Like many corner stores, Yousef Elhaj’s San Francisco shop is the nucleus of the neighborhood. The documentary “Corner Store” — produced and directed by one of Elhaj’s customers — follows the Palestinian immigrant’s efforts to make a success of his small business as he tries to reunite with his wife and children.

Watch the official trailer:

‘Corner Store’ 20 September,2011forum

Katherine Bruens, director of "Corner Store"
Yousef Elhaj, shop owner and subject of "Corner Store"

  • Hilo Hattie

    Truly the inspiration of Mr. El Haj’s story is his devotion to his family.  Why do we hear about such extraordinary sacrifices more often from immigrants than from our own settled citizens?  Is it because we have become reliant upon the infrastructures of our yet functioning society or, is it due to other more disturbing possibilities such as the disintegration of the family and our government and society’s failure to support it?

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