The 10th anniversary of 9/11 and the dramatic Taliban attack on the U.S. Embassy in Kabul this week have focused renewed public attention on Afghanistan. We discuss the future of that country with Kabul-born American author and physician Khaled Hosseini, whose international bestselling book “The Kite Runner” was recently released as a graphic novel.

Khaled Hosseini, author of "The Kite Runner," former goodwill envoy to the United Nations refugee agency and founder of the Khaled Hosseini Foundation

  • Rufus

    Given all the evidence that the 9/11 attacks were perpetrated by US defense contractors like AON and SAIC and blamed on nominally-Muslim patsies, the war in Afghanistan is really little more than a publicity stunt that is delaying the inevitable return of the Taliban who will be, as before 9/11, best friend with the US administration, supplying the CIA with raw drug materials as always. No doubt US mining interests will also get first dibs on the vast lithium deposits there as well.

    • Mike

      Dear Rufus,

      Not to dispute your opinion, I just like to know where did you get your information on who did the 9-11? Why are you so sure, that it were AON and SAIC and not the alleged terrorists?

      Please share your source with the World.

      • Rufus

        There is a wealth of documentaries on this subject, and I’d advise you start with 9/11 Mysteries, which is on Youtube.

        Even taking a few minutes to look at the research on 9/11 done by non-governmental parties will benefit you and show you how the media propaganda machine can cause even intelligent, educated people to duped into believing in official lies and physical impossibilities.

        The collapse of WTC 7 is a case in point: Hit by no planes nor major debris, it collapsed at free fall speed straight down into the path of greatest resistance, as captured by perhaps 7 different videographers at 5:20pm on 9/11. Nothing but a controlled demolition can do that.

        As for the military contractors, their participation is suggested by the latest research into where the planes hit the Twin Towers and what companies were involved with different aspects of security at WTC.

        People are continuing to research 9/11, in the ongoing effort to hold the criminals who perpetrated it responsible.

        • Mike

          Dear Rufus,

          If what you are suggesting is correct that the UD Government was involved and it will be brought into the light, do you see the enormous ramifications for the whole US Political System?
           It may lead to a very unstable and even revolutionary situation, are you prepared for that?
          Do you have an alternative political system which may smoothly take over?

          • Rufus

            More to the point, are you prepared to live in a fascist country? Because by Mussolini’s own definition, fascism is what we have today: We have a corporate-run government acting to destroy our basic freedoms.

            Perhaps your solution is to deny reality and cower in the corner. Or perhaps you’re coming at this from the perspective of a participant in the fascist system who, like the psychopaths running it, has no empathy for the common man and no love of freedom?

          • Mike

            I do have a very serious concern for the current state of massive denial and the potential for even worse situation when we may open the wound.
             It is like cancer, to open or not to open is the question.Perhaps we can discuss more details in private. Any way to contact you?Thanks

          • Rufus

            This is about holding criminals accountable and restoring democracy. Wall Street, military contractors, former and current administrations have committed huge crimes. Unfortunately practically speaking nothing is going to improve until after America undergoes economic collapse, which is likely. Just inform yourself and hope that one day the legal system considers the rich and powerful to be accountable for their crimes once again.

          • Masshole

            at least mike is willing to grapple with the reality of the situation. KQED, the quasi- intellectuals that they are, seem unwilling to even debate the subject. Probably because of the gravity, probably because they personally benefit from it in some small way. Lets be clear, you don’t stay quiet about the murder of thousands of your fellow americans for free. At least not me.Everybody needs to herlp expose KQED for what is is- a bunch of unpatriotic liars, trying to hold you from information freedom.

  • Mike

    Why we are spending all our attention to the that strange no-land Afghanistan?
    Are our schools in USA already fixed and children in our inter-cities are doing well?
    When our internal problems are so huge and we have complete disaster with our own dysfunctional  government, it is very reckless on the part of publik Radio to de-focus our attention to these issues. 

    • Leo

      In a way, that is definitely true. But one must understand the differences between our “problems” and problems there. (May be those become clear when one takes into consideration that the average salary of an Afgan is USD 50 per month in which, they have to support their huge (possibly extended) family.

      • Mike

        Dear Leo,

        When you live in Afghanistan you don’t spend money on mortgages and high rent not to say about our health care and educational costs. You don’t drive a car and you live simple live. All you need is a good Kalashikov (AK47) with a lot of bullets to spare and you all set.
        You can and should not compare our costs, they are worlds apart…

  • Lynn from Alameda

    Having enjoyed “The Kite Runner” book so much, I worried about its translation to the silver screen — but the fact that it was in its native tongue with subtitles added such an unexpected layer  of richness!   I hope a production of “A Thousand Splendid Suns” will take the same authentic path?

  • Sandhya


    I love both your books..The Kite Runner and Thousand splendid Suns…after 3 years still get goose bumps when I think about books….Also my niece and nephew in Mumbai love it….Both of them might have read more than hundred times…Hope in future you will get chance to write a book on how the life have changed for Women and children and especially newly wed girls…Thanks for these books…

  • I would hate for people to get the idea that they shouldn’t donate to organizations working in Afghanistan. I help run an organization called Omeid International which runs an orphanage we opened and houses 13 little boys. We are all volunteers and have never had any problems. Not all organizations are wasting money!

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