This week, the San Francisco Giants became the first professional sports team to join forces with the “It Gets Better” campaign against bullying of gay and lesbian youths. Is the climate changing for homosexuals in pro sports?

Joan Ryan, media consultant to the San Francisco Giants and former sports columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle and The Examiner
Cyd Zeigler, co-founder of OutSports.com, an online informative and entertaining gay sports community encompassing sports fans, teams and leagues
David Kopay, former San Francisco 49ers running back and the first NFL player to come out in 1975
Will Sheridan, former Villanova basketball player who came out of the closet Monday on ESPN

  • Emily

    I remember Denis Rodman (Chicago Bulls) and I remember him putting all the commentary around him for wearing womens clothing, colored hair and makeup. And I believe he had come out as bi-sexual. Am I remembering this right?

  • Donald

    I keep hearing from most people in sports that “it would be a problem” if someone came out or just trying to talk about guys in sports is a problem. What problem or problems are they talking about? 

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