Climate change is happening all over the globe, but what kind of impact will it continue to have on the Bay Area? A big impact, says a new study out by the San Francisco Planning and Research Association (SPUR). We talk with the lead author of the study. What can residents and agencies do to adapt to our possibly very different future?

Adapting to Climate Change in the Bay Area 4 May,2011forum

Laura Tam, sustainable development policy director for the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR)
Will Travis, boardmember of SPUR and executive director of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC), the state agency responsible for protecting San Francisco Bay

  • Marc

    Can he comment on the SORCE mission results published late last year. Also, what weight is put on the now recovering collapsed thermosphere that reversed in mid 2009?

  • jackie

    I appreciate the gentleman who called in and said he applauded Obama, even though he did not vote for him. I thought he had an interesting question, about Bush and Cheney and does your guest think they were dictators. That deserved a serious answer. If we don’t take each other seriously and try to talk seriously to people with different views, we are all just babbling to the converted. To the gentleman I would say that yes, I thought that Bush/Cheney were getting dangerously close to the ideas of dictatorship and police states after 9/11. Not just as a name to call them in a political argument, but in their policies overseas and at home.

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