The 21st Century Skills Movement seeks to reform education to better prepare students for success in the modern workplace. Those skills include creativity, innovation, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. We’ll talk to some Silicon Valley veterans who are working to help students attain these skills. And we’ll find out why the movement has encountered opposition from some education leaders, who favor an emphasis on core content and knowledge.

21st Century Skills 29 December,2010forum

Bernie Trilling, author of "21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times" and former global director of the Oracle Education Foundation
Miguel Salinas, senior manager of Adobe Youth Voices -- a global philanthropic initiative that empowers youth from under-served communities with digital media tools so they can comment on their world and share ideas
Randy Nelson, head of artistic development and training at DreamWorks Animation and former dean of Pixar University
Gregg Witkin, digital media arts teacher at Boynton High School in Campbell

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