The local professional sports landscape has rarely looked so uncertain. Will the A’s stay in Oakland, get the green light to move to San Jose, or will they leave the Bay Area entirely? Can Oakland hold on to the Warriors and Raiders? And what about the 49ers’ plans to move to Santa Clara? Our sports experts assess the rumors and pick the likely winners and losers.

Future of Bay Area Pro Sports 3 January,2012forum

Glenn Dickey, sports columnist for the San Francisco Examiner, former member of The San Francisco Chronicle sports staff (1963-2005) and author of books including "Champions," a history of the Oakland A's
Susan Slusser, staff writer for The San Francisco Chronicle where she covers the Oakland A's, and vice president of the Baseball Writers' Association of America
Mark Purdy, columnist for The San Jose Mercury News
Steve Weakland, director of corporate communications for the San Francisco 49ers
Larry Baer, president and chief operating officer of the San Francisco Giants

  • Aaron

    As an Oakland resident, I would love it if they stayed by building a new stadium that could serve as a catalysis for redevelopment in the City.  I would also love to keep the Warriors and the Raiders.  But I also know the leadership in Oakland is a laughing stock so I have no hope for a dynamic plan for these teams.

  • Sky Russell

    Do the players get any say in the move? How would the NFL draft picks affect the shuffling of locations (such as Andrew Luck’s stellar performance at Stanford this year)?

  • Jean

    The EIR for A’s baseball stadium shows significant impacts and traffic delays to freeways–I-280 and Hwy 85–whenever a game lets out in the afternoon. Although the stadium is near transit, relatively few people are expected to use it. Mark Purdy compared to HP Pavilion which is very very much smaller.

  • Mattsampson

    A’s absolutely must move to San Jose if Major League Baseball wants them to ever compete with the Giants in the Bay Area. The Greater Bay Area is a 2 team market, and can thrive as one with the A’s in SJ. Oakland has had their opportunity to build a new stadium for years. The city simply has too many other issues to deal with. As for the Raiders, I could envision a remodeled coliseum, although I firmly believe that a shared stadium would benefit both teams. The NFL cut a huge check to build New Meadowlands, they’d do the same for a shared Niners/Raiders stadium. Warriors will end up in SF.

  • Penelope

    As a kid from Lamorinda I enjoyed lots of group outings to see the A’s – a father or two to chaperon and a ride to BART was all that it took.  It’s too expensive now.  Perhaps we should let the A’s move and be replaced by a AAA team with less salary overhead.

  • Joe in Oakland

    The way Lew Wolf has treated Oakland, if they vacate Oakland MLB deserves to have it’s exclusion from Anti Trust laws revoked…

    Mr. Wolf is nothing more than a modern day Noah Cross.

  • How about including some Oakland reporters next time for a non-biased forum that isn’t completely irrelevant?

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    They are very interesting and give me big portion of information.

  • Joshua Johnson is great — please let him host more!

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