House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi joins us in the studio to discuss the jobs bill, Washington gridlock, the Middle East and more.

Nancy Pelosi, minority leader and former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives (D, San Francisco)

  • Antisheep

    Subjects that Nancy Pelosi will never discuss:

    1. The obvious controlled demolition of WTC building 7 at 5:20pm on 9/11, which the mainstream media never mentions but which was recorded by about 7 different video cameramen.
    2. The presence of particles of unexploded military-grade explosives, of a type developed at Los Alamos, in multiple independent samples of dust from the World Trade Center.
    3. The fact that multiple witnesses reported seeing drug dealer Mohammed Atta being wined & dined on a gambling boat off the coast of Florida days before 9/11 by Jack Abramoff, who owned that ship.
    4. The systematic rigging of the 2000 election by Jeb Bush when he removed some 50,000 Florida Democrats, mostly poor blacks, from the voting rolls based on fabrications and lies.
    5. The fact that an international arrest warrant for Dick Cheney, posted by the Nigerian government, is being ignored by Obama.
    6. The fact that when news of the 9/11 “attacks” reached Nancy, she stopped giving a speech and disturbingly began singing the Israeli national anthem, despite her being ostensibly Catholic & American. (Her grandparents are Jewish.)

    Nancy is an eager participant in an international criminal enterprise.

    • progressivetruth

      possibly hearsay: californians passed a bill to impeach pres. bush, but she pulled it off the table.  

      why did 9/11 happen under bush’s administration and not under clinton’s administration because even under clinton there were already information with our intelligence that indicated the incident would happen according to the commission panel that bush finally approved after the families’ of victims persistently demanded that an investigation be formed–i’ve always wondered about this.

  • Chris

    Please, please Nancy Pelosi try to overcome gridlock or retire so new energy can govern our country in collaborative ways.

  • Theodosia Ferguson

    Is there ONE galvanizing component of the jobs bill that would show that Obama has a backbone and that he will serve the American people instead of the Financial sector thus igniting popular support? 

  • Chris

    Consider a way of communicating that is different from EVERYTHING the Republicans say is wrong or a lie. And EVERYTHING the Democrats say is correct and the truth. I rarely hear a way of communicating that hears/acknowledges what the other person or party says. My point is the words I hear from both parties is sooooooooooooooo off putting.  At least to my ears.

  • Chris

    In a respectful way, could you describe whyTHOUGHTFUL Republicans struggle (so how respectful I am?) with poliCes related to energy efficiency or an energy policy?

  • Aaron Greenspan

    I run a mobile payments startup that just laid off all of its employees–not because we can’t afford to hire, but because a cacaphony of state laws (one of the newest ones in California) makes it impossible for startups to obtain licenses. The California state government has stonewalled us for months. Our technology could reduce payment card fees for millions of small businesses, and just this moment a headline on Yahoo! Finance states that Bank of America will now charge $5 per month for debit card use. The only regulatory body that can preempt these anti-competitive laws is Congress and yet no one we have talked to in the House or Senate will do anything.

    How do you expect an entrepreneur like myself to take anything you say about entrepreneurship, innovation or job creation seriously?

  • David Bowman

    I am a Republican, and to me and anyone paying attention, the GOP is intentionally and systematically sabotaging the efforts of the Obama Administration. If we were at war, would it be acceptable to pull the antics they’ve pulled? … We are at war economically and the current GOP folks are saboteurs. The point of opposing parties is to guide government through principaled compromise. Reagan or Goldwater would not have acted to the detriment of the country. They were idealists, not cynical political technicians.

  • Adisqueaks

    If Justice Thomas doesn’t recuse himself from the health care hearing, shouldn’t he be impeached, re: his wife’s lobbying activity.

  • mj

    to Nancy Pelosi:  Please explain the difference between “debt” and “deficit”.  Both parties seem to use these two terms interchangebly.

    Thank you,

    Mary in El Cerrito

  • DanielDanielson

    Aside of no-proof statements, the few others here are demeaning. No one is quite happy with Democrats. I can see why. However, calling for the Dems to step down you effectively bringing Republicans to power in this two party system. You realize that, right?

    If that is your goal, then sure go ahead. You will not succeed in the long run. The Republicans are quickly loosing their base. They are unwisely destroying it, or help a lot destroying.

    Again, realizing how the present day Democrats are, if the present day Republicans take office – many of you will not want to be here. 

    There should be new Democrats or a brand new party members replacing older generation in the Congress. That is the work. Not replacing Dems by Republicans. Those are so out of date.

    It is not about ignorant candidates who do not believe in the evolution. It is about their obsolete vision for this country’s future. Look at the nations that are way ahead and grow 5-6 times faster. They employ an entirely different organizational idea. Those countries are teams. A wild-West style “free” economy is XIX century, not XXI.

  • Al

    Ms. Pelosi, I appreciate your passion, but you undermine your own message and your own credibility when you deliberately misrepresent the positions of your opponents.  Nobody is saying we should “destroy our public spaces”, as you have accused Republicans of; your opponents are saying “we can’t afford to do everything we have been doing, so we have to cut back somewhere.”  That is a reasonable position for which compromise may be possible with reasonable debate, but that debate cannot happen reasonably unless people on both sides put aside hyperbole, vitriol, and blatant lying and come together to work together.

    I thought you had a great opportunity to deal with this very issue with the first question Mr. Krasny read you on the air, but instead you dismissed the question and continued with the old tired Democratic talking points that Republicans are evil and Democrats are saviors.  The American people are tired of that rhetoric, Ms. Pelosi.  They want real leadership — leadership that is not being provided by you, Mr. Boehner, or Mr. Obama, or really by anyone else in government right now.

    Can someone please start thinking outside the box?  Just slinging talking points back and forth is not governing, it’s a playground mud fight.  We need more mature leaders in our public offices.

  • Howard Wong

    We appreciate Nancy’s bringing home federal funding, but many residents of Chinatown, North Beach, Russian Hill, Marina…. have reevaluated the Central Subway Project—discovering that it drastically decreases surface buses to our neighborhoods, and increases total travel times for even Chinatown residents.  Even if we lose federal funding, the saved state and local funidng could fix Muni citywide and create more jobs quickly.

  • StevenF

    I wish Nancy would get members Congress under the Social Security plan so they could exempt themselves from their generous private congressional retirement program thereby saving the country millions of dollars.
    Then they would also stop using social security for so called wars with other countries.

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