9 Best Haunted House Horror Films

| October 8, 2015

Now that The Listing has given you a taste for all things haunted house horror, revel in some more movies featuring haunted residences. These are listed in no particular order, and exclude many other exceptional terrifying horror films that take place within four walls. However, for both sanity and brevity, we kept the list to nine. Unless otherwise noted, all the titles listed below are available on Netflix streaming, so you’re all set to settle in for a haunted house marathon.

House on Haunted Hill (1959)

Director: William Castle

Not everyone enjoys classic horror. It doesn’t hold a candle to the special effects-heavy bloodbaths of modern cinema, but House on Haunted Hill does take you through a funhouse maze of plot twists that make it perfect Halloween watching for many ages. Watch the full movie on YouTube!

Hausu (1977)

Director: Nobuhiko Obayashi

Anything goes in this surreal Japanese funhouse horror film. When Gorgeous opts to visit her creepy Aunt instead of hang out with her Dad, she brings along six classmates — only to lead them all to a bizarre demise when the house comes to life. There’s a creepy cat too. And in case you were wondering, Hausu does translate to House. You can catch this campy classic on Hulu Plus.

The Shining (1980)

Director: Stanley Kubrick

The Shining still haunts viewers to this day, although more in the form of cult film theory than chills and thrills. A family passes winter at the isolated Overlook Hotel, only to discover mayhem, madness, and murder in nearly ever room. The Shining is iconic, its influential within the genre, and maybe you’ll walk away with your own theory about what really happened to Danny in Room 237.

Ju-On, aka The Grudge (2002)

Director: Takashi Shimizu

Not the first Japanese horror flick to hit American screens and then suffer a remake just a few years later, but definitely a spooky addition to the genre. Featuring the Cousin It-like double jointed spirit in all her house-haunting splendor, the original is worth the watch.

American Horror Story: Murder House

Creator: Ryan Murphy

Okay, it’s not a movie, but American Horror Story: Murder House is the beginning of a series credited with bringing horror and the supernatural back to television. A mysterious man in a rubber suit, doomed teen romance, and some ghosts from Hollywood’s golden age keep viewers guessing. The scare factor isn’t present in every episode, but it builds a good story.

The House of the Devil (2009)

Director: Ti West

It’s hard being a broke college student with a crummy roommate and not enough money for your own place. It makes you do irresponsible, crazy things, like taking a babysitting job in the countryside for a couple without children on the night of a lunar eclipse. Clearly, this young woman has never watched ANY scary movies.

The Innkeepers (2012)

Director: Ti West

Does Madeline O’Malley really exist? That’s the question an intrepid team of ghost hunters attempts to answer in this haunted hotel. Ti West delivers even more hair-raising scares that keep you watching from the attic to the basement in this slow-burner.

Poltergeist (1982)

Director: Tobe Hooper

A precursor to the horror movies warning us of the dangers of too much television (who knew VHS could be so menacing until The Ring?), once you watch Poltergeist, you’ll never enjoy the calm static of white noise again. With ghosts clowns, exorcism, malevolent trees, and a house built on a cemetery, the movie contains a little bit of everyone’s perfect horror. The movie franchise is also rumored to be cursed after the untimely deaths of a few people associated with the film, so watch if you dare on Amazon Rental!

The House at the End of Time (2013)

Director: Alejandro Hidalgo

From Venezuela, this film hearkens back to the classic haunted house horror of the past, with a modern twist reminiscent of a certain sci-fi film that featured a Texas-born actor and lots of corn. After 30 years in prison for murdering her entire family, Dulce must confront the demons responsible for the crime.

Enjoy these ghoulish features, and let us know what you think of these flicks by leaving us comments on Twitter, just be sure to hashtag #horrorFSS. You can also share your favorite haunted house horror that we missed with us on Facebook.

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