The new documentary “Something Ventured” tells the story of the early, visionary venture capitalists who took chances on technology companies like Intel, Apple and Genentech — and helped make Silicon Valley the center of innovation that it is today. We talk to the directors of the film, which is showing this week as part of the San Francisco International Film Festival.

Dayna Goldfine, producer and director of "Something Ventured"
Dan Geller, producer and director of "Something Ventured"
Don Valentine, venture capitalist with Sequoia Capital
Jimmy Treybig, founder of Tandem Computers

  • Molly

    The MEN who made it happen?
    REALLY, did you just accidentally say that venture capitalists are all men?

    Apologies accepted. Apology on air would be nice, too!

    Molly Mehaffy
    UC Berkeley student

    • Johncooperiii

      Oh Puhleez, put away the self-righteous indignation. The operative term was “were” not “are”. She even went into detail justifying the position by referencing Mad Men.

  • Brwneyedpea

    What was the song played at 10:00?

  • Don Draper

    Please ask the guests if they saw the film “Pirates of Silicon Valley”


    Don Draper
    San Jose, CA

  • Johncooperiii

    One of the callers asked Treybig (paraphrasing) “Why can’t I get a VC to listen to my pitch?” Treybig responded with “You are doing something wrong. Get a friend to introduce you to a VC who could offer a friendly critique.” While a dead-on response, it landed with irony for me and my team. We pitched to Treybig, who was gracious enough to receive us but didn’t want to hear any pitch at all. Scratching our heads all over again.

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