There’s a mysterious force that makes up about two-thirds of the universe. And it has nothing to do with Star Wars.

Scientists call it dark energy, and it is believed to be causing galaxies to move away from each other faster and faster. Now, researchers who have been trying to figure

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Bringing Dark Energy to Light 8 March,2017Andrea Aust


Andrea Aust

Andrea is the Senior Manager of Science Education for KQED, where she has been developing science education resources and providing professional learning for STEM educators for more than 10 years. Andrea graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in Environmental Science and earned her M.A. in Teaching and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from the University of San Francisco. Prior to KQED, she taught, developed, and managed marine science and environmental education programs in Aspen, Catalina Island and the Bay Area. Follow her on Twitter at @KQEDaust.

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