The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art this week unveiled the design for a major expansion project, which would include free ground-level galleries as well as new pedestrian pathways and education spaces. We examine the details of the $480 million project.

Neal Benezra, director of SFMOMA
Craig Dykers, principle architect for Snohetta, the firm which designed the expansion

  • Sid

    The proposed exterior of the SFMOMA extension strikes me as a real me as a colossal dud. What in the world are they thinking? This is not flattering in itself, to the existing museum or the buildings behind it. Three strikes you’re out? Is this building a forgone conclusion?

  • Aaron

    I am pleasantly surprised at how well thought out the design is relative to the urban environment.  It seems that modern architecture tends to ignore its role in the greater context of the neighborhood or city, such as the new San Francisco Federal Building by Morphosis or Greater Columbus Convention Center, which purposely turn their backs on their neighborhoods in order to make some sort of vague statement – and as a result kills the neighborhood.

  • Scott

    We should be thrilled to have new, challenging and exciting building designs in San Francisco. The beauty of the man made structures in SF, especially the downtown skyline, have been hobbled in recent times by mediocre utilitarianism. Thank god for what little daring we get.

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