Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson is in the Bay Area, meeting with local businesses and organizations to highlight innovation and green technology — and to discuss President Obama’s jobs plan.

She joins us to talk about green jobs, the Obama administration’s recent decision to hold off on tightening smog standards and more.

Lisa Jackson, administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

  • Bob

    There are two types of green jobs, one service, one manufacturing.
    -Green service jobs (installing solar panels, insulation, etc.) can continue growing with the CA tax credits;
    -Green manufacturing jobs depend (like all manufacturing jobs) must compete with China, & cannot if China is manipulating its currency, subsidizing land and not abiding by EXISTING trade agreements.

    Why are Democrats & Republicans more concerned with jobs in China over those in the U.S.?  Why are our elected officials not enforcing existing trade agreements?  

    My conclusion: China is holding something over our elected officials heads, but they won’t tell us what it is…

    • Marnies

      Obama tried giving money to Solyndra-it ended up as a scam. The corruption between the Admin and investors going deeper than stated in the news.Chinese government has more recourse when fraud happens, but essentially you can count on any Federal money going to industry be 30% redirected to fraud.

  • Johanna

    A report to the Port of Oakland recently showed that highly technical manufacturing jobs until recently are actually growing in Alameda County, but show a danger of stalling.  

    Other countries don’t worry about the pollution their businesses & “green” jobs create, heavy metal mining, or heavy metal & mercury dumping into our rivers and oceans.  

    That comes back to us in our air, in our water, and in the seafood we & our kids eat.  It is time for the environment to be included in our Trade Agreements!

  • Marnie


    “No country has been as aggressive as China, which last year, alone, provided more than $30 billion in credit to the country’s largest solar manufacturers through the government-controlled China Development Bank,” Jonathan Silver, the DOE official in charge of the loan program, told the House committee Wednesday. “That’s roughly 20 times larger than America’s investment in the same time period.”

    See today’s CNN article “White House role questioned in stimulus loan for failed solar company”

    An additional little known fact is that China is looking to grab the patents  and IP of these bankrupt solar companies for pennies on the dollar.  That half billion that we gave Solyndra is our hard earned American tax dollars. We are very much in danger of giving it away.

    I expected Michael Krasny to call Ms. Jackson out when she said that the government had invested heavily in solar in an amount comparable with China.

    It’s not the case.

    Additionally, China is now also investing heavily in wind.

    As an engineer, I am happy to say that I did not switch my career to “green” energy when it was all the rage a few years ago.  My husband and I work in telecommunications electronics.  Our stock went up 6% today.  We have stable, high paying jobs.

    As someone who is concerned about defending our environment and our economy, it has to be said that Americans won’t defend these sacred trusts with a bunch of solar panel installing jobs. 

    We need to defend our tax base and core industries by whatever means possible.

    Ms. Jackson, and sadly, the Obama Administration, miss that fundamental point.

    • Livegreen

      All politicians are missing this point.  That’s why Bob’s question above is a good one.  Why are both political party’s failing to do what’s right for both our businesses & our workers?

      Democrats & Republicans should be unified in protecting both.
      Not unified in ignoring them & protecting China.  Something indeed
      must be going on behind the scenes…

      • Marnie

        Hey Livegreen,

        Call it the perfect storm between Obama’s desire to get re-elected.  He needs the financial sector on his side to finance his re-election.  So that’s the first strike against the American taxpayer.  There was a very interesting article on KPFA on that yesterday:

        Energy secretary Stephen Chu is a fan of biofuels, not solar or wind.  He has no expertise at all in semiconductors or solar.   Strike two against the American taxpayer.

        This week in San Francisco, we have the Asia Pacific conference (APEC).  Hillary Clinton and Stephen Chu are hosts, along with Melody Meyers, president of exploration and production for Chevron.  Meyers says “Chevron is the largest oil producer in the Asia-Pacific region and has a long-standing history in the area.” ie Chevron wants to protect its Asia-Pacific markets.

        So, between the financial sector, the energy sector and the Democrats desire to get reelected, I don’t think it’s too far a stretch to say that the American worker and tax payer comes out on the short end of the stick.

        The Republicans aren’t any better.

        Oh, there’s also the “Smart Grid” contingent at APEC, who are trying to tell us that there is a huge available market for American Smart Grid technology on the Pacific Rim.  Dollars to Donuts, if the Chinese want to, they’ll own this industry in five years.

        All I can say is that we had better wise up fast.

  • Ken Beebe

    Ms. Jackson is, in my opinion, a great public servant that combines competence with a talent for communicating. One of the current administration’s stars.

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