Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to petition the United Nations Security Council this month for full U.N. membership — but the U.S. has vowed to veto any such bid. How might the Palestinian bid affect the stalled Middle East peace process, and the domestic political landscape?

Beshara Doumani, professor of history at UC Berkeley
Abraham Sofaer, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and former legal adviser to the U.S. State Department
Augustus Richard Norton, professor of international relations and anthropology at Boston University

  • JJ

    If you want to understand how and why (right Wing) isrealis’ get away with the ghettoization of an entire population- have a look at how (right wing) germans did it in the 1930’s and 40’s..

    If you want to understand how freedom loving americans were convinced to support military occupations of said soveriegn territory, Please read:

    The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt 

    If you want to see what else they are hiding from you, use the last bastion of freedom we have, (the internet) and Google WORLD TRADE CENTER 7. Revisit the first ever (in the world) steel building to fall because of “fire”

    And see how deep the lies go..

    Remember- most isrealis and most palestinians want dignity for all people and also struggle to rid themselves of their right wing governments that seek to enforce conservative values through violence and fear.

    • ahhh, nothing like a little race-baiting conspiracy theories to start our day. Comparing jews to nazis is offensive and wrong, and claiming that jews were behind 9/11 is just a joke. 

      • JJ

        you just cannot handle the irony of the facts: that collective punishment based on demonizing a people was commited by jews. why? are jews not humans too- with the same foibles? Yes they are, its just pretty disgusting that given their history they would ghettoize an entire population. Rafa is a hands off, isreali internment camp.

        You obviously cannot handle the facts that jet fuel can’t burn fire. so go take some 5th grade physics classes.
        And no, no one said “the jews did it”

        • JJ

          **Jet fuel burn/melt Steel, excuse me!

      • utera

        Well I did like how he showed his cards from the get go.  I’ve found that most rabid anti israeli posters tend to only reveal their conspiracy theory/antisemitic beliefs after talking for a while, they start off with almost reasonable objections, but you let them talk and it comes out.  Blaming 9/11 on the jews shows the wide spread prejudice and basic inability to accept even recent history or have rational thoughts about it wide spread in the anti israeli community.  The joke is they are given equal time or consideration for their opinion, the way that the “arab street” is given legitimacy regardless of whether their opinions are based on any reality or not.  

  • Fourcents

    Israel claims to be democratic.  Can a non jew own land in Israel?

    • yes, of course. Arab citizens in Israel have full civil rights; more rights than they have in any Arab country. There are Arab homes, businesses, schools, newspapers, radio and tv stations, and members of parliament. Thanks for asking.

      • RF

        Like American blacks have full civil rights — there are Jews only neighborhoods, home demolitions in East Jerusalem — get real…..that is the “talk” — equal rights — but it ain’t necessarily so….

        • utera

          Considering the decades of war there is no better record on human rights.  When germany lobbed a few rockets at london the response was to level cities in fire storms and hellfire.  Israel gets judged on a standard that is ridiculous.  Considering they are surrounded by a sea of antisemites they have done well, it isn’t perfect by any means but the standards they are held to are ridiculous.

    • Daniel Zilberman

      Very well known fact that 20% of Israeli citizens are Arabs – same exact people as their “Palestinian” cousins except they – at least formally – recognize their own country’s right to exist. They (including women and sexual minorities) can vote, own land, start business and prosper in the country essentially besieged by its belligerent eighbors.

      • JJ

        Read Mearshiemer and Walt. Read it, there are these things called statistics, which are a reflection of data, which are just numbers about things in reality. There you will find out how much the difference is between an arab and a jew in isreal. I mean, if facts mean much to you. My guess is that if your name wasn’t Zilberman, But Arab- you would be one of them nutters we call terrorists. Because you have loyalty to your clan, NOT THE FACTS.. Stop requesting American money to battle your rival clan over EARTH- WHICH BELONG TO US ALL.

        • Danfrompiter

          Excuse me “JJ” – what is this: ” Because you have loyalty to your clan, NOT THE FACTS.”???  Are you accusing me of  being part of ubiqitous “Israeli lobby” – or perhaps a “World Jewish Cabal” that these so called “scientists” Mearshheimer and Walt tried to uncover of the world (BTW they are NOT original  – for thousand years Jewish people were vilified by all kinds of propaganda , from “Protocols of Elders of Zion” to  – well, the works of these authors.). I have been to Israel myself and have seen the reality there which is very different in “apartheid state” that leftists try to paint. THE ONLY state in the Middle East were Arab women could vote for many years was Israel! The only state were sexual minoriities – including Arab – were not prosecuted is Israel. The only state that is democratic and successful economically despite constant attacks from its non democratic, (mostly tyrannic) neighbors is Israel. American money should stop going to all tehse states and organizations that support terrorism. 

  • I support a viable Palestinian state, which is why I oppose the move in the UN. It will not solve any of the problems on the ground. Only negotiations can do that. When the Palestinians decide to sit down with Israel, we can begin.

    • JJ

      wow- glad you have been paying attention the last 20 years, isreal has no reason to negotiate- they only see themselves losing land and defensible borders. IF EVERYONE DOESN’T HATE YOU- YOU HAVE LITTLE TO FEAR. Maybe they should get real about security and stop their own right wing extremist Religious nut ball minority from dragging the whole country into the mud.
      If orthodox jews had to fight for their beliefs, they would shut the F up and start negotiating like every other sane and rational human. But they are not sane, not rational, and no better than those other right wing extremists you call terrorists

    • JJ

      lol, “the way forward is to stay right here” No wonder jon stewart has enjoyed so much sucess- you right wingers are so easily mocked..

  • Daniel Zilberman

    Let’s get the FACTS straight – not the poorly disguised anti-Israeli propaganda that your distinguished academic guests essentially repeat:

    In a nutshell, the Palestinian Authority – or Fatah – or PLO initiative of asking the UN Security Council and the General Assembly to upgrade its status to that of a sovereign UN member state or a sovereign non-UN member state is an act of diplomatic aggression.

    Eighteen years ago this week, on September 13, 1993, the PLO signed the Declaration of Principles with Israel on the White House lawn.

    There, the terror group committed itself to a peace process in which all disputes between Israel and the PLO – including the issue of Palestinian statehood – would be settled in the framework of bilateral negotiations.
    The PA was established on the basis of this accord. The territory, money, arms and international legitimacy it has been given was due entirely to the PLO pledge to resolve the Palestinian conflict with Israel through bilateral negotiations

    So called “Settlements” issue has very little to do with actual plans of PLO/Fatah to bid for a statehood . Netanyahu had 10+ month freeze on settlement construction in 2010 – but Palestinians did NOT reciprocate with any positive response to that initiative. And their true goal – sadly – is diplomatic and then actual isolation of Israel.!

    • JJ

      Zionist Terrorists battled the british to establish the state of isreal in the land of palestine circa 1930’s. You are totally against those nut balls too im guessing- since you hate terror tactics right? the bombings that killed people and set the stage for the jewish state were barbaric too yes?

      • Danfrompiter

        My experience shows that having a logical argument with people who issue comments like yours JJ is not very productive. I will say though that state of Israel was formed by peaceful UN resolution and a few episodes of terrorism (Like famous bombing of King George hotel in Jeruslem) – dated back to 40s were strongly condemnded by Israeli society.  Other “Bombing that killed people” to the best (or worst) of my knowledge were perpetrated by Palestinian terrorist targeting Israeli civilians who have nothing to do with their aspirations of statehood. Israel said repeatedly that it is fully prepared to sit down and negotiate with Abbas without any pre-conditions – like they did with Egypt and Jordan successfully. The truth is not that Palestininans want their state – they do not want Israel to exist at all.

        • JJ

          Uhhhh, so we can establish the state of palestine through the same “peacefull UN resolution” then right Danfrompiter? Logic is tricky isn’t it buddy? 🙂

          • JJ

            Double standard is inherent in your position, Most Palestinians condemn the violence too. So stop making multiple standards- they aren’t logical. Which is your favorite thing I’ll expect.
            Logic dictates you treat all people equally, thats simple..

            My problem is that isreal is the little thug in the terror gang (yes, we create terror here in the USA and export it)
            As the little thug- they are only starting drama because they know america will back them up – loan them the money to kill their clan rival. 
            If WE stop egging them on, they might realize how weak they are and start negotiating.. But if you live here in the US- you get nothing but anti-arab propaganda, you can be pro-isreal and anti-religious fundemetalist. You can be For peace and against colonization but you cannot find a voice in american media- because you’ll be called an anti-semite.

          • Danfrompiter

            Well you ARE an anti-Semite  “JJ” – and an anti-American radical as well I can state that with confidence now. It’s not about mine “double standards” – I join majority of Israelis in their aspiration to have peaceful neighbors around them, When you call State of Israel ” a little thug” – you then have to (but of course will not) acknolegde that Hamas ruled Gaza, Syria, now Egypt and lately Lebanon are BIG THUGS who terrorize their own people to start with and threaten their neighbors who dare to have a successfull Democratic (which is probably a swear word to you)  If you don’t like living in the US where media actually is preetty biased in support of  poor “colonized” Palestinians (forgetting that they were colonized by their own corrupt leaders) – why don’t you join their plight in person and go there? There you can actually fight against the “oppressors” and support you (pro Jihadist)  cause in person.

          • utera

            I wouldn’t talk about anti arab propaganda, when the majority of populations in arab/muslim middle eastern countries have been surveyed they have revealed vast levels of ignorance and antisemitic beliefs. Go ahead, google it, most do not believe any arabs or muslims were involved in 9/11.  That alone shows you have distorted their view of even recent history is.  When you add the factor that they blame jews for everything including 9/11, you have to be out of your mind to assume they are fair minded about anything.

  • gee, JJ, tell us how you really feel.

  • JJ

    imagine the irony, americans now support colonization and are against the self-determination of (specific) peoples. What a loss of the values of the founders..

  • disappointed

    I was extremely disappointed with the one-sided program this morning. How is it possible that there wasn’t one guest (out of three!) invited to defend the position that favors vetoing the Palestian bid? This is the course of action that seems to be favored by the administration, but the program chose to invite three guests who opposed it. Two of the guests seemed to have an extreme anti-Israeli bias, well outside the mainstream US public opinion. I also suspect bias in the choice of listener comments and questions.

    I was left questioning the program’s integrity. Can I trust forum to cover both sides of a story on other matters? I guess not…

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