Beginning in October, California will reduce its prison population by moving thousands of low-level non-violent offenders to counties. The move comes on the heels of a court order to reduce the population of the state’s overcrowded prisons. But are counties ready to take on these inmates?

California Prison Realignment 29 July,2011forum

Matthew Cate, secretary of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
David Muhammad, chief probation officer for Alameda County
Joan Petersilia, criminologist and co-director of the Stanford Criminal Justice Center
David Kuge, chief probation officer with Kern County Probation
Jim Nielsen, California State assemblymember (R) and former chairman of the Board of Prison Terms

  • Dahagelberg

    Thank You for discussing the concept of “Restorative Justice” towards the end of the program. The re-socializational value of this process of convictee paying the victim with a portion of earnings which that convictee has earned in being placed in the job, allows that convictee to “deal” with some of the social shame, stigma and harm which s/he has done. “Restorative Justice” and Alcohol/Drug treatment will become mainstays of an evidence based Justic system.

  • Ron

    David Kuge, you had nothing important to say during the entire hour. Just buzz-words and platitudes about “best practices.” My malarky alarm went off when you said Kern County unemployment was about the same as the state average. That’s entirely wrong. According to EDD data for June 2011, Kern County unemployment is 15.3%.  How can you effective in your role when you do not care to learn the facts about the underlying causes of crime and recidivism?

  • Marysonoma

    What happens to sexual offenders and their parole in this new prison realignment?

    • Amy

      only non violent, non serious non sex offenses are the ONLY people they are talking about in this bill. 

  • ali_baba60

    Matthew Cates has just said it. It’s about money and just a new way of doing the same thing of building more prisons. Expanding jails and prisons is just another way of saying job security for the guard union with the taxpayer funding the entire thing.

  • ali_baba60

    The assemblyman is right about one thing….it will be the biggest disaster ever in the State of California. There is no job rehab or employer education going on to ensure prison to work programs or ensure public safety.

  • ali_baba60

    This is the same type illusion they gave us about “three Strikes” which got us into this mess saying it was for only the most violent offenders.

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