KQED Teach is designed to prepare educators for the digital literacy demands associated with teaching with media. Our newest course, produced in partnership with the amazing producers and educators at Youth Radio, provides teachers with the skills and resources needed to produce their own podcasts, as well as bring podcasting into the classroom.


Visit KQED Teach for access to this amazing free course and a vibrant community of fellow educators learning along with you. You’ll also find our other courses on Media Essentials, Social Media, and Video Storytelling Essentials.

KQED Teach courses are always free and self-paced so that you can learn what you want, when you want. They are designed around a simple learning cycle:

  • Make a variety of digital media and gain confidence in the role of producer.
  • Share your projects and discuss your learning and experiences integrating new skills in your learning environment, with a community of educators learning and developing with you.
  • Then, Level up and Repeat.

KQED Teach courses focus on key digital literacies including participation in online communities, the ability to decipher and manipulate digital imagery in a variety of forms, and competence in both making original media and sharing it with audiences that matter.

Through these courses we believe you will gain the confidence and ability to integrate media into your curriculum in exciting ways that empower both you and your students.

Learn Podcasting with KQED Teach and Youth Radio 29 September,2016Randy Depew


Randy Depew

Dr. Randy Depew is KQED Education’s Managing Director. Prior to KQED, Randy was a co-founder and spent 20 years as teacher-leader of The Digital Safari Academy, a college and career academy at Mt. Diablo High School in Concord, CA. Additionally, Randy served for 16 years as an adjunct faculty member in Brandman University's School of Education where he taught credential courses on digital and media literacy, teaching and learning in 21st century classrooms, literacy development for primary and second language learners, and secondary classroom management. He was the 2001 MDUSD teacher of the year and Technology and Learning Magazine’s 2000 California Technology teacher of the year and has presented at dozens of national conferences on the subject of media literacy, media production, and their impact on student engagement and achievement. At KQED, Randy oversees the development of KQED education content, including professional learning courses and educator certification, classroom curriculum, media to support student learning and online products that bring it all together. Randy holds a B.A. in chemistry from U.C. Berkeley, an M.A. in curriculum and instruction from Chapman University and an Ed.D. in organizational leadership from Brandman University.

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