We continue our “First Person” series featuring the leaders, innovators and other compelling characters who make the Bay Area unique. Host Dave Iverson checks in with social entrepreneur Maurice Lim Miller, founder of the Oakland-based Family Independence Initiative, a national center for anti-poverty innovation.

First Person: Maurice Lim Miller 12 August,2011forum

  • Guy Johnson

    Love this story! I see this as a very American way to make progress with social change.  We don’t need bigger government, and we don’t need to eliminate public support for overcoming social challenges. We just need to be a lot more innovative and smarter in solving the problems.

  • George

    Maurice mentions that a lot of your support comes from high net worth individuals. What kind of support do you currently obtain from the government and what kind of policies would you like to see developed by government to help support FII’s efforts?

  • Allen Odom

    I loved this program and am fascinated by it’s structure…..I would love to know if it is a structure that could be translated to other situations…for instance assisting people both within the prison system and those transisting to the outside…..How can I get a clearer idea of how the program is structured…is there a “stencil” so to speak.

    BTW I listen to your show almost daily and am a big fan….thanks for the good work.

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