The New York Times has called Carl Zimmer “as fine a science essayist as we have.” We talk with Zimmer about recent developments in biology and neuroscience, and discuss his latest book “Science Ink: Tattoos of the Science Obsessed.”

The book features hundreds of photos of tattoos inspired by various scientific disciplines, each accompanied by Zimmer’s essays. Zimmer’s previous books include “A Planet of Viruses” and “Parasite Rex and Evolution: The Triumph of an Idea.”

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Carl Zimmer, author, lecturer at Yale University and two-time winner of the American Association for the Advancement of Science's Science Journalism Award

  • I have a tattoo based on the paths of sub atomic particles that result from collisions in particle accelerators.  I was inspired by the beauty of the convoluted curls described as particles pull into ever tighter circles.

  • Mark J

    Always having been fascinated by astronomy I have the phases of the moon tattooed on my forearm. Planning on getting Drake’s Equation done at some point as well.

  • Antonio C

    I have a tattoo with the biohazard symbol on my shoulder. When my wife learned what it means, she prohibited me to touch her ever again 🙁
    Antonio C (San Francisco)

  • Kim

    My husband gave me the best anniversary gift ever one year: the promise of a tattoo spelling my name in amino acids…. lysine isoleucine methionine = KIM. Now that is romance!

  • Maria B

    My friend, a violin player and manager of a coffee shop, has a big and beautiful *and* labeled amoeba over her abdomen. 

    • Maria B

      The amoebe’s parts are labeled.  (nucleus, etc.)

      • Maria

        The ameoba is on her stomach/belly/abdomen.

        • Maria

          the * * was supposed to bolden or italicize and to make it read:  her tattoo is of a big, beautiful and labeled amoebe coving her entire stomach.  I was in a hurry…

  • Violetvespa

    I have a serotonin molecule.

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