Egyptians have begun voting in parliamentary elections. Meanwhile, a just-released U.N. report says Syrian security forces have committed crimes against humanity in their crackdown on anti-government protesters. And the partnership between the U.S. and Pakistan is under threat after a NATO air strike killed 24 Pakistani troops. We discuss the latest news out of the Middle East and Asia.

News Roundup: Elections in Egypt and More 29 November,2011forum

Fred Lawson, professor and head of the government department at Mills College
Aaron David Miller, public policy scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
Zahid Hussain, correspondent for the Times of London and The Wall Street Journal.
Ramin Mostaghim, Tehran-based special correspondent for the LA Times

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    I want to hear about the curious role that a Serbian “revolution consultants” company called Otpor has played in implementing revolution in a long string of countries, from Serbia and Ukraine to Egypt, and the controversy over whole is paying their bills when each of these revolutions serves the US interest.

    Watch this Journeyman documentary:

  • Preeti

    Any comments on how the Arab spring movements have been a source of influence and inspiration to the Occupy movements in this country?

  • Wilma in Wine Country

    I find the timing of Lebanon’s assault on Israel quite dubious = after Arab League comes down on Syria.

  • Wilma in Wine Country

    Interesting, if not deeply disturbing revelations by US General Wesley K. Clark, Retired ( notably Kosovo & Supreme Commander Europe -NATO),
    from 2007 SF Commonwealth Club appearance. Clark detailed Bush II-con long-term mid-east strategy. Divide and conquer Libya, Syria, Somalia, etc… Author-Glenn Greenwald:

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