Police began clearing out the Occupy Oakland in an early morning sweep on Monday. Mayor Quan joins us to discuss the latest events and takes your calls.

  • UncleTomObama

    Just as Gaddafi kept the tribes in line by encouraging the tribes to always be at one another’s necks, so the elites in the USA and Europe keep their “tribes” in line by encouraging racism and ethnocentrism, both among whites and various minorities, as well as along other lines such as gender, religion, class etc. Divide and conquer is an easy strategy to conceptualize but many fail to perceive it, even when it is staring them in the face.

  • Starr

    Mayor Quan was on at 8am and was lobbed soft ball questions as if KQED was a part of her press team.  She was allowed to reference the shooting in Oakland as if the was connected to the Occupy group. She also said that the square was in state of squalor, which I would contend is not true. That was a very pro Jean Quan interview. I am disappointed in KQED.  Where is the balance?  I hope Michael Krasny is able to explore the issue from both sides and not just allow the mayor another space to say what she wants unchecked by facts and disagreeing opinions.

  • Joe in Oakland

    Oakland has become the defacto place for Liberal Extremists to riot.  32 people were arrested and how many were from Oakland?  & who pays the tax bill, loses the businesses & the jobs?  

    Go riot at the Pacific Stock Exchange in San Fran, a City that has twice the per capita income!

    • Jane Vandenburgh

      My son, born in Berkeley, who grew up in Rockridge, would qualify by any census as someone from Oakland. He currently works in SF and lives in Richmond. He’s the kind of person, when he was violently arrested the Wednesday of the police riot by the Alameda County Sheriffs, as an “outsider.” 

      By the way I was born in Berkeley and Noah’s grandparents and great grandparents went to Cal, how many of YOU have that kind of HUNDRED YEAR East Bay pedigree

    • Anonymous

      That’s like telling the civil rights movement to go march elsewhere. They were liberal extremists at the time, too. EVERYBODY (or at least…99% of us) lose massive amounts of jobs, tax revenue, businesses, etc. by the massive wealth inequality that our country is currently strapped with. There is already an Occupy SF, and they aren’t all SF residents, either. We’re all a part of this. On Saturday when I was in Oakland, the businesses I interviewed said they were closing up because of the fear of a police raid, not the protestors. In fact, the pizza shop across the street said business was up from all the extra foot traffic. The real fear is for offended CEOs to pull out of Oakland, but then we’re just bowing to corporate power again and we all lose out in the long run.  And the real taxpayer cost to the city came from Mayor Quan’s decision to launch massive repeated police activity. I’d take a good look at who Occupy Oakland really is and what they represent before you get angry with the wrong entity – you are probably on Occupy’s side when it comes to the big picture, and we can’t lose sight of that.

  • If you were so concerned about violence in the Plaza why did your turn off the lights? (the night the man was killed the lights were out0

    • Joe in Oakland

      The sun was still out when the lights were off, so that did not have an impact.  & both the victim and the perpetrators had been camping there.  So it IS related, even if you try to say it had nothing to do with the protest.  

      It’s difficult when you’re wrong on the facts and so it’s much easier for you just to ignore them…

  • Bradford in Oakland

    It’s ridiculous to suggest that the protestors, after being forced out of a public space, should re-enter the system of capital by renting a private space.

  • Mike

    All of the reasons the Mayor cited in the first 60 seconds on the air were true weeks ago for the removal of these campers. Impact on business, filth and violence did not start this week. That plaza always belonged to the taxpayers. She encouraged this mess with her back and forth directions to the cops. I am not in favor of do-overs, but she needs to go. Never thought I would wish Perata was elected.

  • Kathleen31

    Do we need to play back the tape from YOUR show the day after the 4 AM raid, Michael, when Ignacio de la Fuente and the Police Chief were absolutely adamant that Mayor Quan had personally and directly ordered the police in? Were they lying at the time, or is she now?

  • Angela Omulepu

    there have been over 100 murders in Oakland this year. the murder at Oscar Grant Plaza was not about #OccupyOakland, but broader societal problems like…high unemployment, a lack of resources to fund critical programs, i.e. education, health care, food access etc…Everything we, in the Occupy movement, have been talking about! I was mugged two doors away from my apartment earlier this year. The encampment felt safer than the streets of oakland. 

    • Sigmarlin

      Yes, how many times have i heard from Oakland homeowners about having their house broken in and waiting 3-4 hours for the police because it is “low priority”.  The police should have better things to do than harassing politically engaged people in tents.  They should thank OO since have provided temporary housing and food for the poor while the city fails to address its serious problems.

    • Sigmarlin

      I would also like to complain about the endless nuisance tickets as the city tries to raise revenue. Street sweeping parking tickets for streets that are still filled with dirty needles when the trucks pass by. The scam of making homeowners fix city sidewalks because of cracks and insisting they use expensive city contractors.  The tickets are issued timely yet you cant get the police to show up when you call. The city turns the screws on the marginal and keeps them poor instead of trying to help them rise.

    • chainsaw buddha

      There is no such thing as Oscar Grant plaza.

  • Kt

    Mayor Jean Quan.. another Ranked Choice Voting success story!

  • coconut

    People seem to think that tear gas was used to roust the campers the first time, but from what I know, no tear gas was used that morning. Tear gas was used at the *evening* protest following the morning camp raid…when the protesters were throwing cement blocks, filled bottles, bike locks, etc. at the police. 

  • Jean Quan, as City Council Member and as “Mayor” has decimated OPD several times over, and this is just one SMALL example of those chickens coming home to roost.  Her failure to support public safety in the neighborhoods of Oakland is directly related to her over reaction when the ghetto arrived on HER doorstep.  Shame!

  • Maya

    It is clear that Jean Quan is a sellout to the corporate side. And her tokenistic lip service to being a part of movements a long time ago is an embarrassment for movements…

  • Dave

    Mayor Quan, why do you define violence as being a few broken windows and a few garbage can fires but not rubber bullets, truncheon beatings, and tear gas canisters to the head?

    Scott Olsen wasn’t the only veteran with a life threatening injury.  Kayvan Sadeghi had his spleen ruptured from a police beating and was detained and did not receive treatment for 18 hours.

  • oleolo

    The mayor is lying about the rampant violence in the camps, its her way of squirming out of responsibility for her actions and a way of transmitting establishment rhetoric to the liberals that are on the fence about the 99% movement.

  • Melissa Williams

    I live in Oakland and there is REAL crime where I live – I hear gunshots 3-4 times a week in my neighborhood, houses broken into, cars stolen, drug dealing. Why did you expend so many resources on the Occupy movement, when the rest of the city has REAL problems? I am angry my tax dollars are being used this way. Send 300 cops here and clean up MY neighborhood!

  • Adriane Tillman

    I hope that Occupy Oakland will show leadership and express its voice during the day without camping at night. Show your concern for the City of Oakland and voice your support for the Movement. We should work together. 

    • Sigmarlin

      Why do the presence of the tents matter to you? Im just curious…Its not like anyone is “shopping” on the city hall plaza or past 8 oclock.  To me, the dismantling is all about dispersing the downtrodden so they are not visible to the well-to-do.  OO sheltered and fed the homeless as well as the political.  Is it better to have him lying on a bench in the elements and hungry? He’s still not going to get any help from the city.

  • Jonathan2009

    As the protesters regroup and consider their next move, they would be well-advised to study Jean Quan’s “long march through the institutions” of Oakland. Quan and her ilk, including the recently resigned Dan Siegel, have done more damage than good in the 40 years they have dominated Oakland’s political life. 

  • oleolo

    Spending $2 million on police actions in one night and then closing schools, this is Mayor Quan’s legacy thus far.

  • Chad

    The mayor stated that it was a few protestors who escalate the violence; but oakland and police in general have histories of escalation.  The mayor frames the police’s aggressive action as merely a reactive. The protestors were within their rights at the time the police attacked Scot Olsen why is she so quick to blame? 

    • Sigmarlin

      Yeah, why did Berkeley decline the OPDs mutual aid assistance? Police violence:

  • lenraphael

    Quan completely ignored the question asked of her about her own behavior re. the first raid. Instead she went on about appointing an independent board to evaluate the cops.  That leaves the voters to evaluate her performance around OO.

  • Sam

    Despicable, the oakland city council merely wanted to remove the social ills from the center of the city and move it back to the periphery. There are homeless people and gun crimes all over oakland, but dear lord, don’t let them set up near city hall!


  • Jane Vandenburgh

    I am DEEPLY disappointed that no one from the Occupy Oakland encampment was invited on the show. Jean Quan lied at least twice — re the “sexual assaults” in the encampment and about electricity being turned off (which happened concurrently with water being turned off).  

    She is an untrustworthy, incompetent mayor who needs to resign.

    • Sigmarlin

      They don’t have to get an activist to represent…they’ve got Quan flouting her Dad’s poverty and her past street cred instead of answering direct questions like why are you wasting so much money on cops here when the city has bigger problems?  Is it really OO that is keeping businesses from coming to Oakland? Or the drug dealers on every corner,the terrible schools, the 50% poverty rate and the everyday crime.  You can clean up this plaza but all thats coming is another wig store.

      • Annoyed

        What’s wrong with a wig store?  Is it because only women shop there?  Or primarily black women?  Doesn’t our economy count?

  • Aylene Front

    The Occupy movement is not going away.

  • We’re not that stupid

    Mayor Quan,

    Ya know, lies, deflection, lies. Deflection. Distortion. Deflection, deflection. Lies, spin, lies. Deflection, deflection, deflection, spin, deflection….Lies.

  • Jastrasen

     it’s hard to hear so many people arguing against themselves, as we are (almost) all part of the 99%. are the people who don’t like the occupy movement against income equality? or has american society become so unwilling to work to maintain our democracy that protests are just too messy and expensive? if that’s the case, then we’re all in trouble. democracy takes hard work, and the occupy people are working full time to restore the public voice in american politics.

    • Sigmarlin

      I agree.  It is one of the most frustrating depressing parts of the otherwise hopeful OWS movement.  Those who defend the status quo seem to believe they do not have the corporations boot on their throat.  Please commentators…disagree with the strategy but do it in a civilized manner than actually expands the discussion.  Dont fall for the divide and conquer PR.  It is not impressive to call people dismissive names as if you are contributing something real.

  • Calling Frank Ogawa Plaza “Oscar Grant Plaza” is part of the problem, and one of the reasons that the citizens of Oakland are deeply troubled by #occupyoakland.  The death of Oscar Grant was unacceptable, but he didn’t live in Oakland, nor did the City of Oakland or the Oakland Police Department have ANY responsibility for his unfortunate death.  Why is it that MY city is YOUR target?  It looks like the default reaction to all the injustice in the world is to riot in Oakland and trash our city.  What a waste of a movement that really captured the imagination of the country, and could have really effected meaningful change!

    • Dagday

      Its my city too .. crime and homelessness will continue in Oakland
      and The City Council will continue to steal our money !!
      Mean Jean is an idiot !

  • Brothachaz

    Great interview. I like the diverse range of comments. Oakland is a very progressive city.  We must address the issues raised by Occupy Oakland and protect public safety. I send condolences to the Sister Chesa and the family and friends of Kiyode the man killed near Occupy Oakalnd.


  • I agree!  But keep in mind that “the protestors” AREN’T being forced out of a public space.  The City of Oakland is planning on opening that space for protestors again at 6:00 pm.  It’s the people who have taken that public space away from the public that are being forced out, NOT the protestors.

  • N8te

    I believe that the Occupy movement  brings out specific issues of their host community. For Oakland it is homelessness and gang violence. I believe Occupy has provided a great service for Oakland, giving a voice along with providing food and shelter to those disenfranchised by the system.

    If the “camp” is shut down we need to have a safe alternative, the PEOPLE need to have a place to address their serious grievances without provication.

    This is not over, nothing has changed, people who do not ‘understand Occupy’ have not listened, it is a very complex problem and the basic human need issues will not be swept under the rug until changes are made. Our society has become very imbalanced. Occupy is the tip of the iceberg of things to come.  Business as usual will simple not suffice. A new paridigm is needed and this will take time and sacrifice, from top to bottom.

  • UncleTomObama

    Quan brings an approach to dealing with protesters that is curiously like that of the Chinese government. What’s next, death camps for dissenters?

    • Chrisco

       You are obviously not that familiar with the Chinese government.

      • UncleTomObama

        In China, protests are springing up all over the place. They are put down much as at Occupy protests. In China, the government harvest organs from political dissidents. Coming to a FEMA camp near you.

  • Daniel

    Mayor Quan has been threatened by the local businesses that they recall her unless she cleans up the plaza. It was on the news, no secret. She did what she is paid for and for those who put her in the office.

    Agree completely with those outraged about so much attention and the police force to cleaning up the Plaza, whereas the city is swamped in crime.

    It is easier to crack down on unarmed protesters than actually do the work that requires skills and courage.

  • Kittiestpb

    SFPD  has been cautious… Mean Jean forgott to look at SF …Its obvious she doesnt know what she’s doing !

  • Kittiestpb

    Jean Quan was never a real activist !

  • Guest

    Occupy Oakland was supposed to stand for Economic Injustice and to represent the 99% of the population. Why are they further taxing the 99% then? Who’s interest are they really looking out for? If they really cared for us, why aren’t they out there taxing Mountain View or any of the other Silicon Valley cities where the 1% of this country lives? Why doesn’t Occupy Oakland have focus on the real situation that’s affecting America – the Economy??? What about coming up with real demands like demanding Congress to give up their ridiculous pensions and letting them purchase their own retirement like the rest of us, or what about their crazy salaries that are coming from OUR tax dollars?? Why is it that all they care about is the persistence of the encampement when the encampent has given no real demands to the impact/change the economy. All I hear from Occupy Oakland is their gripe about police brutality. Occupy Oakland needs to get with the program and focus on the real issue that OWS was about – the incresingly depressing state of our economy. It’s sad that Occupy Oakland is wasting away their movement. They could have been a real voice for change. Instead, it’s just becoming a hippy camp that the rest of us are sick of hearing about. I am part of the 99% – if you truly care, stop wasting our tax dollars and do something to actually make a difference. So far Occupy Oakland does not have anything to show that they’ve made any progress to side with us.

  • Cara88

    I was originally undecided about how much of the bad handling of OO was Quan’s fault until I heard this. Thank you so much for doing this interview and asking these questions!! It is hard to accept the city’s reasoning for destroying our camp twice when the city’s leader asserts so many lies. Many people in the community would hear her words and believe them without looking into the real facts of the situation. I believe that is extremely irresponsible on her part. She should be honest with the people of Oakland and to the movement. We deserve that. 

  • BuzzK

    Jean Quan, a toady for the greedy establishment in the tradition of John Yoo.
    Just another tool in the Iron Hand of tyranny.

  • Ld Honeycutt

    Ask banks and wallstreet for money pay for occupy police and cleanup.

  • Four Owls

    It might be helpful to change the title of 11 November from “Veteran’s Day” back to Armistice Day.  Did not everyone suffer from the Graet War?  Did not all endure the crisis in Oakland and elsewhere?

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