For more than 30 years, Oakland-based vocal ensemble Kitka has wowed audiences worldwide with their Eastern European-inspired vocal techniques and repertoire. Kitka joins us for an in-studio concert and conversation focusing on seasonal music from their current show, “Wintersongs.”

Shira Cion, executive director of Kitka's Women's Vocal Ensemble
Bridget Boyle, ensemble manager and vocalist.

  • geofflilley

    If you’ve never seen these lovely and gracious ladies in concert before, prepare to be amazed. You’ll never hear “Carol of the Bells” again the same way.

  • lisa in berkeley

    Wow, the loveliest “Forum” program I’ve heard — ever! Thanks so much for the gorgeous music this morning!

  • Anna

    Finn, age 5, said, “The angels are singing!” and then we danced around the kitchen.  Thank you for this heart-felt, ethereal music!

  • Rajanikanthsg

     Please add titles of songs, we could then goto to buy the #

    • Calmingtor

      almost correct,  

      • Chad

        Most of the songs were off the “Wintersongs” album, including ‘Alilo’, ‘Hubava Milka’,  and ‘Shchedrik’- the Carol of the Bells song.

        • guest

          The songs are also available on Spotify

  • Camden

    My daughter is in the SanFranciscoGirlsChorus Chorissima group and they did 2 spectacular performances with Kitka last month.  I was familiar with Kitka, but hearing and seeing them live was truly a treat. And to pair their mature and beautiful voices with the younger but beautiful voices (in 5 or 6 languages..) inspired them AND all those listening.  THANK YOU.

  • Mary Kay

    Kitka is an inspiring Bay Area treasure, which elevates their material to high art. We are also lucky in the Bay Area to have vibrant and active traditional choral ensembles flourishing within our various Slavic and other East-Central communities. Several of those communities come together each year to sing one concert of holiday songs and you can hear Polish, Bulgarian, Croatian, Hungarian, Sephardic Jewish and Ukrainian carols on Thurs Dec 15 at the Church of the Nativity in San Francisco at 7:30pm.

  • Joe

    I cannot express the joy I felt this morning when I turned on the radio to immediately hear the original Ukrainian version of “Carol of the Bells.” It just made my day, and now I have audio to share with my friends, with whom I’ve been hounding them about the little known origins of one of the prettiest carols. Thank you!   

  • Florin Andrei

    Wow, the song “Alilo” is performed here better than the album version on the Internet. It’s more raw, natural and powerful, closer to the original sound. I wish I could listen it somewhere without the commentary overlay.

    I was born and grew up in Eastern Europe and listening to these songs was a powerful experience to me.

  • Hugh Nevin

    What a wonderful addition to, and change from, the usual Xmas top-40 lineup;deeply moving, spiritual

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