As the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks nears, many are asking if we’re safer now than we were before the attacks. Has heightened security and extra screening at the airport — including removing your shoes and belt — made you feel safer?

As part of our series on how the country has changed since 9/11, we take up these questions with security experts.

Ten Years Later, Are We Safer? 19 August,2011forum

Barry Glassner, president of Lewis and Clark College and author of "The Culture of Fear: Why Americans Are Afraid of the Wrong Things"
Bruce Schneier, security technologist and author of "Beyond Fear: Thinking Sensibly About Security in an Uncertain World"
Steve Weber, professor of political science at UC Berkeley and author of "The End of Arrogance: America in the Global Competition of Ideas"

  • Butler

    There is no such thing as safety from invented bogey-men and patsies, because THEY are not the perpetrators. Are you safer today from Lee Harvey Oswald, just because he’s dead? No, of course not. Are you safer today from Sirhan Sirhan, just because he’s in jail? No, of course not.

    I am a bit appalled that you are not interviewing Richard Gage from Architects for 9/11 Truth for this show.

    • Butler

      Listeners who have the courage to question authority and who want to understand what really happened on 9/11 can view any number of excellent documentaries on the subject that lay out the abundant evidence as well as explain laws of physics for people who have forgotten their high school education. The best one is called 9/11 Mysteries, which is on Youtube. 9/11 was not perpetrated by Muslim bogeymen, and the claims that they did do it is an unproven conspiracy theory.

      • phil gonzalez


  • Dan

    Just watch the video of building 7 collapse, and try to find any credible explanation within any official report on 9/11, and ask yourself if you feel any safer knowing the truth about this horrible event and the people who allowed it to happen still remain suppressed and hidden. The current escalating police state and globalist power grab are the lasting legacy of 9/11

    • Butler

      Well said. WTC 7’s collapse was a very obvious controlled demolition. But additionally the presence of particles of unexploded military grade explosives (thermate) in WTC dust from all three buildings and from multiple independent samples proves that explosives (thermate in gel form) was used to bring down all three buildings. Related:

  • Rha

    I think one of the dangers with all the wars we are waging in the middle east in the guise of our safety and their liberty is that we are creating a whole generation in the middle east that despise the West. The youth who are witnessing these wars for the last 10 yrs will grow into adults who most likely will want to do harm on the US. If anything we are perpetuating terrorism for future generations. -Rha, Oakland

  • Chris

    The airport TSA security gauntlet is theatre and does not keep us safer in the skies whatsoever. El-Al security is the best on the world, and it’s not conducted by high-school drop-outs on power trips but rather highly trained professionals who are experts on behavioural cues vs. fearing a water bottle and wearing cardigan. If anything, one has to ask about the effects of the full body scanning and how safe THAT is. I travel a lot and am not comfortable with the radiation. 

  • guest

    The Iraq war was sold to the public by using fear. I remember when Bush said “we have to fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here”. I wonder how many supporters of the invasion actually feel safer today?  The one thing that scared me about the invasion was the tremendous financial and societal cost. Of course, now the scary thing that the media is focusing on is the high deficit. Ironic that it was caused by our fear of Al Queda.

  • Butler

    The false premise of the show is that Muslims bogeymen perpetrated 9/11. That is quite false, as a mountain of evidence & simply the laws of physics show. The Twin Towers and Building 7 were all brought down with controlled demolitions, as the physical evidence abundantly shows. Today’s Forum show is pure propaganda.

    • Butler

      WTC 7’s collapse at 5:20pm on 9/11, which the mainstream media refuse to show on TV, was a very obvious controlled demolition. But
      additionally the presence of particles of unexploded military grade
      explosives (thermate) in WTC dust from all three buildings and from
      multiple independent samples proves that explosives (thermate in gel
      form) was used to bring down all three buildings. Related:

      • Fay

        you are the example of the fear-based american the show is about. how many bridges have you bought? video blogs are easily faked and edited. 

        • LogicDriven

          Fay-you can fake a video- you cannot fake the firefighters testimony that had to be fought for and finally released under the freedom of information act. Open you mind as (like a parachute) it only functions while open- watch the firefighters themselves. Video search for 9/11 firefighters FIOA- And learn for yourself- if you are strong enough. I mean-  do you know anything about american history? what does “gulf of tonkin” mean to you?

          • Fay

            I’ll look at it. Until then, I still think it’s a crock.  Follow the money – if you’d tie into to who benefits-something like the CarlyleGroup-I’ll be more impressed.

          • LogicDriven

            ok fay- follow the money- trillions of dollars handed out to military industrial contractors- literally billions of it just lost (according to NPR) also- They ‘completed’ an old soviet geology report and “found” afghanistan was the largest concentration of rare earth mineral outside of china- rare earth minerals run the zero point energy technology of the future- you’ll have to start believing the firefighters and the military veterans and lockheed weapons designers of the disclosure project though to understand that.. Speaking of energy- the only way to run a non russian controlled pipeline from the near east oil feilds IS THROUGH AFGHANISTAN.

          • LogicDriven

            lok at the cheney/rumsfeld PNAC think tank report that says we ‘need a new pearl harbor’ to fund new weapons contracts in 2000. then imagine you have been keenly paying attention over the last ten years and have seen an explosion in (make-work) intelligence jobs/agencies. republican make-work programs- lol. Oh- and they changed all of your personal priorities in the voting boothtoo- did you vote the green candidate- or were you pushed to consider your security over you children’s future planet and environment. Well, they effectively kicked the teeth in on stopping ecological collapses that hinder corporate growth.

        • Butler

          Wrong, Fray. I base my views on the facts, on science, on logic, and not on fantasies as you do. The evidence is clear: 9/11 was an inside job.
          It takes courage to question authority, courage that you Fray do not have.

  • Fay

    The upshot of Michael Moore’s film, ‘Bowling for Columbine’, was that we live in a FEAR culture. Present day, we have x-ray scanners we should fear more than those the machines may stop. That they are easily defeated by secreting weapons in body cavities and expose millions of innocent travelers to excessive, untested amounts of radiation focused on their skin – is a perfect example of how we should fear the remedy more than the nebulous threat. Israeli security experts have dubbed our approach, “security theater” to explain the fear-based window dressing America puts up and sells to its citizens.Specifically, UCSF doctors and scientists have (and written a letter available on npr: )stated these security scanners are dangerous and  journalists have raised the issue, only to be trumped by the we must remain safe at all costs lobby, who claim they are safeguarding us all – case closed.

  • Djhfx3

    The 9/11 mega ritual was Carried out to capture humanities collective conscience and capture it into the highly controllable vibration of fear, as opposed to allowing it to elevate to a higher plain of universal conscience co-creation.

  • zoe

    we are conditioned to respond to fear from the age we first  see an ad.  after millions of fear-based messages the advertising community spews onto us, is it any wonder why it was the easiest thing in the world for Bush/Cheney machine to cast the response to 9/11  in terms of fear. 
    just imagine how different our lives may be (and how much our debt) had our Supreme Court not basically appoint Bush?Cheney to office in 2000?

  • Fay

    My friend is an American who moved t Jerusulem. He explained how his morning bus was blown up before he got to. When I asked how worried he was living there. He said, “we just get the next bus”. 
    That’s the difference between living in fear and arming yourself against unseen enemies and just going on with life bravely.

  • zoe

    one could argue that lack of control, its possibility or reality, is a fear as well.  obviously none of of us, no matter our wealth or political power has complete control of everything in our lives.

  • Marga Riddle

    Your guests and the comments are terrific!

    Does the “accidental” versus “intended” distinction break down when our funds are diverted from regulation, such as police as traffic cops or FDA agents to private-for-profit groups that control private armies and investigations in foreign countries?

  • Chemist151

    No we’re not safe… from our government.  We need to accept that there is inherent uncertainty in the world and quit letting the politicians move this country to a more totalitarian state by selling paranoia.  What would happen if we talked to other countries instead of ordering them around?

    • LogicDriven

      we can’t talk to, or let average americans know what other countries are thinking- since countries like pakistan STILL BELIEVE IN THE LAWS OF PHYSICS. they might school you on what really happened on 9/11. so – like NPR- they must hide any real dissent from you-  so you don’t make up your own mind

  • Alex

    While it makes little sense to put all of our money into protecting ourselves from aliens with planet death rays, it behooves us to invest heavily in methods of deflecting incoming asteroids, which pose a real threat to all life on Earth. 

    From research to development to testing to successful deployment will take years, if not decades. By the time we find an incoming asteroid and are stuck in Washington trying to get funding, it will be too late.

    • LogicDriven

      don’t worry alex- you government is all over it (see the national press club broadcast of the Disclosure project)
      And see the (hundreds of) aerospace engineers, military veterans/generals and MOD/CIA/DIA/NRO/ARMY/AIR FORCE etc etc officials who deal with the so called ET matter-
      Acknowledging ET means you have to acknowledge their energy source that propels them here- and that would be the end of the most profitable industry on the planet (fossil fuels) and it would give YOU radically more power and freedom over your life- something those holding that power now don’t want to just give you. what? are we stupid? who just willing gives up power? not many people..

      • LogicDriven

        its a lot to handle if your social programming and hubris are strong- but yes- fundementally these (hundreds) of military industrial complex types are saying that our governments have unconstitutionally funded these black projects (akin to the manhattan project- thhe first black project about energy) through wars and drug running- think Iran/Contra.

      • Alex

        Your reply makes no sense and does not address my topic or the show’s topic in the slightest. My mention of an alien death ray is in reference to an exaggeration by a listener who called into the show, and was obviously not the point of my post. It behooves you to listen to the show and read the comment to you to which you are replying.

        • LogicDriven

          What makes no sense is why you are listening to liars on this radio station. Obviously you cannot count to three- which is the number of buildings that fell in NYC on 9/11 how many planes were there? oh yea- two-. so it helps to know whats going on first- yes, but obviously- thats not you. call me crazy- but i barely listen to liars.. Since you think 2 planes can bring down 3 buildings (WTC 1,2,7). it behooves you to know something about the laws of physics before eating whatever the party line is.. but yes- the replies  are confusing because they appear lastpost first- not how you would normally read them- which starts with “don’t worry alex- your government is all over it..”

          seriously- wake up

          • @LogicDriven:twitter, while you are welcome to post here, please tone down the snide personal attacks in your comments. (“Obviously you cannot count to three,” etc.) We expect those who use our comment threads to treat one another with respect and courtesy. If you have any questions about the terms of service of our comment threads, please visit the Community Guidelines section of our site.

            Eric Westby
            Senior Producer
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    • LogicDriven

      oh and alex, its very alluuring- but disabuse yourself from the notion that aliens need things from us- if you are able to create zero point energy fields, cancel out mass inertia and achieve time dilation- literally folding time/space and zipping through  it–  you don’t need things from lower order creatures. There is no death ray because more evolved beings dont need to kill you. Take the smartest, kindest person you know and ask yourself if they would be trying to drive great distances to pick a fight and rob the poorest dumbest suckers imaginable- we are those poor dumb suckers and mostly- the higher order beings just stay away- like you do from the ghetto. its dangerous and volatile and you are above it.. Speaking of dangerous and volatile- everything i have said is dangerous and volatile to those who want to own the very ideas you familiarize yourself with. But tell me i don’t make a persuasive arguement 🙂

  • Tfryer88

    I do not feel safer, in fact I feel more violated and disgusted every time a “security” measure is put in place. It seems it has to do with more of a totalitarian control than it does actual safety.  I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

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