San Francisco is not known as a surfing mecca, but fans of the sport are flocking to the Rip Curl Search 2011 contest, now underway at Ocean Beach. Under sunny skies and unusually fine conditions, American surfing legend Kelly Slater thrilled the crowd on Wednesday by apparently winning an 11th world championship. But the title was declared invalid just two days later, due to a calculation error. We get the latest on the competition, and discuss the Bay Area surfing scene.

Bruce Jenkins, sports columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle
Daniel Duane, journalist, surfer and author of books including "Caught Inside: A Surfer's Year on the California Coast"

  • Kharper

    How nice it would be if, for once, a program about surfing included the achivements of women surfers. Routinely subjugated by tournament stature, media attention, endorsements and prize monies, women surfers are equally athletic, agile and attention-getting in the water as their male counterparts. The ongoing inequity is pathetic given that waves care not about gender but only ability.

    Kathryn Harper, San Francisco (born and brought up in Hawaii)

  • Kristischu

    I agree with the post below.  Forum should invite participation from female surf champions such as Keala Kennelly, the 2010 XXL Billabong Woman Big Wave Rider, not too mention last year’s winner of the Women’s Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic.  Keala and other female surfers are out there charging as hard or harder than the men.

  • Norm

    Heather McKay, 16 times world squash champion – sorry Kelly you’re very,very good but you’re not number one. And yes, surfing is a sport – try it and see how it compares to golf and chess 🙂

  • Wingnut

    We also just had the Women’s Longboard World Championships in China…on Hainan Island…New destination for surf and really amazing culture to introduce to surfing…

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