The PBS Online Film Festival Returns!

| June 16, 2014

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2014 PBS Online Film Festival, featuring ‘First Match’ and ‘Will’. WATCH. VOTE. SHARE.

For the third year running, PBS is hosting the 2014 PBS Online Film Festival, a video-streaming extravaganza chock full of amazing short films that you can vote for! Bigger than ever and attracting more than 1 million video streams in its first two years, the festival brings you hard-hitting movies presented by a wide swath of partners, including public television stations from across the country, ITVS, POV, the five member groups of the National Minority Programming Consortia….and Film School Shorts, produced by KQED (hey, that’s us!). You can even watch the films on Xbox, Roku and Apple TV!

Film School Shorts is proud to co-present the amazing student films First Match and Will. The PBS Online Film Festival runs June 16 through July 31, and you can start voting for your favorite films now.


First Match (dir. Olivia Newman)
Columbia University School of the Arts on Twitter

A teenage female wrestler on an all-boy wrestling team faces her biggest challenge.

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Will (dir. Eusong Lee)
CalArts School of Film and Video on Twitter

Set during the attacks of 9/11, a young girl wishes she could go back in time.

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