UC Berkeley scientists are figuring out how to decode and reconstruct our dynamic visual experiences — in one instance through subjects watching Hollywood movie trailers. We meet a lead scientist looking at how one day we may be able to go inside the mind of a coma patient, or even to watch a dream.

Watch images reconstructed from brain activity:

Reconstructing the Mind’s Eye 27 September,2011forum

Jack Gallant, professor in the Psychology and Neuroscience Programs in Bioengineering, Biophysics and Vision Science at UC Berkeley

  • Ken Jaffee

    Any sign of the mind in the brain?

  • Greg Slater

    No comments for such a amazing research. ¬†One question I have for the prof. is whether, having generated his ‘dictionary’, has he tried having subjects not watch videos but instead vividly imagine scenes, while he monitors the brain, and then see if his dictionary decoding of the activity during the imagining comes up with a similar scene?

    • Guest

      MRI device was monitoring the part of visual cortex, which is responsible for preliminary image processing. When you imagine things, it is inactive.

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