roxie in SF 1/6

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