Sasha Khokha and producers record with a student on an episode of The California Report.

Youth Takeover Program

The Youth Takeover is a unique year-long program that partners San Francisco Bay Area  high school classrooms with KQED journalists to help students pitch, write and produce audio feature stories destined for KQED’s broadcast, podcast and online programming—including shows like The California Report Magazine, Perspectives, Forum, Newsroom and other local favorites.  Participating teachers receive lesson plans, curricular supports and customized assistance in media-making by KQED professionals.

Youth Takeover Week

For one week in the spring, KQED opens its airwaves to student-produced content from classrooms around the Bay Area. Browse the archive of Youth Takeover stories and share them with your students!

Learn More

Learn more about amplifying Youth Voice with KQED. Read the program description.

Get Involved

If you are a San Francisco Bay Area teacher and you are interested in joining the 2019/2020 Youth Takeover Cohort, please complete this application.

*We can accept 2 class periods per school

Curriculum and Resources

Not ready to join the Youth Takeover of KQED, but still want to create audio with your students?  Check out our Youth Takeover Curriculum and Resources.

Questions? please contact Teresa Wierzbianska.

Onboarding for the 2019-2020 cohort is May 18th, 2019. If you want to participate, please contact Teresa by May 1st.

Youth Takeover Program 22 October,2019Liana Holmberg

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