Today, the San Francisco International Film Festival honors filmmaker Oliver Stone with its Founder’s Directing Award. The controversial director of “Wall Street,” “Born on the Fourth of July,” “JFK” and “Platoon,” among many other acclaimed films, joins Michael Krasny in the studio.

Oliver Stone, Academy Award-winning screenwriter and director

  • Acocotas

    Can you please ask Mr. Stone about his anti-semitic comments regarding ‘jewish domination of the media’ and so forth

  • Danfrompiter

    .. aYes, please do ask that question that Acostas has posted. Also, we would be very interested in Mr. Stone’s conspiracy leaning views on assassination of President Kennedy and 9/11 tragedy. Thanks!

    • Dnkq

      Danfrompiter, he doesn’t believe in any 9/11 conspiracy. The movie he made World Trade Center, did not make any conspiracy angle at all.

  • Guillermo

    Im a huge Oliver Stone fan, and would like to ask what future projects he has in the works? Also, if he’s ever considered doing a film on the Latin Drug cartels, specifically the Mexican ones? It sounds like an ideal topic for Mr. Stone to expose.

  • Shirley in Oakland

    I saw Mr. Stone’s documentary film, South of the Border, last year in a local theater in Oakland, Ca. A fine film! Why wasn’t it more broadly distributed?

  • Stonethk

    Hi in your movie u-turn there was a quick cut/scene that flashed a freemasons rin
    Could you please explain, great movie I could never figure this part out though.

    • Stonethk

      Sry typo…ring is what I meant

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