Social Media and The News

Social media allows us to view political news and participate in political discussion like never before.

At the same time, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms are so popular because they know what we already like. Cute cats? Pics of your bestie? A certain political viewpoint? No problem. Our social media feeds aren’t about helping us explore new things. They’re about creating a comfortable place to hang out. And it works.

Until it’s time to expand our worldview and explore all sides of an issue.

“One of the great things and one of the horrible things about social media is that everyone can have their say,” says Juana Summers, an editor for CNN Politics. “It’s kind of a marketplace for ideas. And some voices that sometimes are not correct or have a very partisan slant can oftentimes get amplified.”

Living in a democracy means that all voices can be heard. But with the ability to curate our own news and limit the voices of those with opposing political views, we end up only hearing from people we agree with and completely missing out on anyone else’s opinion. Instead of embracing a vibrant public conversation, we end up in an online echo chamber.

One of the ways out of this echo chamber is to take control of your news feeds. Here are some ways to curate your social media news to capture more than the sound of your own opinions. Do you do any of these things? If not, take our poll to let us know which ones you’d actually do.

Diversify your news feeds:

  1. Read something you violently disagree with once a week, as Juana Summers suggests.
  2. Follow people on Twitter who are experts in their fields, click deeper into the articles they post rather than glancing at photos or headlines
  3. Fact check before you reTweet. Get on Google and make sure you’re spreading accurate info.
  4. Research issues from multiple sides before taking a stand.

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How Does Social Media Shape Our Political Views? 24 August,2017Chanelle Ignant

  • Katie Henderson

    I believe that media is very powerful in our society today. A lot of people don’t have many political views other than the ones they’ve heard from their parents and as soon as they hop on twitter or Facebook, these people are smacked in the face with many different viewpoints and opinions. Some are more convincing than others and when these opinions go viral it can have a big impact on the majority of social media users. The video gives a great example of all the media coverage on the shooting of Trayvon Martin. I may not be African American and I may not know Trayvon Martin personally, but I have a pretty strong opinion on his death just because of the things social media has shown me. #MyCMSTArgs #DoNowViews

    • Neil Tripathi

      I see the point that your making and agree, to many kids are robbed of the ability to learn and make their own decisions because they see the world through the eyes of another generation.

      • Austin Blair

        Weren’t we all influenced by another generation, I definitely can see how my political views have been shaped by my parents. I also see this a lot in my friends and their parents too. I do not think that social media is necessarily robbing kids of the ability to learn, but it is definitely making it harder. #MyCMSTArgs #DoNowViews

    • Lauren Rhude

      I agree that news coverage is quite limited to your parents before you get social media and then when you do, your bombarded with views of other people, so how do you decide your own view? But I also think we are most likely to have the same views as our parents when we become adults and I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. #MyCMSTArgs

      • Karla

        I think that being bombarded with views from other people isn’t a bad thing personally. I think it opens your mind to many different ways of analyzing one topic. I do agree that we usually are influenced by the views of our parents at the end of the day. #MyCMSTArgs

  • Neil Tripathi

    Social Media is 100% essential to the way the young population learns about politics and the world. Unfortunately much of the posts that tend to get shared are from radical websites who post ridiculous stories in order to get more people to click on them to increase value of their company and raise higher revenue through ads. I can see that being a fatal flaw but I think that it is in part due to the fact much of our voting population has no clue about politics and tries to act like they do. Most of our Voters have never been properly educated in the economy or actual issues that effect our elections dearly. Thats why with these pre-formed opinions from biased websites can be harmful to our youth. We need to be able to educate kids on the real factors that run the country and not scandals, and then slowly our social media will have to improve to satisfy a more educated base.#MyCMSTArgs #DoNowViews

    • Austin Blair

      Oh I 100% agree about the websites that post the ridiculous stories in order to get more views. It is making the media almost like a tabloid, it is full of almost nothing but lies. I do not know how this can be stopped, people will always have the time and energy to run sites like this and weasel their way into the media. #MyCMSTArgs #DoNowViews

    • Lauren Rhude

      I agree with you when you say most of our voters were never properly educated on the actual issues that effect the election because I personally was one of those people. The proposition on ballets are often more complicated then the initial understanding, so you could actually be voting for something you don’t agree with simply because you misread/ misunderstood the prop. #MyCMSTArgs

    • Rigoberto Lomas-Velazco

      Having our social media improve and be a more reliable news source for its growing population would be a great thing. But it’s never going to happen. All social media sites are businesses, and they are only focused on their income. They don’t care that they are being used to spread misinformation, all they want is to make a profit and if having misleading news articles helps get people fired up. Then more individuals will use the site, thus creating more income.

  • Austin Blair

    Social networking today is the most powerful thing on earth, it has taken propaganda to a whole new level. Back in the 1900’s propaganda and news could not be spread in the instant that it takes today. This changes the game, it makes it feel as if we are moving along in society faster, we have more events being covered by the media in less time. According to the video, A columnist from the New York Times stated that “Twitter Facebook and social media are driving nation wide coverage so CNN Fox and MSNBC are going to pick one side…” These huge broadcast companies have so much influence on the population today it is totally outrageous that they will pick sides on the stories they cover. #MyCMSTArgs #DoNowViews

  • Lauren Rhude

    Social networks definitely dictate how the news is presented to us. With society relying more on social media rather than newspapers, the way news is presented on social media sites is very important and I think the way it is presented to us is not a good one. We receive more pop culture then news. A good example of that is the presidential candidates. The presidential candidates are presented in a way to bring humor rather than to educate. I also think any social media site or news channel is going to be bias to the party they like. To get a good array of information, try checking out channels known to be bias to your opposing view, so you can be educated on both sides of the argument. #MyCMSTArgs #DoNowViews

    • Karla

      I think that your comment about presidential candidates being portrayed as humorous is a really valid point because I have came across many social media posts that make fun of the candidates responses to many topics. #MyCMSTArgs

    • Rigoberto Lomas-Velazco

      You bring up a good point, the current presidential race is being portrayed in a very comical light on social media. While entertaining. However the person we elect as president will be the leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world. Regardless of what you think of the current candidates this election is being downplayed by social media.

  • Karla

    I think that we first gather our opinions from our parents. As we get older social media now in days plays a major role in providing information on may different political topics. I think in many cases it makes people aware of many topics that are up for debate. I know that I have learned a lot of information from my social media accounts. Its it a great primary source? Not all the time. I mean of course there will be false information provided and bias information but that is for you to analyze and come to your own conclusion. This article has great stats on how much social media is used by millennials #MyCMSTArgs #DoNowViews

    • Yashar C.

      Your opening statement about how we inherit our views from our parents first is key. I feel that too many people are stuck with views from their parents that could be from a less tolerable/progressive time or region. This makes it harder for those individuals to open up and receive new knowledge contrary to their beliefs. A lot of injustice is occurring today, but many disregard it because they do not understand it. As means of response, they run away from those uncomfortable truths, instead of addressing them. #DoNowViews #MyCMSTArgs

  • Rigoberto Lomas-Velazco

    I rarely ever use social media as a news source. Mainly because the I know that the articles on social media websites are from less than reputable news sources. Many of them are from websites that dedicate themselves to create fake news stories as a form of click-bait. Also there are those who believe that if they see something written on a meme it has to be completely true, and that is terrifying to me. While it does have the power to unite people behind a good cause, it also has the power to unite people for a bad, or mislead cause.

    • Yashar C.

      I agree with your statement about people immediately believing what they see on memes. It’s true, a majority of individuals are easily persuaded. That’s why research outside social media must be done, to prevent the spread of false information. #DoNowViews #MyCMSTArgs

  • Yashar C.

    Social media could help one’s ability to create political values if one utilizes it correctly. To arrive at any conclusion, I believe that all sides must be considered. With that said, we should not be too dismissive of others views unless they are being unrealistically unreasonable. That is why we must research, and expand our knowledge individually. Doing so will definitely broaden our world view by allowing ourselves to grasp an experience unlike our own. To see all sides of an issue, we must be willing to acknowledge when arguments are reasonable and posses strong patience (especially when debating over comments). We must also realize that learning can be uncomfortable, but you must never run away from that feeling. Therefore, if information contrary to your beliefs is presented, listen. #DoNowViews #MyCMSTArgs

  • Lily S

    I believe that whilst social media can have it’s downsides, we can use our resources to find out and put together what is the most correct things that has happened. Say there was a republican that raised taxes on the blue collar workers. Democrats and democratic news stations will go against him and republicans would usually take his side. You need to go to both sides of the story and think about the statements given.

  • Caiden Warner

    i believe that social media help inhibits our political views because you can control what you read and see. No because the internet has almost all the information that you need to create an opinion. By reading something you disagree with to see all sorts of other opinions.

  • Bella

    i dont think it determines your political view i think that its a way to supply information. The internet has a the most information and takes less time so i think people automatically just go there. It also has a lot of different point of views that people can look at and realize things they didn’t think about before and come to there own decision. #donow #vvmsgov

  • Ruby W

    I believe that social media is useful in the way that we can find other things people are saying and also find the opposing view. This lets us make educated and informed decision about our political views.

  • Abdi M

    I think social media has take over as of a political stand point. I think that if the info on social media is fake, people believe it as if it was just put on and is updated. So I believe that internet has all the info you need but you dont know if it is true or not. You can read the info and give your opinion on it. #DoNowViews #vvmsgov.

  • Abby Jones

    I believe social media is a good resource to find information and to use it to connect with others, but some people choose to ignore politics on social media. Social media can also help us make our political decisions. #donow #vvmsgov

  • Maxwell B

    I believe that social media is hurting peoples political views because there could be one post that is heavily biased, where another post could tell the truth. When people look on any social media post they usually read only one article about that view, they don’t usually fact check it which they should do so they get the truth about what they are reading.

    • hayleyhibbens

      I completely agree with you here, social media has a very heavy influence on the way that we view candidates and their political parties.

    • Keaton Hill

      I definitely agree that social media is overall hurting peoples political views. People often trust good sites online as much as they trust unreliable ones. #MyCMSTArgs #DoNowViews

    • bgirl272

      I agree people definitely need to fact check themselves and not believe everything right when they see it. But at least they know some things now instead of nothing at all.

  • Duncan Seltzer

    Social media is programmed to give you what we want. Meaning, If you support one thing it’ll give you more of that. It doesn’t show a diverse amount of information unless you want it too. I think more than anything we create our own political views and the media helps us keep up with those views or views within the same boundaries on the spectrum. That said, If you want to have a wider understanding of what is going on in current politics the services are always there online to give you information from both sides.

  • Tom A

    I believe that social media helps political views because it can help people understand things better than something on television. It can also be hurtful for political views because when you read stuff on social media it is generally one sided and very biased. This can change your opinion on something that you don’t know much about.

  • Nicole Hoffmann

    I believe social media helps us hear about current events and is a good resource. #vvmsgov #DoNowViews

  • Amelia

    Although social media provides information worldwide and informs people of recent news and events, I believe that it inhibits our political views. It is biased and might not show the entire story. People can control what we see and how we see it. People cannot differentiate between opinions and facts. People form their own opinions based on biased information without checking to see if it has been fact checked or shows the entire viewpoint of the story.

  • Gillian Zeuli

    I believe social media enhances our understanding of subjects. You have the power to choose what you read and believe, and if you see a comment on something or someone you have the power to search up and find out more about the topics so you can get a better understanding of the subject. In my opinion Social media can be your starting point to finding out what you agree or disagree with by catching your eye and letting you learn more.

  • Brandon

    Social media allows people to see something from more than one point of view. But not enough people do, they tend to stay on the more popular sites which may not always have the right information. SOcial media greatly affects our decisions.

  • Althea

    I think social media inhibits our abilities to develop our political views. When you read something on social media it usually has only one side of the argument. People base their opinions on a single thought because that’s all they get from one post. Although you can search for the other opinions, most of the time it doesn’t cross your mind. People need to be aware of what they are reading and take control of what they learn. You can look for both sides to an opinion in order to learn all of the facts.

  • Claire Nelson

    I believe that social media inhibits our political views. Even though it might seem that the fast and easy access information is extremely helpful, what we see on social media can be harmful. On Facebook, twitter, Instagram, most posts are opinionated and biased towards that persons specific political view. Posts can be accentuated and be far from the truth. People tend to follow what they see or what sounds accurate to them. If these posts are false or highly opinionated, people are retweeting, liking, and following inaccurate information about politics. This doesn’t give the option for people to have their own opinions and thoughts, which can have very negative effects.

  • Abby.V

    I believe that social media inhibits are our political views. The media help us get news and we can participate and share our ideas so quickly. this information is almost always opinionated . The problem with that is people think they are facts not opinion. We need to focus on the facts not the opinions online especially for this election.
    # vvms gov

  • Katie Peter

    Social media, while being a good place to voice your opinion and perhaps shape your upon others ideas and thoughts, is only good to an extent. What you read online is probably very limited; normally being based upon your likes and dislikes (views and preferences). So what are you missing out on? Lets start with what you ARE seeing, rather. You are probably viewing things that you agree with and can relate to. For example- f you consider yourself a democrat, you are most likely seeing biased information from a democratic author. This leads to not being able to change your opinion at all. Taking all this information into consideration, i think social media is not the best platform to see everyone’s political views out there. In order to see everything, you must actively seek out others opinions and be able to respectfully disagree or maybe even change your opinion!

  • Abdulahi Mohamed

    I believe that social media helps and not helps how we think about everything. Opinions by other people can change the ways you see things.

  • Sean Hemmersmeier

    It is important to use every information tool we have within our reach. Social media is so diverse and you can find anything you want to, which can be a good thing. But you can only focus on what you want to hear and you can just hear your opinion being echoed through social media, which will just make people more set in stone with their own opinions. If people use every part of social media they will know every part of the issue of that they care about. Social Media is a good device for learning information, but it is not the only device, Television, Radio, Podcasts, and simply engaging the people in the community will help form peoples political opinions in such a way that those opinions will help further American Democracy.

  • Jack Boomer

    Media definitely affects voters’ views. The way people receive their information affects their interpretation of the info as a whole. If the source of the information is very biased, initially that person’s view is going to be very biased. If that person does not receive an unbiased view or even a view from the other side, that person’s view is always going to be biased. Voters make up their mind based on the info that is provided. That is why news media needs to be as unbiased as possible so that people can make up their own mind on the issue. Biased news media is tainting voters’ thought processing this election season and is preventing these voters from voting for the candidate that best suits them.

  • Jacob F

    Without a doubt, social media impedes the political views of many. Anyone who takes news seriously from social media definitely doesn’t understand the internet very well. The whole idea of processing news through this new platform of media is to process and skew biases that are in the favor of one particular party. Instead, people should rely on straightforward sources of information that come directly from authors on all sides of an issue. Otherwise, you are blatantly ignoring an important aspect of the event in question. That seems not only ignorant, but also a bit selfish. In conclusion, social media drastically affects political views, and it’s hardly ever unbiased. That’s especially true when it come to millennials, too.

    • TJ

      I agree that people should vet their sources more and research not just what they’re hearing but who they’re hearing it from and why. Diversity of opinion is crucial to maintaining a critically thought out stance on anything.

      I disagree, though, that it is any more prevalent in millennials than any other group. I’ve seen more than a few boomers completely stuck in a self affirming media sphere.

    • Tanya Arevalo

      I agree with you Jacob, people uses social media to skew information and favor their participial party. That’s why I believe its important that people do research before accepting the information they have gathered through social media. #vvmsgov #DoNowViews

  • Jackson Start

    With getting news from social media I feel that isn’t just ivied to be real news. It has everything to go with it but it doesn’t have the depth to make it a real story for people to get their news from and use it for their evidence. Social media when reporting on political views makes it insanely skewed to what is portrayed of someone in their favor. When it comes to it shows that social media is even biased when it’s a place to voice your opinion on a matter. We’ve had biased news sites before like radio talkshows, podcast, and big news station. With these one you see the views being biased bluntly and everyone knows it, but if you get on a site like buzz feed on snapchat you don’t know what to believe in because its targeted for you.

  • chloe

    I believe that Social Media, affects are decisions, for example the elections. the media is usually the same opinion on a topic, and people watching will immediately take there side. people don’t have a very open mind to different ideas but there, they will take there idea from what the news casters say, or do.

  • Foster Dennin

    Our society today has access to more knowledge than ever before. Technology has reached basically every point of the globe, and allows people to become more connected than in the past. That being said, while this does provide many perks, there are always downsides. It is clear that social media is a good source for news on everything, whether it’s about the latest curling match or even professional video game tournaments. But this doesn’t mean bias is out of the question. We can see in our era currently, much of social media has a liberal POV, yet this doesn’t mean all aspects are liberal. In addition not everything on the internet is true, but yet people still believe false ads and incorrect reporting because there is an assumption that the media tells everything as it is. Overall I think that social media does shape our political views. Not saying that it is good or bad, but that it is a high contender for influencing people on political views among others. Many sites, or people, create memes now that are effective ways to create opinions on a certain political situation or topic. Also some social media outlets can be focused on releasing information that is supposed to be private, “Wikileaks”, and can have harmful effects on many people. And while these outlets could be patriotic or aiming to tell the truth, I think sometimes these can make things worse and make big deals about smaller things than talking about larger problems. Civil Beat wrote an article on social media affecting our opinions and stated, “it’s not only the content candidates are posting online, but also how social media sites filter news feeds that could be influencing voters.” I think this statement here clearly illustrates how many media outlets can influence voter’s minds, whether for better or worse.

  • Hugh McGirt

    Social media makes it easier than ever to see only what you want to see. You can filter your searches for news by liking or following sources that you believe is right. Your friends and followers also influence what you see, because you probably respect and like their views if you are friends with them. You see mainly what those closest to you post, which is likely closer to your views. We need to be careful in making sure that we get the full story.

  • Nikolaus Nelson

    I believe social media does hurt politics because anyone can make a post or news thing even if its not true. so if one person says something that you dislike someone could just go and make a counter article that is false but nobody would know it is false because usally people don’t read more than 1 article.

  • Ava

    I believe that social media is hurting our political point of views because you could only be reading the posts that you enjoy or are very biased towards the person who your going to vote for. But by looking at other peoples posts about the other side so you can widen your view on the world and the presidential election and debates. And, when people read the article they don’t know if it is true or if the author just adds certain details which make it not true, So, people should fact check what they read to understand the truth about what they are reading.

  • Kaylyn Schmidy]t

    I think social media is a good way to share individual thoughts on politics but these thoughts come from other people and they can dent your opinions on what you believe in. Social media platforms could easily be giving us one side to a topic and if the reader reading that article likes that platform, they will start to agree more and more with whatever those writers say. One example I liked from the video about making sure you get all the possible information is to look at articles on the same topic, but from different websites / news tv programs…

  • McKenzie

    I think that social media inhibits our political views. Some of the posts you see can be biased which can cause people to believe that while not hearing what actually happened. #donowviews #vvmsgov

  • kendall

    I believe that the media definitely is a negative thing when it comes to politics and news. The media is very biased towards controversial and important subjects. The media also provides false information that may persuade what you believe, and your opinion could be based on a false “fact”. Viewers of social media cant find the difference between fact and fiction because that’s the only way they are finding out information.

  • Kate Warfield

    I believe that social media is hurting people’s political views because their are so many people online and every person could have a different view than you. You can’t trust what people say on instagram or facebook because that might not be real information and you could be basing your vote off of false information. Getting information from the news is better because it comes from reliable sources.

  • Jake Boltmann

    I believe that social media sets an expectation on who people should support and what party they should claim to be in. It is difficult to create you own views on political things when countless story’s and facts are all over social media and how one is better than others. Also many of the comments and story’s that are told are not true, they can be made up or changed from the actual event. We can start telling people the truth about comments of political events and the other ways people try to control other peoples views.

  • Devin Westmiller

    I belive that socail media helps political views. Donald trump vs hilary clinton thye can vote eith edia it will help they can change there mind or something

  • Will

    Social media is helping political views. By using twitter, we can communicate throughout the world in seconds. Spreading news is very easy with social media.

  • Klaus

    I believe that how much social media hurts peoples political views depends on the type of social media, because some social media sites are more biased than others. To add onto this, different social media sites can enrich or shrink your world view and understanding of current events. Some sites are heavily biased, whereas some are more moderate. #vvmsgov #DoNowViews

    • Keaton Hill

      I agree with this. Many sites are biased, while others are very reliable, although sometimes it can be hard to tell which one of those a social media site is. #MyCMSTArgs #DoNowViews

  • Maggie

    I believe that social media inhibits our political views, because when we look on our social media accounts without a doubt you will be there will be an add or some sort of someones political opinion on the current election. Before looking on all your social media accounts you have your opinion on how you plan to vote, but when you look at social media and what the peoples opinion is, which could jeopardize how you plan to vote. Social media is based on how people write either factual information, but the information you read, could very easily be false. You never know with social media, thats why I believe it is hurting our political views.

  • Patrick Purcell

    I believe that without a doubt social media affects the political views of many people. The internet is a place that should not be taken too seriously. Most of the stuff on the internet can be manipulated to help another candidate win. If social media did not exist a lot of people would not know a lot about Hillary or Donald. Social media does help though, many people without social media would not know some of their political views. I try and not see any of the politics on social media, i get all of my information on the news and the debates.

  • Elesh

    i think that social media is a good way to express your feelings and thoughts on your political views and that you should be able to share what you want as long as it doesn’t hurt or insult someone else

  • Margo Prescott

    I believe that social media inhibits our political views. Posts on social media could be wrong or very biased. A person might only read the posts that they want to hear and will ignore the others, which causes them to not know all the information they need to. Seeing other people’s post can also alter someone’s decision for who they plan to vote for.

  • Nathan

    Social Media is the most prominent way that people share their views. But most things are clickbait; I love clickbait. It might be detrimental to people who don’t know what’s going on, but they should go to a site that isn’t exactly clickbait. Bias is created in the youth, and should either be abolished or changed in the youth.#vvmsgov #DoNowViews

  • Colette Janousek

    I believe that social media does affect our views on different topics, especially political views. When someone who is running for office posts something on the internet that you don’t like you will probably unfollow them. But then you don’t see the other things they say so if they do say something you agree with you don’t see it.

  • April C.

    I believe that social media is a good way to get political news and lets use get it faster. We can see if things are real or not and we can chose what we want to learn/see.

  • Meghan

    Social media is making it harder for us to hear everyone out. Many things written on the internet are not the whole truth, and the internet tends to only show us what we want to see. We actually have to dig in and look deeper to find more on about the issues which are controversial. Even if we disagree, it is very important to hear multiple sides of the story, so that we can form our own opinions. We should always make sure to look up the other side of the story when you feel like taking sides, just so that you know exactly what you are opposing and so that you know why others oppose your point of view too. #DoNowViews #vvmsgov

  • louden johns

    I believe that social changes peoples view because their news source of choice often shares their opinions and has a bias and it makes it so that they can’t see the whole perspective. Also, biased news sources may manipulate the news to favor certain sides, and you can never trust sources on the internet because anyone can say anything they want regardless if it is true or not.

  • Selwin

    Of course, because Social media has moved into more technological, yes we can express ourselves in more ways, but can that be a bad thing? Well yes and no, being able to express yourself to the specific subject is such a wonderful way to communicate with others, but because we are able to limit ourselves to what we watch, and what we believe since some information can be false or correct. Social media has changed our way of soical life, and we need to be more careful of the things we put out there, and either agree or disagree, because not all you see is alwasy the truth.

  • Mariam D

    I think that social media modifies and influences our opinions on politics. Seeing everyone else’s comments can be convincing for you to see a new side of any issue. I don’t think that social media is shrinking our worldview. It gives you a choice between what you want to keep up with and what is not interesting for you but even if you don’t “follow” or “like” something doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with it. On top of that, there is so much on the internet that you can access in seconds.

  • coco

    I believe that social media helps news, because it gives it variety. But, at the same time it’s bad for it, for example in 2013 a popular news station got hacked and it said that the white had exploded. It caused stocks to briefly plunge.

  • Jakob Klein

    I believe that social media is great because it lets people express their opinions on any topic. It gives people a voice, but the voice is too powerful. People repeatedly insult others that they don’t even know because they think Donald Trump is racist in saying that all Muslims are terrorists. Also the argument eventually devolves into people yelling insults not having to do with the actual argument but the other person.

  • Jeremy Danz

    I think that getting news from social media is okay for most news topics and can be a good resource but I still like the newspaper better. Social Media affects our lives in both positive and negative ways. The newspaper may take longer to get but it is much more in depth about the topics.

    • bgirl272

      I agree with this. Many people are unmotivated to get a newspaper, I personally like to put links to credible sources on my social media for more people to see.

  • Owen Brown

    I think that social media is an inferior form of news. This is because many people argue one point and persuade other people to join their point of view. Plus some people give false information and are inappropriate. On the contrary the information is very quick and you can debate on the forums.

  • Geneva

    I think social media works very well for sharing your opinion and thoughts, but it is not a great resource for news because it is often biased towards important topics. The media can also provide incorrect statements and facts in which case your opinion would be based on false information.

  • Dahyun Hong

    I think that social media is a good way to voice your own political views and see other people’s political views. Social media allows people to see many different opinions on different subjects, and it also helps people connect with the rest of the world.

  • ParkerO

    I think social media is a good resource to find information, but some people choose to ignore politics on social media. Social media can also help us make our political decisions.

  • Ellie

    Social Media has greatly impacted are lives( for the better and for the worst). It has defiantly shaped how we see politics. Anyone who just looks on social media for there news update could be in for a really big awaking for example some social media like Facebook or Twitter anywhere people can type how the feel could partially be bias or have the wrong information. Instead people should go read the newspaper like the star tribune or New York times or even the Washington post. You could even make it a family thing you could watch the news with your family on Fox News.( I personally could be persuade to use social media for a quick check just like you read a paper and use spark notes to get the main ideas). In conclusion I think Social media can be very helpful but maybe not for some correct and current news.

  • Jennifer

    I think social media inhibits our abilities to develop our own political views. Many people post their own opinions about events on social media., and while this lets us learn about others’ opinions, it’s also biased, and we’re only presented with secondhand knowledge about what’s going on. Instead of giving us room to form our own thoughts, reading about political events on social media immediately presents us with someone else’s viewpoint, this reduces our ability to think for ourselves and have our own judgement about these issues.

  • ShaylynnR

    Social media gives people a more informed aspect of political views. Although what you find on your feed might influence your views if limited, people with more information are able to see different perspectives. Overall, social media can both positively impact or negatively impacts one’s views.

  • Nicole Molitor

    I believe that social media helps and hurts your political views because you can share your thoughts about politics but these posts can be biased and give you only one side of the story. Social media is everyone’s ideas and you could get only one persons point of view on politics. However, social media allows you to get your news fast and easily. #donowviews

  • Emily M

    I believe that although social media is an efficient way of getting news from around the world, the news we’re getting is often one-sided and designed to fit what we like. It’s impossible to effectively shape an opinion without all the information.

  • Jaleia

    I believe that social media does affect your opinion on political news. Only because of how they say things about someone and how they twist people words around to make them look bad.

    • TJ

      That’s true for all forms of entertainment media. Most “news” organizations are oriented to attract customers, not report without bias. People want to be told they’re right, so media conglomerates sell it to them.

  • Hendrik Grzybowski

    I believe that social media can help our ability to develop our own political values, but only if you use social media the right way. You can use social media the right way by what this article suggests. For example by looking at other people’s beliefs other than yours. #DoNowViews

  • Jordan

    I believe that social media distorts any political views that we may have. I think this because social media is full of bias and inaccuracies that could lead to people believe in ideas that are false. I also think that social media impedes our political views because we are able to see everyone’s views on an issue which may affect the way that we think about an issue.

  • hayleyhibbens

    I definitely believe that social media effects our political views. When your constantly seeing similar information on your social media account about a specific topic or candidate, this is definitely going to influence your opinions, whether you think it does or now.
    This article I found talks about how democratic politicians use social media to influence the polls in their favor. #DoNowViews #MyCMSTArgs

  • TJ

    Social media is problematic because by design most people tend to gravitate towards others who think like they do. Thus all of their news shares the same bias. The news is suppose to be an unbiased or at least multifaceted account of events. Unfortunately we exist at a time where the news has become a source of entertainment. Rather than merely reporting events, the large scale media conglomerates have a slew of D-list celebrities interpret the news for you. Bias is now seen as inherent, and you pick which news you listen to based on your preferred flavor. Social media only encourages that further by selectively removing channels that its algorithm deems you unlikely to look at. In efforts to clean up and streamline their products for their users, most social media sites cater to what they calculate is likely to be clicked on and they deliver that to the end user. This means unless you are the type of person who maintains friendships with a variety of ideologies, the likelihood of you seeing any kind of alternative perspective is diminished.

    That’s not to say there aren’t perfectly legitimate uses for social media. Many countries use it to bypass harsh government restrictions about news and information that can be seen. Twitter and other social media sites were crucial to the Arab Spring revolutions in the middle east ( There are many great things social media does, but it all depends on how the end user engages with it. If they are ideologically diverse, they may find a plethora of perspectives and information. If they are monotonous in their viewpoints, they will likely only be led further down the rabbit hole.


  • JeffCMST

    I feel like social media really helps us determine our view of our own political values. For example social media is always putting down or criticizing political issues today, and I feel like social media has a great impact on how we as people see things. Social media is always giving us info about current events and is always informing us. Social media definitely has a huge impact on us. #DoNowViews

  • Keaton Hill

    I think that social media can really lead to a serious bias in an individual when it comes to politics. There are so many different choices out there on social media, that it is easy for someone to pick a few users to follow who share their views, and just get a constant biased stream of information all the time. I don’t think that anyone who gets their political news from social media really has any idea what’s going on. News sources are much more reliable, although many of them are biased as well. I think that the best way to get all sides of a story is to try and find unbiased sources to get your news from. #MyCMSTArgs #DoNowViews

    • Sammy Johnson, Jr.

      I agree that actual news sources are way more reliable than social media. There should be a lot of questions going through peoples heads if there most reliable source is a social media platform. #MyCMSTArgs

  • Ryan Schenck

    I believe that social media does a little bit of both on hidering and helping our political views. It all depends on what your using your social media for. If your only focusing on one viewpoint all the time on social media, obviously your worldview will shrink. If you want to look at all sides of an issue maybe consider going deeper into a topic, do some fact checking, or just read what the people in opposition have to say. #DONOW #vvmsgov

  • will a

    I think that social media help us with our political views, because if Donald Trump does something insane, he could put on social media his reason behind doing it (Which would most likely be as stupid as ever.)

  • KatieScott

    Social Media not only plays a key role in assisting to shape peoples political views but also their involvement. According to social media influences millennial voters in 2 ways: “Participatory politics: Participatory politics, a new political movement that encourages individual engagement and participation in ongoing debates and discussions, takes place predominately in the social realm.” and “ongoing, real-time conversations: Twitter specifically has changed the political landscape for many politicians. Twitter is typically used as a platform for self-expression and news management, providing local and national leaders with the opportunity to gauge sentiment in real-time in at a rate that has never existed before.”

    Social media is an advantage for us. It gives us so much access and education right at our finger tips on important issues, while allowing us to discuss these relevant topics with others. Social Media allows us to stay connected. “This is a group that truly believes they can make a difference together and expects their leaders (in the political and business worlds) to listen to what they have to say.”

  • Joey Mancini

    Getting news from social media is acceptable, but you cannot completely base your political opinions off of what you here from social media. The information on social media is not always 100% accurate, and should be taken lightly. You need to find reliable sources on social media if it is your main source of news, such as accounts from CNN or ABC. Everyone can post their political opinions online, and they should not be taken as fact.

  • M Oliver

    The problem is, we have so much information at our finger tips, but we rarely take the time to make sure what we’re reading is accurate and unbiased. We take information we read online without a grain of salt. This is a very dangerous practice. Although much of the information found on social media is credible, a lot of it isn’t. People, not just teens, need to start looking critically at their sources, analyzing whether o not they are legitimate. Furthermore, social media feeds are often tailored to your preferences. The goal of a social media site is to keep you on their site. Because of this, their algorithms are programmed to respond to your likes, showing you posts related to the things you like. If you only like liberal posts, you will probably never see a conservative post pop up on your feed. This limits the information you are exposed to, which is bad because it doesn’t challenge our beliefs.

  • Jack Kempton

    I think the media isn’t helping people because it helps fortify and build political views, rather than allow fora more open-minded viewpoint on the politics in general. It constantly feeds you what you want to hear, and sends you nothing of what you disagree with. This makes people more defensive and argumentative instead of being able to have meaningful discussions with other citizens ( The media has a ton of ways to constantly fortify opinions no matter where someone may be.

  • Sean Parent

    Social media definitely shapes many young people’s views. I have found myself constantly challenging what I personally believe in partially because of the way social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook all have people posting their different political views and I then have to question myself on what I truly believe in. Politically, social media is in direct contact with voters and can then potentially change the views they have. Also what can happen is adds concerning what one person may believe in based on cookies and then the ad focuses in on that person. Campaigns can also very easily go viral through social media.

  • Megan Sanford

    I am a young adult who has various forms of social media, and this article caught my attention. When I consider the events that took place in America this past week concerning the presidential election, it makes perfect sense for me to share my thoughts about social media’s influence on political values and ideas. I believe that social media has good intentions. It was designed to allow for easy transmission of information, which I feel it succeeds at doing. News travels fast. However, when it comes to politics, social media tends to pose an issue. News is often presented with biases, and I strongly feel that social media contributes to a lot of the social divide that exists in America as a result of the presidential election. We all have our preferred friends who usually share with us common beliefs, solely by nature. It is natural for people to be drawn to other people with similar beliefs. As a result, our news feeds tend to present a lot of information that matches with our own perspectives. We never go out of our way to “hear from the other side,” and most people automatically assume that their way/side is the right way/side. When that one friend from the other “side” pops up on our news feed, it causes an uproar because people start attacking each other. It would be nice to be able to gather news without that news being saturated with pre-conceived notions and opinions, usually resulting from its experience with the media. I feel it is very important for people to develop their own ideas and opinions without influence from other people, and I think that the social media that exists today does not allow for unbiased viewpoints. People are too heavily influenced by political news from social media, and I think that places people at a strong disadvantage because they cannot figure out what and why the believe on their own.

    • Tanya Arevalo

      I believe we have been divided because of the false information we are gathering through social media platforms. I see more negative things about political parties, race, and gender then I have seen positive comments. which contributes to the division we are seeing in America at the moment. It is truly sad, #vvmsgov #DoNowViews

  • Tanya Arevalo

    Social media does not help our ability to develop our own political view. Infact a lot of the things that are postied on social media are peoples opinions and not actual facts. We usually go on social media to gossip and to find things that will grab our attention. During this presidential campaign I saw so many negative things that were said about Donald Trump. I also saw negative things that were said about Hillary and Obama and I knew for a fact that more than half of the things that were being said where made up. I researched on google before believing what I read on FB. I also think social media tries to pin against each other. Some people not all people but a lot of them use social media as their main source to gather up information. People believe anything they see and hear. I think it’s important to look at both sides of a story. Whether you are a republican or democrat you should always do research on both the negative and positive things you hear about boths sides before believing just what you hear. #vvmsgov #DoNowViews

    • Sammy Johnson, Jr.

      I totally agree that social media is just a bunch of opinions that too many people have just taken in as the truth. People are just so quick to accept the easiest answer, and not willing to go the extra mile. #MyCMSTArgs

  • Blaine Ball

    Often seen on social media are the opinions of the people one follows or interacts with. If one reads the opinionated comment and lets it fully determine how they view the topic, then the individual is not letting themselves determine how they truly feel. However, following new sources and individuals that simply inform the public through the means of social media, then it can be beneficial to the person reading the post of comment. #DoNowViews #MyCMSTArgs

  • EndlessBeauty

    There are many types of forms of opinions when it comes to decisions. There are intensity, the willingness of preare to express their opinion.Fluidity, extent to which public opinion changes over a period of time. Stability, people who do not change their mind and lastly Latent, people unwilling to express their opinion. Social media would only be able to change peoples minds that are not set on a decison. For me, socila media doesn’t change my mind about any political decisons I have already set my mind on.

  • bgirl272

    I think social media is definitely helping our country become more educated on issues. Although many people take everything at face value without checking up on their facts, and usually just make misguided arguments it still makes more people involved. In the past no one cared enough to go out and search about important issue, and now you can’t get away from them. Even though a lot of the info we should check up on, social media in the end is leading to less ignorance at the polling places.

  • Kenneth Peters

    I definitely do not get my views from social media, as the algorithms that determine who views what at a given time are manipulated. Ask any right-wing page on Facebook about there rapidly diminishing reach for proof on that. Apart from that, I agree that social media like Twitter or Tumblr has created a “hugbox” for people who cannot handle dissension and discourse, this can be seen by the sheer amount of fuckery pulled during the election on various sub-reddits that were for Mr. Trump.

    Even afterwards, evidence is easily found that points to social media being owned in a de facto sense by certain (((interests)))

    #DoNowViews #MyCMSTArgs #DOTR

  • Sammy Johnson, Jr.

    I believe that social media can limit peoples ability to develop their own political values, because most are limited to just what they hear around them. Not many are actually going the extra mile to get their own information on the situation. Some just believe that others did the research so its okay to listen to what they are saying. The first step in trying to see all sides of the issue and being better informed is to actually go out and do some research of your own. #MyCMSTArgs

  • Nadine Salas

    Social media definitely helps individuals develop political views, social media now has such a huge reach amongst age , race and gender groups. For some social media is their first exposure to any sort of news source and as seen in the video, the most commonly consumed ideology tends to be the one that is adopted by the user. Another aspect of social media is the friend based networking, which serves as a platform for the voices of colleagues, family members and friends to be heard, which I believe can be extremely influential in developing political opinons. Im aware that I may not have the most diverse sources of news that I follow, I tend to retrieve my political news form the New York times and tend to stay away from social media postings which can literally only relay so much of a story/covering. I think consuming 90 second videos about political issues provides no depth, and can shrink understandings of them and world issues. What I can do know to expand my understanding is 1.) reading challenging material that goes against my ideologies or party affiliation and 2.) go to the main source of the news, where stories are in depth can be analyzed.

  • Fernando Hernandez

    I feel political views can become misunderstood and often more understood by those less educated. Those of us who listen or have the tendency to become open minded to a discussion involving politics would see that not everything is equal. Social Media Networks in my opinion have limited our knowledge, by usually emphasizing one point of view. Everyone has an opinion, but with social media, it’s disturbing how some individuals become agitated or even reluctant to believe new news. In the end, social media is a living democracy. Everyone’s voice can be heard. I’d rather not listen.#MyCMSTArgs #DoNowViews @laczkoWord

    • Kendra Spielman

      Completely agree, Social media definitely limits our knowledge because they always want to show the bad sides of the situation. It makes them more money because thats what people pay attention to the most. #MyCMSTArgs #DoNowViews

  • Omar Sanchez

    Undoubtedly social media shapes and refined the outlooks on political views. Especially during the time of a presidential debate is when everyone is throwing each other under the bus. Social media on your phone like twitter, Instagram and Facebook is all refined to your liking…for example if you follow Fox News you’ll see more Republican viewpoints as opposed to someone who follows CNN and gets democratic viewpoints. The more you see of one viewpoint I feel like not a lot of people cross check references to see if it’s true or not. One good way is to follow all the social media outlets from every standpoint and cross check facts to see if it’s true or not #MyCMSTArg

  • Kendra Spielman

    The use of social media definitely shapes peoples political views. There are people who do not keep up with politics (@me, sorry) and then they go on twitter or Facebook and they see their favorite actor or favorite athlete saying something negative about a presidential candidate then most people automatically start disliking that candidate because they think “If so and so thinks they horrible then i have no reason to doubt them”. most social media news articles tend to look on the negative sides to things to showcase all of the bad things that the candidate has done but they never show behind the scenes in what really happened or the reason why that person sad what they did #MyCMSTArgs #DoNowViews

  • justjoe

    Very few minds are changed by anyone. Behaviors may change due to fear, the most motivating force of all time. Social media is only a way to discuss views. 90% of all media–tv, radio and print–is owned by 5% of the population …they also own and control many of the worlds think tanks. Articles are planted by tank sources that control thought process and drum fears into 95% of the world’s population. The real divide in the world is the haves and have nots…but the 5% don’t want you to know that or dwell on it for very long.


Chanelle Ignant

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