Writer, comedian and satirist Andy Borowitz joins us to talk about his new book, “The 50 Funniest American Writers: An Anthology of Humor From Mark Twain to The Onion.”

A contributor to The Daily Beast, The New Yorker and The New York Times, Borowitz was the first person ever to win an award for humor from the National Press Club.

‘The 50 Funniest American Writers’ 4 October,2011forum

Andy Borowitz, writer and humorist

  • Warrack

    The funniest book I’ve read recently is “HELP! A Bear is Eating Me!” by Mykle Hansen. It’s a bizarro novel. Another good one was “The Menstruating Mall” by the inimitable Carlton Mellick III.

  • Eric

    Two aurthors immediately come to mind when I think of funny authors – Dave Barry and Mark Twain.

  • Frank

    Dave Barry

  • guest

    David Sedaris!

  • Archie

    Carl Hiassen.

  • I would rate P.G.Wodehouse as the funniest of all time. To be consistently funny is hard and that is something PGW managed. In fact, I would even go on to say that he opened up the world of situational comedy.

    • claire_in_berkeley

      I’ve been on a wodehouse binge this summer, listening to audiobook after audiobook.  And  some of the readers, most in fact, are amazing.

      If Wodehouse was an american, then he would definitely be in the book

      • True…I only included him because he spent more than 30 years in America…

  • claire_in_berkeley

     “john kennedy toole’s” a confederacy of dunces – one of the funniest books I have ever read. 

  • Piper Cole & Kennedy Brooks

    Ask Andy if he has thought about writing a compilation of “In other news…”, often the funniest part of the report

  • Chrisco

    I have two pushes but they both push some buttons. Michael Moore has to be up there. Not only are his films hilarious and entertaining, but his books are quite funny, too.

    And Al Franken, despite his new job occupation, is a laugh-out-loud type while reading.

  • shelley

    I think Carl Hiassen is hysterical, he captures all of the nuances of south Florida in a funny and satirical way. As someone who grew up in Florida, I can vouch for alot of his writing! (except for the one-eyed ex governor living in the swamps)

  • Sylwood

    I met two writers for “Fresh Prince” in Nepal in the late 80’s or early 90’s.  We were all waiting for seats on a plane out of Tumblingtar.  Was Andy one of those people?


  • Cay

    Did anyone mention Annie Lamott?  Her books make me laugh out loud.

  • Kelly T

    Tom Robbins—no matter how long it takes him put out each book

  • guest

    Matt Groening!!!!

  • Carolynk

    My great uncle gave me a book by Will Cuppy, titled “The Decline and Fall of Practically Everyone” (a parody of “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”.  I’ve loved the book ever since.

  • Davidpiff

    How about Spalding Gray?

    Best wishes,
    D Piff

  • Piper Cole

    William Goldman’s “Princess Bride” is one of the funniest books ever written.

  • Hannah

    Has anyone brought up the writer/stand-up Demetri Martin? I think he really speaks to my generation of sarcasm and apathy quite well!

  • Emilywexler

    Christopher Moore

  • Karle_c

    what about Leo Rosten?

  • Mary

    Poets – Ogden Nash and Billy Collins.

  • Jennabeth

    I’m constantly struck by the omission of Selma Diamond, one of the early women comedy writers who did not receive much acknowledgment. I knew her from the TV series Night Court, alho her credits extend to radio (Groucho Marx, Danny Kaye, Ozzie & Harriet, Duffy’s Tavern. In television, she wrote for Sid Caesar/Imogene Coca’s Show of Shows, said to be the inspiration for Sally Rogers (Dick Van Dyke show). Her cartoons and humor essays were published in the New Yorker, often appeared on The Jack Paar Show and Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. While she was Canadian-born, she was raised in Brooklyn and graduated from NYU. Surely that makes her worth consideration for Volume II!

  • Warrack

    It’s strange I’ve never even heard of Borowitz. I wonder to what extent NPR is merely promoting writers who are in line with its political agendas. I’m reminded how NPR has a couple radio shows that present musicians… always ones I’ve never ever heard of and who seem to have no talent.

  • Gregory Payne

     Patrick F McManus!

  • Kara

    Flannery O’Connor

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