Celebrated choreographer Alonzo King joins us to discuss the new season of LINES ballet. The San Francisco contemporary dance troupe is performing a world premiere set to music in the Sephardic tradition.

LINES will also reprise King’s 1998 piece, “Who Dressed You Like a Foreigner?” It was King’s first collaboration with tabla master Zakir Hussain. The new season runs from October 14 – 23 at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

Alonzo King 17 October,2011forum

Alonzo King, choreographer and artistic director of LINES Ballet

  • Rob Thomas

    Last night’s performance was stunning.  The use of salt was mesmerizing.  In the background it was fluid and as a whole, and when focused upon it was singular and individual.  Brilliant.

  • Joseph

    As a theologian who specializes in theological aesthetics, I find that Mr. King’s statements, mirror, in the main, much of what the leading thinkers in the field say about art, life, and the Divine. I believe, as does Mr. King, that the objective of our efforts in life, especially when we search for meaning in our work, is elegance.

  • martin pickard

    My wife and i agree with rob, last night’s final duet performance was particularly moving. a bit of human puppetry or Lazarus interplay mesmerized me, due to the performers as well as the music

  • Karen

    i was a dancer many years ago, and had a couple of “out of body” experiences while dancing. i really felt that i was the music and riding a wave. it was a little scary, but very rapturous. i’ll never forget the experience. is this something that other dancers experience?

  • MC Yogi

    Brilliant interview. BRAVO, and thanks for the pure inspiration & love.

  • George

    I am 67 year old Latino man. I want to thank Rita Moreno for refusing to play stereotypes of Latino women after Westside Story. When she did, she played Cookie Gomez, a New York Rican want-a-be singer and hat checker in a gay bath house. I remember the Village Voice writing: It takes talent to play no talent. 


  • The interview was so inspiring that I just bought my tickets for this Thursday. Cannot wait!! Thank you so much for providing the great program.

  • Portia Subramanium

    Both of my parents were artists’ and growing up in NY I saw everything.
    ALonzo King LINES is one of the most amazing companies and demonstrators of art making that I have ever witnessed.  Its transforming. The talk was amazing.  Making complex ideas simple is a gift of genius. 

  • Betty Priolo

    I was very impressed with Mr. King’s talk about being authentic and discovering who you truly are.  The difference between feelings and emotions is an extremely important distinction in one’s process of knowing who we are.
    Thank you so much for this program.
    Betty Priolo painter

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