Maker Ed, or the Maker Education Initiative is a national nonprofit organization that provides educators and institutions with the training, resources, and community of support they need to create engaging, inclusive, and motivating learning experiences for youth through maker education. This year they will be holding their 3rd annual Maker Educator Convening Impact and Outcomes of Maker Education: Empowering Youth and Educators from May 16th through 17th in San Francisco, California. Come check out KQED’s workshop on Engineering for Good.

Engineering for Good: Designing Solutions for the Plastic Problem

Develop your knowledge of the engineering design process with a quick dip into a hands-on, youth-centered design challenge. Engineering for Good takes middle-school aged youth through the Engineering Design Process to develop solutions for impacts of plastics on the environment. Get a chance to go through the first couple steps of the Engineering Design Process, and discover how youth can share their engineering stories through media-making activities.

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Engineering for Good

Plastic is a useful and ubiquitous item in our lives, but the fact that it doesn’t biodegrade means that it has long-term effects on the Earth. Middle school science classrooms across the country can develop  solutions for negative impacts of plastic on the environment with KQED Learning’s new Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS)-aligned, project-based learning unit.

KQED Teach

KQED Teach is an online professional learning platform with a variety of hands-on courses for learning digital media literacy skills. In this space, practice and collaborate with fellow educators to bring media making into your learning environment.

KQED at the Maker Educator Convening 10 May,2017Stephanie Thatcher


Stephanie Thatcher

Stephanie Thatcher is currently an undergraduate at UC Berkeley majoring in Philosophy and Legal Studies. Her interests primarily lie in civics, politics, and media literacy. Stephanie is the KQED Education Services Intern.

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