Salon columnist Glenn Greenwald joins us in the studio to discuss the Occupy Wall Street movement, Wednesday’s one-day general strike in Oakland and his new book, “With Liberty and Justice for Some: How the Law is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful.”

Glenn Greenwald, author, columnist for and former Constitutional and civil rights litigator

  • Greg Slater

    Thank you for finally having an intelligent, honest journalist on this show.  Please make frequent use of Greenwald.  He’s a National Treasure.

  • Chrisco

    I am really happy to hear that Glenn Greenwald is on for the hour. I went to see him last night but the talk was sold out. Well, it was free so it wasn’t technically sold out but it was in a pretty small room and people had to be turned away.

  • Warrack

    Max Keiser is calling for criminal bankers to be euthanized and to have their banks put down as well. He argues pretty logically that these bankers are terrorists.

  • Finnabennacht

    Something you might like to mention is the devastating family law practice in our country.  I’ve seen fine middle class families torn apart by our divorce system.  These blood sucking lawyers need to be reined in.

  • steve

    Your guest, and many other commentators,  mistakenly conflate two different events…Income inequality has developed over 30+ years and can be attributed to globalization, education, lack of trade policy, etc.  Wall Street…not reallyThe current recession was certainly exacerbated by Wall St excesses and there should be deregulation and punishment where appropriate.To conflate these two – Wall Street caused our economic woes is simplistic and misleading – and is, I believe, a major messaging problem with Occupy Wall Street,

    • steve

      whoops…should be “re” not “de” regulation where appropriate….

  • Chrisco

    Michael Krasny just indicted and convicted Awlaki for his role in specific attacks. Wow. He must have access to information that the public has not seen.

  • James Ivey

    Regarding the press supporting the powered elites regarding Nixon and Bush, does Mr. Greenwald see the same support for Democratic presidents such as Clinton and Obama?  My perception was the Democratic presidents are perpetually facing witch hunts in the media.

  • Warrack

    Even Greenwald still holds to the fantasy that Muslim bogey perpetrated 9/11, when a mountain of evidence and scores of experts have shown that 9/11 was perpetrated by our elites, by the despots who rule us and own the military industrial complex.

    • Warrack

      Typo… I meant “bogeymen”. Really they were patsies. For instance Mohammed Atta was an associate of Republican Jack Abramoff.

  • Warrack

    Goldman Sachs acted criminally when they helped Greece hide billions of dollars of debts, in 16 separate instances, to help Greece fraudulent enter the EU.

    • TF1948

      There is no doubt about your assertions.

  • Warrack

    JP Morgan regularly manipulates the price of silver, which is market rigging and illegal. That is also why activists have been so eager to buy physical silver in make the price rise and cause JP Morgan’s shorts backfire on them. The company has lost of ton of money as a result of this activism.

  • Lazor

    Circular logic:
    Prosecute foreign entities in a courts of law
    Courts of law are imbalanced to the favor of the rich

    add to this, the current enemy is funded through drug and oil money the US provides.

  • Janine, San Francisco

    Why is no one talking about repealing the laws treating Corporations as citizens?

  • Paulandelizabeth

    Hear hear! So glad to be listening to this program. I am a middle aged, middle class resident of Marin County. I worked for an investment bank for a decade in the 90s and certainly benefitted. I worked with a lot of smart, good people but what’s gone on lately and the lack of accountability makes me fu0rious. And Obama’s complicity in not going after the banks andnot even trying to pass any real banking regulations after the crisis makes me even more angry.

  • Saragwood

    Very well done, thank you for sharing this on the program.

  • Christopher Wilson

    Please ask Mr. Greenwald what he thinks of the fact that it appears that a settlement is near on mortgage fraud by the states’ attorneys general that will give blanket immunity not just for robosigning, but for fraud in the origination or securitization of mortgages. Also, the fact that Kamala Harris of California has or will sign on to this settlement.

  • Mymail

    Some of the people complaining about what the occupy movement is not protesting should be ashamed of themselves. No one is preventing them from going out and protesting for their cause. They are just lazy and want other citizens to protest for them!

  • Steve

    Much of the discussion here is focused on presidents and the executive branch. What about Congress, which is the law-MAKING branch of our government? What does Mr. Greenwald think of Lawrence Lessig’s “Fix Congress First” initiative?

    • TF1948

      I think our congress is paralyzed by institutional considerations that make any movement difficult.  We need sweeping change.

  • Warrack

    Just as…
    Gaddafi kept the tribes at each others’ throats to stay in power
    The elites in the USA keep our factions divided to stay in power

    Repubs vs Dems, Liberals vs Conservatives, blacks vs whites etc.

    If people squabble endlessly over trivial crap, you will be conquered endlessly.

    Address the major crimes by the international financier banking class and by the military industrial complex, and you will conquer the tyrants.

  • Mike

    If Iraq war was a criminal act, than why don’t we have a full investigation into all the events which lead to that war, including war in Afghanistan and even full investigation of the September 11 which was a turning point for all these historical events and which was not fully investigated.

     Considering “Take the Wall Street” event, I can not see anything positive coming out of it, only going deep down into civil unrest and destruction.Events in Oakland are clear indication of this. 

  • Patrickdkent

    I believe Mr. Greenwald is
    asking people to be patient with a judicial system most Americans find
    bureaucratic and seperate from most American’s reality. In this time of
    great change we definitely need this patience but what I would like to…
    see, and most likely what your guest has illuminated in his book, is
    how to convince the 99% of Americans who just aren’t involved in
    politics and thusly the judicial system and it’s technicalities as well
    as loop holes.

  • Hi Really great program!!!      About the cynics that were targeted, I also think that Obama had intention to do the things he said, but his grass roots and young supporters abandoned him after the finish line.

    I really think that there was no follow through by the people who voted for Obama, thereby making him more of a compromiser than he wanted to be to get things done.

    I will say that I am disappointed with several things that have happened since his administration took over, I like the man but I’m not a damn fool over him.

    Cheers, and thank you!!!

    • TF1948

      You’re right about the no follow-through.  For this thing to work, you have to stay in people’s faces.

    • John

      OMG are you serious?? You really believed in the Hope and Change thing? How long have you been alive in America? Not long enough to realize what the actual scope of power of a president is, nor long enough to realize that the majority of American voters are in the middle! Obama engaged in rhetoric to get elected. I can’t believe that anyone in America actually thought that “Hope and Change” was anything other than a campaign slogan!! It was never a strategy! 

  • Mason Samuel Wolf

    This has been one of the best Forum segments I’ve heard in a long time, and I’ve heard a lot of good ones. If there’s time, can you ask Greenwald what hope he sees? What does he think citizens can or should do at this point? It’s one thing to say there’s a huge problem, but what can we do when it seems like no matter who we vote for, the laws simply do not apply to the rich and powerful?

  • Matt

    Rather brazen for a caller to question the intellectual quality
    of the guest’s argument only to resort to ad hominem attacks in the same
    breath. The caller should strengthen his own argument by not referring to the
    occupy protesters as “Jokers”.

    • Woo

      It was even worse on Talk of the Nation. They kept reading these bizarre comments from reactionary Establishmentist twits.

  • Mmillerr

    Great show, please make the audio available.

  • TF1948

    We are fortunate to live in a country where Greenwald and Krasny can speak Truth to Power.  Bless our great Nation and let’s keep focused on the difficult days ahead.  WE NEED CHANGE.  REAL CHANGE.

  • John

    Brazen caller? I actually agree with the caller, and think it laughable that this “national treasure’s” only retort to the caller was that OWS is “nonpartisan!” If that’s all Greenwald has, then the American Left is even more pathetic than we thought it was. He accused the caller of being partisan, and his evidence was that OWS is nonpartisan?? He’s obviously never been to the actual protests. I love how liberals are all a-twitter about OWS, as if it’s the beginning of some broad-based movement that will finally bring on the socialist revolution the Bay Area’s long been waiting for. Well, keep waiting, suckers. The trash got picked up yesterday, there’s still electricity and running water. Wake up Bay Area, you represent the 1/2 of 1 percent of America. The rest of us are sick and tired of these idiots blocking our roads and killing our businesses.

  • Jon

    Listened to the interview this evening.  Agreed with pretty much all of it, but want to note that there are many of us who are working within the system as it has evolved, acknowledge that it is corrupt, but have not fallen prey to corruption. We continue to be driven by the force of good and are open with our goals.  Yes, we have become an oligarchy, and we must end the legalized crime that has made campaign financing into a form of bribery, but I believe there are still a good number of politicians who are on our side.

  • Aa

    This country needs more activists like Glenn…

  • utera

    He loses the universality once he starts ranting about terrorists.  Sorry but to bring that lefty stuff in is incredibly stupid, polluting the movement and undermining the goal.  Is he really willing to follow his position on policing terrorists to its conclusion, eventual war with pakistan? Just how many of other peoples children is he willing to sacrifice trying to arrest the terrorists trying to blow them up?  And yes i’m pretty sure proportionally it is not lefties like him that have children that actually go into the military.   

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