The San Francisco-based journal of West Coast literature and arts, Zyzzyva, has its first new editor since it began 25 years ago. We talk with the new editor and managing editor about Zyzzyva and about the poetry, fiction and visual art of the West Coast.

Oscar Villalon, managing editor for Zyzzyva

  • TimDoyle

    How can I get this on my iPad?

    • Oscar Villalon

      We’re working on that (sort of, but mostly yes, we’re working on that).

  • lizzyacker

    Raymond Carver! Great Northwest writer!

    • Oscar Villalon

      You’re absolutely right, Lizzy! I blame having no coffee for going blank there. (Though I did certainly know there MUST be a great writer from the state of Washington.)

  • Latif Harris

    The magazine is slick, but choices of work and writers leaves a lot to be desired.  I am publisher of the huge anthology of writers, artists, essayists including an unpublished letter from William Burroughs Jr. to his father which is a heavy but honest view that is indicitive of many of the children of famous writers I have met along my long road  The anthology is devoted to Shig one of the original owners of City Lights Books and represented the kind of gentle Buddhist “beat” cats who had a smile on his face and always willing to have a quiet talk when approached.   Also, we gave a nod to the North Beach neighborhood. We included a reprint of the City Lights bound edition of 1960 which covers the work of the founders, whose work was published on the mimeographed sheets passed around on a weekly basis and were the first “Beatitudes”.  This is 111 pages of the 571 total.  The connection of writers was loose but the vast majority have some connection to the movement of the S.F. Renaissance and Beat movements, which were quite different in their approach to literature and art but worked and lived in the City in the same period

  • John C. Baker

    Ha! I don’t remember Oscar from the Chronicle: I remember him from his days copy-editing the Glendale News-Press. He’s done a good job moving on up.

    • Oscar Villalon

      Well, it’s hard to improve upon the News-Press, but we all do what we can. Thanks, John!

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