Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical commonly used in household products, can interfere with the effectiveness of drugs used to fight breast cancer, according to a new California Pacific Medical Center study. Find out about the new research and a proposed California ban on BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups manufactured or sold in the state.

More Bad News on BPA? 16 September,2011forum

William Goodson M.D., senior clinical research scientist at California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute. His specialty is cancer surgery.
Victoria Colliver, health care Reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle

  • Poppy

    How can we detect BPA or Methyl Paraben in plastic?  Can we use the recycling number as a clue? 

  • Sally

    I am curious about whether PVC irrigation tubing has BPA in it, and if so whether it has an impact on the crops or other plants that are grown using drip irrigation?

  • When we were buying bottles and other things related to food for our newborn, we always paid attention to ensure buying a BPA free product.  Majority of the times we bought steel bottles and spoons. FOr quite some time, I bought milk in glass bottles. But it is available in very few stores and is inconvenient. I want to know if the plastic bottles used for milk have BPA in them.

  • Kate Riley

    Please address the parabens in body care products.  What we put on our bodies goes INTO our bodies.  Parabens are in all but the best USDA certified organic body care products

  • Husam

    Should we stop using shampoo and conditioners? And what is the alternative?
    And what is the alternative?

    • jen

      CostCo actually has a line of paraben free shampoo and conditoner – the free products are easy to find…Rainbow Grocery, Target, even has them…you just have to read the labels.

      • meow8265

        All of the Vitacost/NSI items are bottled in containers free of BPA as well!!!

  • A lot of ready to cook and eat products are supposed to be cooked in Microwave. I guess we should stop eating them altogether.

  • GeorginaBurgess

    How can we avoid BPA?  Is all packaged meat, fish and vegetables wrapped in BPA plastic?

  • jen

    i use a lot of canned beans…does rinsing them help reduce the BPA content in them?

  • Most lids on mason jars seem to have a plastic lining, are they BPA free?  Or should they be replaced regularly?

  • Angelica

    I’ve replaced my coffee maker and several other plastic items for BPA-free ones.  How do I know that the chemicals in the new BPA-free products are safe?  Has these new plastics been studied?  I’m affraid I’m replacing BPA for something even worse.

  • Douglas

    I understand the BPA is used to line cans. Isn’t there an alternative to BPA for that purpose? I don’t consume anything that is packaged. But I feed my cat canned food. The companies that produce that pet food line their cans with PBA.

  • Bob Fry

    I’ve been using plastic drinking glasses for decades. Now in my 50s, is it too late to replace them with glass drinking glasses? or should I replace them anyway?

  • S. S

    If you start limiting your exposure to BPA, does that reverse the cell activity to somewhat normal.  I am a 41 yr old cancer survivor on Tamoxifen with two girls.  Does your panel have a list of things I should avoid in the household on some website.  That would be a very helpful tool.

    • Maricewoodruff

      Go to for more information.

  • Joydana

    Thank you so much for this program.  I’m a breast cancer survivor of 24 years, but I have many concerns about the future health of my children and grandchildren.  Your program can certainly help them to make better choices.

  • Liz

    1) Many years ago when I was signing up to volunteer at an Avon 3-day breast cancer walk, there were some nutso demonstrators saying that Avon is part of the problem.  I guess they weren’t so nutso.
    2) Several years ago, Michael interviewed an author who had written a book about various countries’ single-payer health care systems. Those countries regulate chemicals and such much more strictly than we do BECAUSE they have to pay the health care tab.
    Liz/San Jose    

  • Barbara Brenner

    I think Dr. Godson has made an important contribution to the field of environmental health, and I applaud him for it. But I do wish that Forum would have featured also a breast cancer activist who knows the issue.

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