Here is a sneak peek of a new KQED video, Cleaning Poop from Drinking Water. This video is part of our Engineering Is: Cleaning Poop from Drinking Water e-book. The e-book explores the science and engineering principles behind the Lotus Water project’s device designed to purify drinking water in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The e-book includes videos, interactives and media making opportunities. Stay tuned for its release at the end of August.

Cleaning Poop from Drinking Water | Engineering Is

Here in the US, we take clean drinking water for granted. In many parts of the world, however, modern water treatment simply doesn’t exist. This creates a major problem — poop in the drinking water! Amy Pickering, a Stanford engineer, went to Dhaka, Bangladesh to observe how the residents collected water. The challenge? Build a simple, cheap, easy to use device that would allow the people to clean the water themselves.

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Engineering is…Solving Poop Problems 17 November,2015Almetria Vaba


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