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Reinvigorate your teaching practice at the 6th annual California STEAM Symposium at the Long Beach Convention Center on October 28th and 29th. The California STEAM Symposium is a place for teachers to be inspired by and to utilize the event’s high-quality science, technology, engineering, art and math instruction resources. In 2017, the Symposium added art to that list of resources, recognizing the importance of encouraging creativity and self-expression in effective student participation in an otherwise purely technical curriculum.

Visit KQED at Booth #508 and explore the resources we offer that incorporate media literacy into STEAM education, and come to one of our sessions listed below!

KQED Session Info:

Arguing From Evidence in an Online World
Session #: 102
Session Type: 60 min
Date: Sunday, October 28
Time: 10:20-11:20am
Room: LBCC 204

Every day, students consume content in a diverse range of media formats. Learn how to help your students analyze information, respond to online claims and argue from evidence with a free online platform for classrooms.

Collaborative Inquiry in the Connected STEAM Classroom
Session #: 207
Session Type: 15-Minute Round Table
Date: Sunday, October 28
Time: 11:45am-12:45pm
Room: Hyatt Beacon Ballroom T6

Explore KQED Learn–a free, online space for middle- and high-school students to collaborate with classmates and classrooms across the country as they ask questions, analyze information, and make media to communicate and share their findings.

Professional Learning for Media Literacy Skills Building with PBS and KQED
Session #: 440
Session Type: 15 Minute Round Table
Date: Monday, October 29
Time: 8-9am
Room: Hyatt Beacon Ballroom T23

Explore KQED Teach, a professional learning platform supporting the development of essential media literacy skills. Engage in a skills assessment towards applying for a PBS Media Literacy Educator Certification by KQED.

Media Literacy, Professional Learning + Connected Classrooms with KQED and San Francisco Unified School District
Session #: 520
Session Type: Nook
Date: Monday, October 29
Time: 9:20am
Room: LBCC Pod 3

Explore the impact, challenges, and strategies employed by San Francisco Unified School District as they deepened student media literacy practices by adopting KQED Teach, a professional learning platform for enhancing educator media literacy skills

Join KQED at the California STEAM Symposium in Long Beach 1 October,2018Angie Wong