In the early 1970s, acclaimed environmental historian Philip Fradkin traveled around the state with his six-year-old son Alex to research his first book, “California, the Golden Coast.” More than 40 years later, they revisited many of those locations for a new collaboration, “The Left Coast: California on the Edge.”

It’s a book which mixes history with geography, personal experiences and Alex’s photographs. The father-son duo joins us in the studio.

‘California on the Edge’ 2 August,2011forum

Philip L. Fradkin, environmental historian, consultant to UC Berkeley's Bancroft Library and lecturer in history at Stanford University and Williams College
Alex Fradkin, photographer whose work regularly appears in publications around the world, including, Architect Magazine, Metropolis, and New York Times Magazine. He is currently finishing a 12-year project photographing the ruins of war, titled "Bunkers: Ruins of War in a New American Landscape"

  • James

    If Philip Fradkin thinks the East coastal area lacks “pithiness”, I recommend he read Simon Winchester’s “Atlantic”.

  • DavidL

    These are beautiful images. Living in the Bay Area my entire life, I feel familiar with these sites, even when I haven’t actually been there. They definitely evoke the multi-faceted images and feelings of the West Coast. I look forward to reading the book.

  • Jennifer

    Could you mention a link to the photo of Ocean Beach that was just talked about, please!

  • Anna

    Californians take our “untouched coastline” for granted, not knowing about the tiny state agency, the California Coastal Commission that makes it all possible. Please comment on the heroics of these STATE workers that protect our coast from the greed of developers, who would love to get their hands on our coast.

  • Tara1997

    Just bought the book…can’t wait

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