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Do you think teens today are more narcissistic than previous generations? What is the difference between narcissism and believing in yourself? Given the expectations that come along with social media, is what people used to think of as narcissism just a necessary part of everyday life for today’s teens?


Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: taking selfies and being told you’re “special” has spoiled your poor, young adult brain. There’s a lot of media shade being thrown at millennials — those born between the 1980s and early 2000s — saying things like today’s young people are entitled and hard to manage, that we’re obsessed with gadgets and appearances, and that our job skills aren’t up to par with our egos. And while it’s tempting to dismiss the accusations as generational jealousy, recent research seems to indicate there may be some truth to this kind of talk.

“Millennials are more narcissistic than boomers and gen Xers were at the same age,” said Jean Twenge, a professor of psychology at San Diego State University and the author of several books on narcissism — a personality type characterized by selfishness, an overblown view of one’s own talents, and a craving for admiration.

Twenge told Youth Radio that according to her research, millennials tend to be “tolerant, confident, open-minded, and ambitious but also disengaged, narcissistic, distrustful, and anxious.” In a study of college freshmen published in 2014, Twenge found that millennials were more likely to score themselves as “above average” and have positive self-views compared to previous generations. Millennials also scored higher on a test known as the Narcissism Personality Inventory, which measures factors like vanity, superiority, and self-sufficiency.

Assuming for now that teens today might be more narcissistic than they were in the past (which, by the way, not everyone does), some psychologists say narcissism can be a coping mechanism that actually benefits millennials.

“I think of narcissism as an adaptive thing that teenagers use to work on self-image and identity,” University of Notre Dame psychologist Daniel Lapsley told Youth Radio. Given the issues today’s teens have to deal with — fierce competition for college, a tough job market, and, thanks to the Internet, less privacy than any previous generation — he says that teens may need a slightly inflated sense of self in order to successfully overcome the challenges they’ll face.

“A certain sense of invulnerability is a good thing,” he said. “There’s going to be occasions in your life where you have to engage in behavior where it’s not certain. Asking someone for a date or applying to college. If it goes the wrong way your self-esteem is at risk.”


AUDIO: Are Teenagers Today More Narcissistic? (Youth Radio Podcast)
Are teens today more narcissistic than ever before? Some psychologists are pointing to a personality test called the Narcissism Personality Inventory, which seems to indicate that millennials have a historically high sense of self-obsession. But not everyone thinks the test is a great tool to use on teens, who may need an inflated sense of self to protect themselves against the natural pitfalls of puberty. In this week’s podcast, Youth Radio’s teen reporters turn the lens on themselves as they investigate their own narcissism scores, and interview an expert on what this trend might mean for the success of the next generation.

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More Resources

ARTICLE: Seeing Narcissists Everywhere (New York Times)
This New York Times article explores Dr. Jean M. Twenge’s study of cross-generational narcissism. Using data from the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI), Dr. Twenge concludes that rates of narcissism found by the NPI have risen over time, notably amongst the Millennial generation. Dr. Twenge’s analysis garners criticism from other psychologists, who argue that the NPI test is inherently flawed, and even that Dr. Twenge may be misinterpreting this data. Whereas the NPI may show a rise in characteristics that Dr. Twenge attributes in narcissism, critics claim the test more so reveals findings of qualities such as confidence and self-worth, which cannot always be directly tied to narcissism.

AUDIO: How Millennials Are Reshaping Charity And Online Giving (NPR)
This feature from NPR’s All Tech Considered looks at a counterargument to the idea of growing narcissism in the Millennial era – that Millennials are spending and giving more of their money for social good. Looking at giving patterns, the story claims that Millennials feel more of an obligation to give money to charitable causes, and also care more about investing in causes where the impact of their giving can be directly seen.

TEST: Narcissistic Personality Inventory (Personality Tests)
The Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI) is a test designed in 1979 that rates levels of narcissism by asking participants to select what best reflects themselves from a series of paired statements. NPI data has been evaluated over the years by various field experts, including the aforementioned study from Dr. Jean M. Twenge.

This KQED Do Now segment was produced in collaboration with Youth Radio, the Peabody Award-winning youth-driven production company headquartered in Oakland, California. This post was written by Teresa Chin at Youth Radio, and was originally published on February, 6, 2015.

Are Teens Today More Narcissistic Than Previous Generations? 21 August,2017Youth Radio

  • Carrie

    Test Post

  • Rob

    I feel that due to exponential social changes in recent social history, the millennial generation has been forced to evolve into a generation of self-loving, self-promoting human beings. In a day and age where every other commercial on television is for Victoria’s Secret or Calvin Klein underwear, we as a generation have become painfully aware that the outside world values certain traits more than others. We as teenagers are already impressionable as it is, but the plethora of outside stimuli have sped up the evolution from humble human beings to narcissistic ones. This current population has had help in fostering this evolution, though. The presence of participation medals and the sorts have promoted a false sense of accomplishment, which in turn leads to confidence in one’s actions. This is not a bad thing, it is simply an observation. So yes, this generation has become more narcissistic than generations past, although the fault is not all our own.

  • Ben

    Test Post

  • Brandon

    Being Narcissistic is not necessarily a bad thing , its just that you are very concerned about how you look before going out. I tend to do that in some situations like if i’m going to a party or going somewhere. Its very normal and there is nothing to be ashamed about it.

  • Courtney

    Yes this generation has become much more narcissistic than previous generations. We care way too much about appearances and how others view ourselves. This time period has become very much revolved around those things. A somewhat new trend floating around is something called “thinspo” ( where women feel they need to be extremely skinny in order to be perfect or pretty. From models on the covers of magazines and to those commercials on TV who show “perfect people”, and those fashion shows where this extreme idea of perfect and skinny has ruined the minds of many people who are now being made into narcissistic people who care way too much about what they look like. If the society we live in was not revolved around being perfect we would most likely be less narcissistic. We are also scrutinized 24-7 on what we wear, how we look, and what we have which is also another cause to this high growth in narcissism. If we can eliminate how we judge others, and change our view of “perfect” (to being just the way you are) our levels of narcism would decrease.

    So, in conclusion we are indeed a more narcissistic generation.

  • Jessica

    Narcissistic is a type of personality disorder, so calling a whole generation out as a whole about being narcissistic is not rightful. Each person is different from one another, so someone might be self absorbed into there own looks or look at there self 20 times a day but they would not even qualify as a narcissistic in other ways. Yes however I do agree that this generation has become more self absorbed, with all our “selfies” and social media and posting dozen of pictures of our self. I agree with living in the moment and only capturing a picture if I do not want to forget where I am at and the happiness I fell. I can not justify for everyone else, but I have noticed that people are more into there looks and that I see many people who are taking pictures in class and our appearance is more important to us than school sometimes.

  • Ben

    I believe that the millennial generation is absolutely more narcissistic than other generations. I believe this is because of the way we were raised. Recently I was accepted to the University of Michigan, that is a pretty big deal, I was happy but there were no tears shed or jumping up and down. In fact my grandpa was irritated that I wasn’t completely ecstatic. I trace this back to elementary school basketball league. For fifth graders, my basketball team was pretty good, we won a lot and it felt good. But, when the championship game came and my team won, the other team got trophies and so did we. Shouldn’t only the winners get trophies? Not that I’m trying to be a butt face, I respected my opponent, they were very good too, but they lost and got a trophy for it. Rewarding this loss is an over-justification that leads kids to expect an award for the littlest action like losing a basketball game. This kind of “everyone is a winner” attitude is what built the millennial’s sense of entitlement which is one of the key characteristics of narcissism. I won and got a trophy and so did the losing team, which made winning less sweet. A lot of other people got accepted to Michigan, and so it wasn’t as exciting.

    • Austin Williamson

      Sounds like you have other problems. Stop accepting the blame adults are shunting on the youth they raised.

      • Ben

        So it is our parent’s fault that we are like this?

        • Austin Williamson

          :-7 Yup!

          Partially, at least.

          The main issue here, though, is that the older generations are all too happy to pretend that ours is the worst generation ever. Look, folks. My generation is neither better nor worse than our parents. We’re people, just raised in different times.

          • Ben

            But then you agree that teens today are more narcissistic than previous generations?

          • Austin Williamson

            Did I say that?

            I don’t think my generation is any different from the previous ones. You can just see it more easily because everybody and their dog have internet access.
            My crazy aunts are probably wayyy more narccistic than me, and they have a good 30 years on me.

          • Ben

            I think that you’re drawing your conclusions based on only your experiences like with your aunts. I believe that our generation as a whole, not just Austin Williamson, has displayed an incredible sense of entitlement, vanity, and egotism. It is because of the recent innovations of the internet that teens think that they are the most valuable person. Internet gives people a platform to shout their thoughts from and so they think that everyone is listening to them even if they are not. Our society has changed from one where teamwork and cohesiveness are favored to one where independence and competition are sought after. Be realistic Austin, it is exemplified in sports and music, both of which are a reflection of our society.

          • Austin Williamson

            In the age where you can see grown adults acting like spoiled children (on Facebook), I find it hard to agree with your thesis.

            Teamwork and co-operation were never American values to begin with, either. American Individualism is an age old mantra that goes way back, before even TR led the leathernecks. Collectivisim was frowned on as being socialist – even in the communities where neighbours gathered to help build each other houses. Ugh.

            If future historians were asked to pick an era which exemplified the most “me” Generation Me, I’m guessing the 70s-80s would be it. You know, the years when the Baby Boomers came of age.

            Before the days of the internet, people kept diaries and had newsletters. Speaking of which, subscribe to mine to find out how Ronald Reagan is actually a commie plant from Cambodia! (I wish we had a sarcasm tag.)

    • Kaleb Dokey

      uhm, it sounds to me that you are more of an entitled person, rather than narcissistic. in-fact, it sounds like you are only talking about entitlement as opposed to narcissism.

      • Ben

        entitlement leads to inflated egos, therefore narcissism. the two go hand in hand undeniably.

    • Eva

      I agree with you in terms of today’s “everyone’s a winner” attitude and how it relates to entitlement, but I fail to see how that relates to being accepted to a university. In a basketball game, you expect that there will be one winner and one loser, and the winner will be rewarded. But college is different; it’s not like a competition with a clear winner and loser. Hundreds get in, and hundreds don’t. The way you compare these situations makes it sound as though you are like the winning team (by getting into college) and everyone else who was accepted is like the losing team being rewarded, taking away from your pride and giving them a false sense of entitlement. This is not the case though, everyone else who made it in earned it just as much as (or even more than) you did.

      • Ben


  • Krystal

    Although our generation may seem narcissistic, I don’t think it is all our fault. Social media and commercials teach us to admire ourselves and to be confident. Most teenagers don’t know they have narcissistic characteristics unless the the take the test. To be honest not everyone in this generation is narcissistic, so you can say the majority but saying our whole generation is not accurate. Being narcissistic or having those traits is an attitude that many people have learned to adapt to. In fact, there are ways we can prevent future generations but it’s not this generation that needs to change.

  • Rachel

    More than anything, this generation has been conditioned to be more narcissistic. It’s not like we’re innately self-centered, that’s just how this generation has been raised. Since early childhood, today’s teens have been given praise for trying, even for just showing up, instead of actual accomplishments. While this makes children feel loved and valued, it inflates their self-esteem, which has lead to more narcissism. Even so, this narcissism isn’t necessarily bad. There are good effects from it, like more confidence. People are more willing to take charge, become leaders, and they’re more likely to tirelessly chase success. This generation is more ambitious, thanks to their narcissism, and hopefully the world will benefit from that in the future.

    • Jordan Balabis

      I absolutely agree with you Rachel. I do believe that teens today are more narcissistic than the past generations. It is mainly based on how this generation is nurtured that effects one’s self-esteem. Praise has been, and still is, given to teenagers just for the simplest actions which increases their pride. However, I definitely agree that it is not an inadequate developed trait, and many people do think of narcissism as just another requisite part of daily living. Now, more teens have courage and credence in the modern day age group, thanks to the abundance of vanity. These are great factors because instead of feelings depressed and having negligence, individuals are more self-assured and positive with themselves to undertake triumph. Also, the difference between narcissism and believing in yourself significantly vary. Narcissism is the excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance, such as: someone who constantly admires themselves in the mirror. Nevertheless, believing in yourself is someone who has the trust and credibility to accomplish their intentions, other than wasting their time obsessing over their bodily impression.


    • I absolutely agree. Narcissism is undoubtedly more common in teens nowadays than in past generations. Though this is true, I don’t think think this is a bad thing. Narcissism is good, to a certain extent. People are more outgoing, open, and willing to take risks and follow their dreams. Whereas on the other end of the scale, people are self-conscious and timid. While fully self-absorbed people are never enjoyable to be around, not everyone is like that. Everyone needs SOME confidence. Self confidence is great, and everyone should be able to acquire this. Arrogance, however, is a different story. All in all, narcissism is something that could shape our future for the better, with so many striving for accomplishments.

    • Tara

      I agree! This generation is definitely more ambitious and will tirelessly chase success due to narcism. This could be seen as a positive effect of narcism because people believe in themselves to the fullest extent due to being afraid of being viewed as a failure. People are definitely more confident because of social media, but sometimes that is used in a negative way, such as bullying and much more, and that is where the line is drawn on the positive effects of narcism.

    • Bryce

      This is very accurate. I remember when I was little, I would get a medal just for showing up at a local event, or the losing soccer team would get trophies. This kind of attitude is definitely good for people to a certain extent, but to the degree that it is enforced in today’s society is unhealthy and likely the cause of the narcissism.

      • Sandor

        I’m not sure I agree that millennials are that much more narcissistic than older people were when they were the same age. Although there are some ways by which our society encourages high self-esteem, which can lead to increased narcissism, I think that the illusion that everyone is a winner doesn’t last forever. As children become more exposed to what the world is really like, they start to realize that it doesn’t work the same way as when they were little. We might think that millennials are more narcissistic because of their social media activity, but what may have happened if older generations had social media as well? I think that though our upbringing has an effect on our personalities, the narcissism that may have been instilled in us as children tends to wear off as we get older. Most of the posts above this one agree that millennials are more narcissistic, but it seems that many of them may have failed to consider the other side of the argument.

    • Eva

      I agree completely! We have been conditioned to be a little more obsessed with ourselves (which can be annoying at times, especially to older generations) but it can be helpful and even necessary to have this extra care.

      • Lorna Martin

        Why would it be helpful to be narcissistic? Just trying to understand.

        • CARLISLE

          It builds confidence. Teens have become more narcissistic, but what the article does not mention is everything else that came at the time of teens youth. Bullying and technology just started to boom as teens of that time grew. Kids were challenged by their insecurities and by friends and family. Technology and school has advanced and there is more pressure on teens than ever. I think the narcissistic attitude comes from teens building their confidence. We teach kids to fight for what they want and to be competitive and the best, but when they do they cannot be happy for themselves? It is almost hypocritical for adults to simply label teens narcissists for being confident. Teens are more narcissistic, although teens now have to also undergone different challenges then before. As we evolve, learn more and change the generations that grow up in the time do as-well. Instead of just saying teens are more narcissistic then ever, parents and adults should teach teens to be more humble. Adults and teacher should praise their teens for the good and teach them how to be humble about their achievements and try to be a little understanding about everything that teens now go through.

  • Anthony

    Today’s generation is unarguably more narcissistic than previous generations. Technology never ceases to improve year after year, and as young adults we have access to this technology that we use on a daily basis. This is especially true about our smartphones. I think it is safe to say that these devices have attached themselves to our lives, and pretty much everyone owns one. We have access to social media right at our fingertips, informing us about the latest trends and products that can help us “better” ourselves. Ever since our phones evolved into having front-facing cameras, the amount of selfies taken and pictures posted of ourselves has increased tremendously, as it is so efficient and convenient now. We cannot just ignore technology as it gets better. It can be near impossible to do so, so it is not necessarily our own personalities that are causing us to become more self-absorbed than ever. It is our progressing world around us that we continue to adapt to.

  • Chelsea

    I feel this generation is more narcissistic then previous generations because of what we have been brought to. This generation is hooked to social media sites, whether it is Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Snapchat we are always on our phones and computer searching and using these sites. Taking a one picture now a days has to be turned in to a simple edit to make the picture look better then it was. It seems that most people always just want to take a selfie.

  • Mazi

    What’s the song at the end, of the Youth Radio thing?

  • dan.b

    kid are quite Narcissistic today I agree with that I think it has to do with consumer culture and social media

  • draco zhao

    I don’t think teens are more narcissistic that previous generations. I feel that teens are now more accepting and embrace who they are. The difference between narcissism and believing in yourself is narcissism is like looking down on everyone else where as believing in yourself is motivation to continue to be who you truly are. If being confident in who you are is now considered narcissistic I think it is a necessary part of life because you won’t get anyway where now a days if you don’t have confidence in yourself.

  • Andy Ouyang

    I don’t think that teens are more narcissistic than previous generations. It’s more of a thing where they believe in themselves, to be more confident in who they are.

    • AlexisB_BoydBence

      I agree Andy,
      It’s not so much that teens are being narcissistic as they are being more confident in them selves like they are supposed to right ? In previous generations it was more of either adults or even children who were more narcissistic teens were more of they type who had low self esteem and low confidence in them selves.

      In previous generations as this articles says the reasons why teens had so low self esteem is because it was given to them by adults and how the adults made them feel.

  • Darren H.

    We have been raised to be narcissistic, and even I will admit to this crime. I mean for our whole lives we have been praised for the tiniest thing, not to mention we are surrounded by media and technology 24/7. We are also constantly up to date on a lot of things just because of social media and how things can get viral quickly. However, this does have good things like how our generation is more ambitious then ever, and are much more innovative.

  • May N.

    I don’t think teens these days are more narcissistic, I think they just care more about outer appearances because of the way the media influences them. Being narcissistic means to put down other thinking you’re the best, believing yourself means to embrace your flaws and work towards your goal. I don’t think it’s necessary to be narcissistic but it is necessary to be confident in who you are.

  • Preston Chu

    I think teens are pretty narcissistic these days yet also have pretty low self esteem because everyone is always worried about how they look like, moreso now because of things like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat (maybe not as much). Because of social media like this, pictures of you can end up online more often and you try to look as good as you can in your friend’s pictures. The difference is that narcissism you are worried about how you look while believing in yourself you would care less. Right now, narcissism shouldn’t really need to be a part of everyday life because I feel like over time, people will stop caring more about these things anyways and most people don’t really care about how other people look.

    • AlexisB_BoydBence

      I agree Preston,
      It seems as if teens are Narcissistic to things such as social media and making a good appearance on people and then when it comes to comparison to others they feel low or uneasy about them selves they feel as if they cannot compare to others they think that people are better than them and they have as you said low self esteem

      This webpage explains how teens may view them selves and the percentage of the girls and boys who either have low or high self esteem for them selves. But again there will be a time these teens will grow up and have a different image for them selves and stop caring and find them selves to have a high self esteem.

  • Ezra Quianzon

    I do think teens are more narcissistic nowadays. I believe that it increased as technology advanced. But adults out of our generation are also becoming more narcissistic, not just the teens because they are exposed to the same technology. Being narcissistic limits you on how you see yourself, like you only see the better parts of yourself. When you believe in yourself, you see everything about yourself.

  • Ada Ouyang

    I think teens today are more narcissistic than the previous generations. I think the reason is because the social media and internet are causing teens to become like that, making them want to be in their best appearance in case other people see them in social media. Because of the internet and social media, people would think that there are competitions and criticisms that they need to face in order to fit in with the others. Narcissism causes people to think that they need to act superior or want people to admire them, but believing in yourself is actually something that encourages you to work harder and reach your goals and don’t necessarily require acceptance or admiration from other people. Believing in yourself makes you want to do well on your own part and doesn’t require you to think that you are better than anyone else.

  • Mae

    I do think that teens are, in general, more narcissistic today than in previous generations. Even in addition to the constant selfies, we see and portray ourselves as beautiful every day. Not everyone in this generation is narcissistic, but I think, as a whole, we are vainer and more selfish than the generations before us. I find it interesting that a test has been developed to measure narcissism. It tells me that the
    amount of narcissism has been increasing so much in the last few generations
    that it has become normal. I think it’s possible that social media is not the only contributing factor when it comes to narcissism.

    Narcissism and believing in yourself are very different. Narcissism is a selfish obsession; believing in yourself means being confident in what you are doing. I think that narcissism and believing in yourself can be confused with each other, but that they can be distinguished by the fact that narcissism involves thinking only of yourself.

    I think that, while some people are narcissistic (which seems to define this generation), others are not. Narcissism does not have to be a necessary part of everyday life, as shown by the few who do not let narcissism define who they are. I think it’s important that we realize the difference between narcissism and self-confidence and make an
    effort to portray our generation as more confident and less selfish.

    • U.S.H.

      Yes, it seems that people are quick to put a negative spin on things, and exaggerate them, for whatever reason. This generation may have more narcissistic individuals than past one, but to call an entire group of people is generalizing things and isn’t true. There are some people who are narcissistic, and some who aren’t. I doubt anyone would actually call what they were doing narcissistic, though it can be seen as such by others. There isn’t a definite line between narcissism and self-confidence, and its hard to classify things, no matter how much we try to. Its also possible that this is only being seen because teenagers have an easier outlet to fuel their narcissism, and if you introduced things such as social media to any generation, they would display similar tendencies.

  • melanycubas1212

    I do think that this generation is narcissistic but not all of it. Some of this generation is actually not narcissistic. Because some teens are anti social and have no instagram or facebook or whatever other social media site.

  • joaquin214

    todays modern generation is corrupted with self being of ourselves.most of us were raised around narcicists and that’s our main problem today. we do not care about what our children grow up around vanity and etc. Te millennium age has just begun. And it might never end.

    • melanycubas1212

      you made a typo wawa

  • jasmincamacho

    I do believe teens today are narcissistic because this generation has something to do with trying to be perfect and trying to fit in.

  • Mya Destiny

    I believe that the teen today are more narcissistic than other generations because teen today care more about themselves then others. The care about more on how they look and what they wear. For example, taking selfies and posting the selfies on facebook or instagram.

    • kiaradlainey

      You post selfies

      • melanycubas1212

        yours is long girl

      • Mya Destiny

        I am not a person who cares about herself.

  • kiaradlainey

    Yes, I do believe that the millennial generation is more narcissistic than the other generations without a doubt. But it is not are fault. The reason we are narcissistic is not our faults. The difference between narcissists and believing your self is that your over-bearing pride isn’t getting the best of you. When you believe in yourself you tend to be ambitious but you know that not everything wasn’t mint to be. You work harder for things when you believe in your self but when you are narcissistic you expect things to be handed to you. THis generation is worried about fitting in rather than standing out.

    • melanycubas1212

      this one

  • ares

    Today children have a lot of concocted do to the fact that we have better TEC today.

  • imperfection_045

    I think that teens today are more narcissistic than previous generation because they are so full of there self. They just always want to be on social media taking selfie etc. They think that the way the look is so amusing and that put on make up like everyday. They trying to be perfection.

  • Crystal

    I do believe teenagers today are way more narcissistic than
    any other generation in the past, with new developments and high standards in
    the minds of most of our youth to be “perfect”. Making them very self-conscious
    on looks and wanting to look like others instead of themselves. I don’t agree
    narcissism and believing your self are similar, the confidence of anyone who
    believes in themselves does not waste time on these things that are not
    important. Social media can connect people to learn more and life experiencing
    new things. Teens who show narcissistic characteristics and are obsessed with
    looks, everything from there Instagram likes and twitter followers being
    dependent on those things are making the generation more self-centered.

  • jocajulao

    I don’t believe that all of the millennials are narccisstic because not every teen have the same thought process.

  • Janine Bunag

    i think teens are more narcissistic than the previous generations. The difference between narcissism and believing in myself are done. i think teens are so into their phones and social media that they don’t have time to their homework.

    • Aaron lam

      i agree that teens are in to phones and there pc’ssssss

  • stephanie

    idk I think is important because selfies can let people know where is she in befor

  • pablo

    Being Narcissistic is not necessarily a bad thing , its just that you
    are very concerned about how you look before going out.
    Its very normal and there is nothing to be ashamed about it.

  • Jeremiah Bonifacio

    I think other teens that are more narcissistic, it happens a lot than previous generation.

  • William Gil

    I do think that this generation is narcissistic but not all of it. Some of this generation is actually not narcissistic. Because some teens are anti social and have no instagram or facebook or whatever other social media site

  • aj

    it was talking about teens are narcissism and also the history of it

  • Kelly Yee

    I think teens today are more narcissistic than previous generations . Narcissistic is self-absorbed or conceited while believing is having confidence . I think narcissism is part of everyday life for most of today’s teens .

  • orlando

    Because some teens are anti social and have no instagram or facebook or whatever other social media site

  • Olivia

    This generation is more narcissistic than others, but there are other reasons behind it then just that we are the “millennial generation”. We have the various amounts of social media to gloat and brag about ourselves, our accomplishments, and our affairs. We begin to fall into a rut, dedicating our off hours to scroll through the feed of Instagram’s beauty pages, finding out tips and tricks and in the process becoming more self-centered, focused on our own actions than those of others. It is very easy to become self-absorbed with all the fad diets and beauty tips, and large, attention-grabbing billboards only serve as to remind us of ways to better ourselves.

  • jason marin

    i’m not a narc :c

  • pothead420
  • Samir Kazimi

    I do think this generation is more narcissistic than the previous one because of social media with all of the selfies and comments that come with it like the heart eyes emoji and the comments that say your’e so pretty or you got kik? makes all of these people feel full of themselves.

  • Lindsey

    Our generation is undoubtedly more narcissistic than previous generations. I believe that the advances in technology and social media have a large role in many teens’ egotistic attributes. Social media has caused teens to become overly focused on how many favorites their picture gets or how many likes a tweet receives. Increased use of social media has allowed teens to receive instant admiration of their physical and mental characteristics. Our generation is attached to their electronic devices at the hip. It seems that wherever I am, it is not surprising to see teens taking selfies. Our phones and other technological advances promote narcissistic tendencies. We are one of the first generations to converse so frequently using social media and I believe teens are only adjusting to this growing technology.

  • carlos

    Narcissism to me is a type of person or attitude that the person believes to be only associated to them only. A narcissistic person will or might say things only in relation to them only such as they want to think they are better than their superiors even if they are not or they want to say how their day was and only talk about that only and not let anyone talk about something else(the level in this type is debatable and it also depends on the type of person you are talking to and about the subject of which the person speaking is about).

  • Monaeja

    This generation is way more narcissistic than any other generation. Our lives revolve around technology and social media. We feed off of social websites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook only to seek feedback from others. People sometimes use it as reassurance to soothe existing insecurities. People in this generation want to be complimented. They want to be noticed to prove their relevance, but we should not be criticized or feel ashamed. It is completely normal.

  • Nataliya

    The millennial generation is more narcissistic than other generations, but that is due to our higher standards. The millennial generation is impacted by movies, magazines, pictures and much more. We have a “perfect” image in our minds of how we should look based on media. So of course teens are more narcissistic, we have an image to compare to. Teens want to be better than others, to make themselves feel better about themselves.

  • Cheng

    Teens today are not necessarily more narcissistic than the previous generations. Now, with modern technologies, teens might seem more narcissistic because the previous generations do not have access to the internet at this high frequency. As a result, their true feeling might not be seen by the public. According to the research, teens are more narcissistic, but the result could be bias. As we took that quiz, a lot of it are neutral and does not reflect now narcissistic the person is directly. It reflects more about the confidence and the leadership. The new generation nowadays are definitely more confident because they live in a better environment. People should have the right to be proud of what he is capable of.

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  • John Philip Earl Allosa

    I honestly believe that narcissism within particular young adults like myself has always existed. Narcissism is merely a human aspect that has existed throughout humanity, and does not make the teenage generation more narcissistic than they were before. However, the only reason why it seems to be that teenagers seem more narcissistic than they were before because of the tangibility of our innovative and extremely advanced communicational technology. Although our technology and the internet that we have is truly amazing, it comes with the downside of putting many negative aspects of society, which also includes the new concept of CyberBullying (which can be its own discussion). Most social websites give the ability to express their narcissism on a more grand scale and on a wider basis, things that would have never possibly be expressed in the generation before this one.

  • Tamia

    I do think this generation is more narcissistic today than previous generations. We live in an age where we are surrounded with celebrity news from magazines and TV and we see celebrities are somewhat glorified, and with social media it can make things hard for teens. Seeing things like that can make teens feel a little insecure about themselves, so I think to some people we might seem narcissistic, but to teens we just see it as being confident in ourselves. I think being self-confident doesn’t necessarily mean being narcissistic. There is a big difference in being self confident and being self centered. I think everyone, not only teens, should be able to live life believing in themselves and their abilities, and to be able to appreciate the qualities they possess. On the other hand, some people see themselves as better than everyone else, and I think that’s what the problem is.

  • Leena and Kiera

    I agree that teenagers today are more narcissistic than previous generations for many reasons, the biggest one being the raised expectations for our generation. I know from personal experience that my parents have very high expectations for me. They expect me to do really well in school, and I don’t get any praise for doing it. It is just something they expect. I am sure that I am not the only one either. Many teenagers are given high expectations, both academically and socially. If a small number of people ( classmates, celebrities, etc.) seem to be perfect, more and more people feel that they have to be just as perfect or else they’ll be judged.

  • Joseph Kordenbrock

    Teens have become obsessed with there image on social media. If they don’t get told they are pretty after they post a selfie, then they will break down, or if someone doesn’t give them a like they think that they hate them. when this happens kids become paranoid. A good example is facebook, how many “friends” do people have? way to many if you ask me. and most of the time you don’t hang out with 1/4 off them. This is one of the ways that social media is fueling our craving for approval, from people that meen nothing to us.

  • Nicholas

    I think teens are more narcissistic than previous generations. The main difference between believing in yourself and being self centered is that you consider other peoples perspectives when you believe in yourself. I look around and lots of teens in school are self centered compared to other people. That might be due just to the fact that teens in general are narcissistic. However I noticed that kids more recently are becoming spoiled with all the newer technologies and other advanced gadgets. And with all this new technology, the number of selfies taken and users of social media have dramatically increased which, in my opinion, has made narcissism much more common.

  • Allyson

    There is a fine line between narcissism and having self-confidence. Although today’s generation seems to be more narcissistic than previous ones, teens have more self-esteem and are more confident in themselves. However, it depends on the individual. Some teens are self-obsessed and others have a confidence that make them seem narcissistic. Then there are some teens that don’t fit into the stereotype of this generation and all and are bundled in with the rest.

  • Minnie and Chloe

    In our opinion, the millennial generation is far more narcissistic than previous generations. As technology develops, so do things such as social media. We grew up in a society where pressure is placed on us to fit certain expectations. Paradoxically, adolescents become both more narcissistic and self-conscious as they try to fit into the social mold. We also grew up in an environment where we were praised for the smallest things we did. The idea behind this was to boost our self-esteem, but empty compliments don’t really do anything for us in the long run. In fact, they made many of us more arrogant. The real question is whether this is a good or bad thing.

  • Alexis

    I believe that every generation has its flaws. No matter what age we live in, someone has something negative to say. It is true that young people in this day and age do take selfies, and are concerned about what they will post on Twitter, but that can also be seen as a positive. It shows the increase in our self-esteem. It isn’t fair to say that our new technologies, and ideas of our society are “narcissistic” just because we have such amenities. On the other hand, with these social abilities, we sometimes take advantage of it, earning our the label of “being narcissistic.” People need to begin realizing that this generation was brought up in this, over-confident way, and we are only following the teenagers, and older people we look up to. It isn’t the teenagers that are changing, it’s the world and developments in our society around.

  • Jackson

    I believe that media and the rest of the world put a lot of stress on teens and young adults to look and act better than the rest. That looks are everything and that looks are what get you far in life. when, in fact, it’s not that simple. So I say yes, teens are more narcissistic now-a-days.

  • Mango Bromales

    Teens today are VERY narcissistic. Whether it’s Snapchat and taking pictures of yourself or posting selfies on Instagram, teens are obsessed with looking at themselves. Being in this generation, technology is an obsession that keeps growing as new devices come out. These devices enable ourselves to be able to share photos, thoughts and more through digital spaces. Usually when something is posted it is about ourselves or something we did with other people. Today, teens are so obsessed with social media that they are often oblivious to the big picture that is the world does not evolve around you.

  • Disgusted Person

    Anyone who collaborated on this article should be ashamed. I am abhorred that our older generation and even some of our own guise this high and mighty personality and talk down to millennials and the like of them.

    Anyone who says the new generation is worse than the old one is just part of a cliche. Literally every single generation thinks this about the next. It isn’t new. Not only is the article spouting nonsense supported with fake psychology, it is declaring the modern generation to be somehow less normal than literally every single human who has ever lived before this age.

    What disgusts me further is how this article uses social media and condemns the modern generation for using it. Radio, twitter and the likes are used by just about everyone. When you call out a single denomination for using it, you are separating them and forcing them to have stars stitched to their clothes.

    I die a little bit every time someone says something negative about a generation. It’s stereotyping, it’s cruel, and above all, it simply reeks of education and a superiority complex of one’s own.

    Of course, social media doesn’t help in the least. The new generation will use the technology supplied to them more than their predecessors will. That’s fact, and declaring someone inferior due to being tech-fueled is just immoral.

    Thank you and good bye.

  • Christian and Ishan

    I agree that today’s teens are more narcissistic than past generations, but a large part of that change is the increasing pressure that the media puts on outward appearance. As in the case of supporting anorexia and looking beautiful in advertisements and celebrity appearances, many teens aspire to look like celebrities or fashion models, and try to spread their own self-worth more than they deserve to. The increase of narcissism should not be confused with a rise in self-confidence, as narcissism deals mostly with the appearance of someone, and self-confidence deals with the person as a whole. In addition, kids have been told from a young age that “everybody is a winner,” or “everyone is special in their own way.” While everyone does have their own characteristics, that doesn’t not serve as an excuse to have kids rate themselves highly when in fact they are doing poorly, in academics, athletics etc. The narcissism associated with this generation mostly comes from the behaviors we are taught at a young age, and is influenced by the media as we grow into our adolescent years.

  • Jacob

    I believe that this generation is more narcissistic than past generations. I don’t know if it has anything to do about the new millennium, but I do know that as technology progresses, we have more opportunities to compare ourselves to other people. Maybe this generation has more narcissism, but it also has a lot of self loathing. So I guess I would say people have more ways to interact and compare them selves to others which gives them more feelings toward themselves.

  • Bre

    I think that our Generation has become very narcissistic. It’s not 100 % our fault though, so much pressure has been put on us to look like the perfect image that that is all we care about right now. It puts pressure on us and stresses so many teens out. We see that looks are everything and get you anything and that if you want a great life your have to look great. Teens spend so much time now caring about snap chatting or wondering how many likes their selfie is going to get on instagram that we aren’t as concerned anymore about the important things in like, like school, that are truely going to help us in life. We also grow up in a world where we great praised for the littlest things, when really all those compliments are empty and won’t help us. This help adds onto teens becoming more narcissistic.

  • Tesh & Karthik

    This generation has been more narcissistic than ever before. I think this is because of the growing technology and with it comes new social networks. People are just trying to get more followers are more friends because they just want to show off, and be the “best”. To do so, they post many different things about themselves like selfies or the food they are eating. They are all becoming more and more self-centered. There’s a difference between sharing parts of your life socially and sharing every single thing you do. Overall, teens are going to be narcissistic as long as technology and social media expands.

  • Nishan Rankothge

    I think that this generation is most likely more narcissistic, but there are some valid reasons for why this is. Technology now gets lets people do things like take selfie and post about our lives. So this would naturally make sense. If the people in the past had access to things like twitter. I think they would also be just as narcissistic as us. So I wouldn’t really blame ourselves to much. Theirs also no big problems with being a bit to narcissistic. Another problem is that

  • Nick

    This generation is more narcissistic. Proof of that is selfies. Everybody is taking selfies and it’s not like it’s a bad thing to take selfies because a selfie is just taking a picture of yourself. It’s the people who a take tons of pictures just because they like to look at themselves. It’s not self-centered or anything but it’s definitely narcissistic. This generation may be narcissistic but that’s not bad. If your a even a little narcissistic that means that you love yourself which isn’t bad. Would it be better to hate yourself? NO. Narcissism is bad when you become so self-centered that you put everyone down and you do things to only benefit you. And although this generation is more narcissistic, that’s still okay. We still help and care about each other. When that stops, then we have a problem.

  • Naomi and Rama

    We feel that people now a days sometimes feel the need to post selfies on social media to flaunt their appearance so peers will accept them. By posting these type of pictures, they may receive positive attention making them have higher self-esteem. This shows that social media in this generation can influence narcissistic acts. Although positive attention is great, this generation already has too much resulting in egotistic attitudes.

  • We believe teens have certainly more narcissistic these days. They are always bragging to each other about things they have done and how popular they are. This is a big change from the past back when teens were more disciplined. In those days they would have more chores to do and they played a big role in their families. And when they didn’t do their job because they thought they were too good for it, they would be deeply punished. But now, that element has been lost, and teens do anything they want.

  • Robot and Franklin

    I also believe that teens today are more narcissistic than ever before. Teens today are always on their phones and lack communication skills. Most teens are very good at texting people quickly but couldn’t keep a conversation going to save their life. In all I think that adults are somewhat right about teens becoming narcissistic in this day and age.

  • Jade

    I think that teens today are definitely more narcissistic than those of previous generations. With the constant snapchatting, posting pictures online, and all of the social media, it’s hard for a person to not be narcissistic. With all of these factors contributing to the situation, teens are constantly worried about what they look like and how they can improve themselves.

  • Jordan

    I do think that our generation is much more narcissistic than in past generations, but I believe that is to be expected. In our generations, unlike any before, teens now are allowed to interact with the world and with this it makes sense that narcissism will grow to our teens

  • Sydney B

    This generations has become more narcissistic. Selfies might not show this in themselves, but it’s what teens say on social media that exposes this. Some might post on it saying how “totally cute” they look, and that’s fine. But if they do this every day, you can infer that they are at least a little full of themselves. It is also how they treat others. This being an age of technology, it is easy to be swept away in internet chat rooms, thinking that you’re safe to say whatever you want because no one can see you. But it is evident that teens unleash their inner bully and arrogance when they express how “amazing” they are and how other people annoy them.

  • Baraa Aljanadi

    Yes, teens today do seem a lot more narcissistic than previous generations. It just seems typical for nowadays for teens to be more ridiculous and self-centered than when they are younger children or adults. From given a little childhood encouragement, their awareness of being bossed around can easily get to them. They would think highly of themselves and feel like they have the right to rebel against or defy adults, like their parents and teachers. Bullying and rejecting the unpopular people also is more frequent this day and age among teenagers. Not hating on anyone who’s popular, but in general, it just looks like popular people let the fame get to their head, and they suddenly think they’re so important and they matter the most. I personally think that’s the worst type. Slackers in school, bullying, popularity, and rejecting new people are just some of the cliche characteristics. Of course, it matters on the society (one is behaved, one is not), but selfishness will always exist everywhere.

  • justin

    Overall, this generation is undoubtedly more narcissistic than previous generations, which can be seen from the app Snapchat, which is an app that can very easily be used for sending selfies, and selfies, which are just pictures where a person takes a picture of oneself. The reason for this could be because children these days are raised where even failures are rewarded, which can be seen in things such as consolation prizes when one does not even try their best. More narcissistic societies are not all bad, as it can give children more confidence. However, it can very easily also make children overly egotistic, which is not good either. Overall, we feel like it is somewhat neutral, having both good and bad.


  • Tj Dayak

    i took the text and i got 5 out of 40. my friend josiah took it and got 31 out of 40

  • Tristyn

    They are very narcissistic about them self now in days. they think to much of themselves before they go places and really care about how they look for the day and everything. #bhslib

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  • Brennan Sales

    This generation has more ways to look self-centered due to more social media sites and people think they are just because of more social media sites. But there is a limit to how much pictures and stuff you put on social media. If a person is putting a lot of pictures of themselves, that is being narcissistic. If people are putting one a week, then that is not being narcissistic.

    • Ur mom

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  • bkim

    i dont think that all kids are more narcissistic than before but we may look that way because some of teens give other teens a bad name and make us look that way when we use social media sites #BHSLIB

  • Grace, Hawraa, Kariah

    We agree that teens are more narcissistic today that they have been in previous generations. We think this is because of the different things and “materials” that we have grown up with. As technology gets more and more advanced we use it in different ways and it can make people behave differently so the ways that our generation has been raised is different. In conclusion, yes our generation is much more narcissistic than previous ones.

  • Shawn

    I think that in this generation teens are becoming a bit more narcissistic. They focus more on their looks and not on their talents. Even then some don’t know their true talents because of how they think others would look at them.

  • Sean Scobille

    Our generation is was more narcissistic then previous generations. With selfies and everyone being told that they’re special, we have the idea that we’re overly important and entitled.

  • Lance O’Brien

    I think that in this generation teens are becoming a bit more narcissistic. They focus more on their looks and not on their talents. Even then some don’t know their true talents because of how they think others judge them.

    • Samir Kazimi


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  • omnia

    I personally think that young teens are more narcissistic than ever before. Social media might have a big impact on that because almost every teen has two if not more ways to connect with others on social media and a lot of them want to get a lot of attention and get more followers so being narcissistic might be a good way to get them selves a little more attention. Its all about the looks now and making a statement with clothing and who you walk and talk with

  • Kendra

    I am not totally convinced that teens are more narcissistic than previous generations because I think we’re just as narcissistic as everyone else has always been. The only difference is that, with all the social media and facebook and twitter, we just have more means to show just how narcissistic we are. Many people (especially teens) love to be the center of attention and share everything about themselves and I think that it has always been like that and it’s so much easier to do so with all the technology we have now. However, I can see how this easy access may be feeding our narcissism because making ourselves the center of attention seems so rewarding to us to be admired when we know that everyone can see us or follow us and so we just do it more and more, like an addiction. I also think that narcissism can never really be considered a good thing because narcissism is used to describe over-the-top selfishness, vanity, and a super-inflated self worth. Small doses of these aspects can lead to good things like confidence and being happy about who you are but narcissism is the word used to describe too much of these feelings.

    • Sandor

      Yes, I agree very much with your argument. The difference between older generations and millennials is simply that it’s easier for the millennials to show their narcissism. However, I didn’t consider that social media may continue to promote narcissism once people become teens.

  • Guest

    I personally think that young teens are more narcissistic than ever before. Social media might have a big impact on that because almost every teen has two if not more ways to connect with others on social media and a lot of them want to get a lot of attention and get more followers so being narcissistic might be a good way to get them selves a little more attention. Its all about the looks now and making a statement with clothing and who you walk and talk with.

  • jason marin

    teens are probably without doubt more Narcissistic than they were before. I personally think each generation will be more narcissistic. When i think about it, narcissism is all over in places that influence teens the most. especially the new music industries and artists teens follow and try to set as a role model.

  • Joy

    I believe that this generation is more narcissistic than the previous generation. Because our world today have more advanced technology and everyone have access to social media, they all have an opportunity to post their selfies online. Although this generation might be more narcissistic, I don’t think it’s bad because having a little narcissism means that you have confidence and love toward yourself, and having confidence is very important in our lives. On the other hand, narcissism can be negative if you become self-centered and do everything that would only benefit yourself.
    In my opinion, I think it also has to do with how this generation was raised. For example, we were praised for everything we did, which could increase our self-esteem.
    So overall, I believe that our opportunity to interact with the world and how this generation was raised is what affects the ways teens act today. This generation is more narcissistic, but it’s hard to say if it’s positive or negative.

  • alexus salinas

    Yes this generation has become much more narcissistic than previous generations. We care way too much about appearances and how others view ourselves. Being narcissistic limits you on how you see yourself, you only see the better parts of yourself.I also believe that the increase of technology and social media has changed our generation to become more narcissistic, it causes teens to feel like they have to live and look to a certain expectation.

  • Gabrielle

    I agree that teenagers are more narcissistic these days, but I think that the psychologist from Notre Dame is right about why they’re more narcissistic. “I think of narcissism as an adaptive thing that teenagers use to work on self-image and identity” is his explanation and I completely agree with it. I think that teenagers these days have a lot of stress and obstacles that teens in previous generations did not have to face. School is harder, getting into college is harder, the future is more uncertain, etc. So I think we’ve become narcissistic in order to cope with the challenges we have to face and remain confident about our ability to do so and most importantly, ourselves. We need to be a little narcissistic to make ourselves feel like we can do anything that life throws at us and give us the inflated view of self that will allow us to accept any obstacle and believe that we can do it. I agree with Rachael and a few other people that said narcissism has good effects and promotes self confidence, openness, and a willingness to take risks. I agree with the many others who said that it has greatly been increased in it’s expression due to social media also.

  • Starr

    I agree that this generation is greatly narcissistic. Due to the internet and media it has made us become this way. Apps such as Snap Chat and Instagram make us more narcissistic because you are obligated to post pictures and videos about yourself. Most of our generation really care about our looks or what others think about them. I believe things such as Victoria Secret push narcissism. To everyone they portray the “perfect woman”. Every girl in America want to look that way. This causes many narcissistic ways towards teenage girls. In the dating world for teenagers looks are the number one factor. This being the number one factor causes most teenage girls and boys to be more narcissistic. As time progresses generations from here on out with struggle with narcissism.

  • Tara

    Millennials may be more narcissistic than other generations, but that is because we are conditioned to act this way. Before this age, there wasn’t any revolutionary technology. People weren’t able to post selfies or post information about themselves on social media sites. It’s all about the resources that we have. Just like before the internet was born and Google was invented, people actually went to libraries to get their information and now all the information we need is in the touch of a button. Also, other generations also engage in these activities as well, so it’s not just about Millennials, it’s that technology has conditioned everyone to act a bit more narcissistic.
    There is a clear difference between narcism and confidence: narcism is thinking you’re the best at everything and confidence is believing in yourself. I do believe that when people post selfies on social media sites there is an increase their self esteem because they are getting compliments, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are doing it to gain attention for their physical appearance. I don’t believe that narcism is just part of reality today, I think that self confidence is just mistaken for narcism.

  • blueking212 .

    I think today teenagers are just Narcissist as the last generation. The only difference is that modern technology makes it more easy to see.

  • Emma Eagle

    Everyone is at least a little bit narcissistic. No one is perfect but everyone wants to be. Don’t blame today’s teenagers for their struggles to figure out who they are in a world that is also far from perfect. Not only are teenagers pressured more than previous generations with constant connection to the world around them, they are also just teenagers. They have crazy emotions and crazy impulses running through their heads all the time, and social media magnifies that. Maybe this generation is more narcissistic, but only to defend itself from a big scary imperfect world. Or maybe social media just takes everyone’s individual narcissism and makes it public.

  • Samantha

    Yes I agree that teens now a days are more narcissistic than before. But I don’t think its such a horrible thing. Teens love to be outgoing and share to the world wonderful moments in their life especially on social media… yet their are some moments where teens can go too far.. but you see, this can be viewed as a good or bad thing. In a way though its normal, were use to it because every one around us is just the same and its not JUST teens because trust me their are some adults just the same. But overall, I don’t see this as a bad thing whatsoever I feel like this generation can become big over time.

  • Ryan

    I believe that most teenagers these days are more narcissistic then previous generations, with a few exceptions. There are always a handful of good kids, but there are also a handful of kids who behave poorly. I think that this generation is more narcissistic then previous generations because they were born and raised in a different time and way then their parents. If you look around, you see kids playing on tablets or phones. Some kids even get a phone as early as 10 years old, whereas their parents didn’t even have a phone. Teens these days take this as a right, when it is in fact a privilege to have these appliances.

  • Emma R.

    Yes. This generation is very narcissistic, especially compared to our parents and grandparents. Nowadays, almost every kid has a phone, iPod, iPad, laptop.. and who knows what else. Kids constantly measure how many likes, comments, and retweets they get-and their self value is weighted with those same numbers. The internet opened an entirely new form of exposure that influences kids and makes criticism much more prevalent in their lives. We are becoming obsessed with how we look and what people think of us, and let the comments, likes, etcetera get to our heads. In previous generations, there was no outlet as great as the internet and self confidence was just that. Now, “self confidence” quickly turns to self absorption and even obsessiveness. We constantly crave attention and praise, and this generation has so many more ways to get just that.

  • Victor Herrera

    No Not at all If any thing they arre more hard on themselves and want more people to accept them . I think they just wanted to be more accepted then previous generations . They will try to gain peoples acceptance by various different means such as liking the things as the popular people. They can now easily accomplish this by social media because it tells you what your friends are liking and showing you what to like. This helps the non popular kids come up to popular kids and talk about their shared interests and helps the non popular kid acceptance.

  • Paul

    I don’t think this generation is more narcissistic than previous generations. Social media makes it easier to see vast numbers of people expressing themselves, and in a wide array of people, many appear to have narcissistic tendencies. However, I don’t think this means this generation is any more narcissistic than previous generations; it’s just easier to see the narcissism of this generation displayed on a widely accessible platform. That being said, social media does seem to enhance narcissism in teens. Teens often display themselves on social media in ways that make them seem more beautiful or interesting than they really are.

  • Jack Boomer

    Teenagers are much more narcissistic than previous generations. I believe this is because of increased social media in their lives. People are connected to others all the time which means teens need to keep up their images all the time. Always worrying about your image causes major narcissism and can cause huge drops in self esteem. People need to love their image; otherwise it is not worth keeping up. This can cause a huge dependency on social media which is not empowering or good for the futures of teens.

  • carlos a

    I think that teens are definitely more narcissistic than those of previous generations. I believe that this has a huge issue because of all of the technology that we have, because we are always looking at what others are posting and many times teens are comparing themselves to others, which can cause a lack in self esteem.

  • Matthew Krump

    No, I really don’t think so. There is a huge difference between narcissism and self-empowerment. I f Beyonce can wake up flawless, then why can’t I? We need to continue teaching kids that there is no perfect image and that the only definition of beautiful that they have is staring right back at them in the mirror.

  • David Musci

    Everyone is at least a little bit narcissistic. No one is perfect but everyone wants to be. The blame for teenagers is all of the social media. Having multiple accounts to different media sites, means that people will always be able to look at you, and teens want to keep their own image up.

  • Rosbitt BDP

    Do you think teens today are more narcissistic than previous generations? What is the difference between narcissism and believing in yourself? Given the expectations that come along with social media, is what people used to think of as narcissism just a necessary part of everyday life for today’s teens?

    I do not believe that teens are more narcissistic then our previous generation. I think that the only difference is that now I can become a lot more public then it was before. As Danah Boyd says in her interview ( that all previous generation interactions are now just being merged to the online world. The difference between narcissism and believing in yourself is boasting about yourself. Because I don’t think narcissism is what is being intended I don’t think its a part of everyday life.

  • Austin Williamson

    Today’s teens are no more self-centered than previous generations.

    While today’s teens now have phones and newer, bigger social networks, they are just the same as the generations before and after.

    Let’s not lie, pops. You spent hours adjusting appearance to elicit the maximum number of compliments. Today, you take selfies while you complain about kids doing the *exact same thing GS you do*.

    Stop picking on youth, you big bullies.

    May I never be as bitter and hypocritical as you.

  • Arham Jain

    I disagree with this statement a lot. People have always said that the previous generation is bad, or that the new generation is bad. These statements will continue to happen as long as there are humans. Social media does show more outlets of narcissism than that of people born much earlier, because they didn’t have any way to communicate with their friends instantly and all the time. It may be true that these new teens think that they can do anything, but is that such a bad thing? If they want admiration, is that a bad thing? Both of these factors could drive them to create a radical invention. Their self confidence would stop them from giving up, and their drive would be fueled by admiration. In short, teens are not growing more narcissistic. This article is blowing this research way out of proportion, if you ask me.

  • Izzy Bohanek

    To a certain extent, I do believe teens have gotten a bit narcissisric, but not as severly as everyone believes. When a teen posts a selfie, they obviously feel good about themselves, because they posted it on social media for everyone to see. What is so wrong with putting up a picture you feel good in? There is none. I feel this generation is certainly being affected by image and what is “cool”, but when it comes to posting a picture you feel good in, I would argue with that. Some teens may have low self-esteem, therefore, if they feel good and what everyone to see, so be it. If someone has the self-confidence to post a selfie, thats great for them. Not all post one everyday. It’s great to feel good about yourself, and it should be celebrated because everyone truly is beautiful in their own way, but not all see it.

  • Mariana

    This obviously doesn’t apply to every teenager. However, I do believe it is true for a vast majority of teens. I know a lot of narcissistic people. It’s not uncommon to see someone take a picture (usually a girl) and hear her say “Omg I look so good in this” . Some may say this isn’t necessarily narcissism, it could just be a temporary self-esteem boost. There have been instances where I’ve heard the same people comment about how “good” they look and how “amazing” they are. It really makes you wonder where that egoistic character comes from. In the past I don’t think people were as self-absorbed. I assume that was somewhat looked down upon. I believe a lot factors into how a person becomes narcissistic. Technology, daily compliments and how the teen was raised are all huge factors.

  • Yahya Yusuf

    Kids are becoming completely narcissistic because all the vehicles kids use to talk to one another especially social media have made them narcissistic. All they do is talk about themselves in all different ways in social media but I don’t think that is a bad thing. Now kids are confident enough to do things they would’ve done before they had social media. They have become people friendly and even charismatic because where ever they go they have to interact people in social media.

  • Keyaira

    After reading many of the comments, I have to disagree with most. I don’t believe that teens now-a-days are more narcissistic than any generation. To be quite honest I the problem is older generations not understanding this new generation because we live in entirely different ways. To me, taking selfies and posting them on the internet is a way to feel good about yourself, not to feel better than others and only care about yourself. I personally think teens now are more unhappy than any other generation, but it’s harder to communicate that with the technology we are given, and the lack of understanding from our elders.

  • Trev.Wils

    Yes. If you played sports as a kid you were given trophies for “trying”. It showed us that everyone was a winner which is very bad. In 2014 fall applicants to Stanford about 42,000 people applied. Only 2,000 people got in, that is only 5%. In the 42,000 57% had a 4.0 GPA. We also have become lazy because of the “everyone’s a winner” mentality. Why work really hard if you will be just given what you want?

  • Kaleb Dokey

    i, in my honest opinion, i do think that us millennials are definitely more invested in themselves more-so than other generations. but, i also believe that the method of which they are using to obtain this data is more of a test of confidence than narcissism. the only question that i thought to be pointing out narcissism was the question about whether or not you think the world would be better if you were to rule over it. otherwise, it points out self-consciousness and confidence more than anything else. as for the second part of the question, i think that narcissism is completely different from self-belief in the sense that when you are narcissistic, you tend to be more chauvinistic and jerky. not all the time but its still more often than not. and finally, i do think so. for the worst. i believe that back in gen x, narcissism wasn’t as prevalent as it is now, so in order for people to bring it up to others and feel the timing is right, we allow it to go on longer and get worse, instead of bringing up narcissism immediately.

  • Emma

    I agree that our generation is very self absorbed, although if you think about every generation we get more and more narcissistic. There is a lot of talk about how we have all the electronics and how we don’t go outside and do stuff that your parents did at our age. The thing about that is our parents who say that are the ones that supply the ability to be conceded. Us teens are also not the only ones to be this way. You can look on social media and it is not just kids posting things about themselves either feeling bad for them self or glorifying who they are, there are plenty of adults that are just like us. Yes I do think it is out of hand how much we focus on our self but it also is a great thing. People focus on the negative points but there is so much more to it than being narcissistic. For someone to have the courage to post a picture of their face on the internet shows that they are proud of who they are. There is a big difference between confidence and conceded.

  • jason

    I agree with the fact that this generation is much more narcissistic than past generations. But i have to disagree that it is a bad thing. I think that it is very good the people have confidence in who they are and what they can do. But this fact goes to only a certain point. I believe it goes over the top with big stars nowadays. What happened to being the best but just because you are you don’t have to tell every one you are and try to prove you are.

  • Eva

    I think we generally are a more narcissistic generation; but I also think it’s actually necessary to have a little extra self-confidence in today’s society. Self involvement (caring about the image you project) is nothing new. But now, people are given all kinds of high expectations about their bodies, their intelligence, their schooling and just about every other aspect of life through the unlimited media we have access to. In order to stay happy and positive, you have to love yourself (or at least be cocky enough) to think that you are capable of living up to these expectations. Whether you actually are or not is less important; it’s the confidence that matters.

  • Lauren

    I believe that teens being more narcissistic in this generation is because of the technology that is available to us. Such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. When a person posts a selfie on one of these social networking systems, it’s natural for you to comment that they look great. Therefore, there’s several comments like these below their picture. But what if

  • Grace

    I believe that the teens in our generation are more narcissistic then past generations. most of us grew up being complimented and praised for the idea of just trying, even when we failed to accomplish our goals. this boosted our confidence and self-esteem which has made us very narcissistic in our teen years. some people may say having too much confidence is a bad thing, however in today’s society you could probably find more positive things on having lots of confidence than negative.

  • Matthew

    I believe that teens are generally more narcissistic than people before. There are a lot of factors to this, such as how they are parented, social media, what society expects of us, and a phone with a front facing camera. I believe that parents have increasingly been pushing their kids to try harder and do better, and when they do, they get a self esteem boost, so they feel good about themselves. This isn’t a bad thing though, as self confidence could lead to more daring and potentially very rewarding breakthroughs in many fields, I say bring on the narcissism!

  • Emilia

    A substantial amount of evidence proves that this generation is noticeably more narcissistic than others. I can also add proof to this with personal experiences, I have witnessed this on multiple accounts. Not only do teens speak highly of themselves, they also do so online. Whether it’s in a sarcastic or joking way, teenagers grasp information that may or may not be supporting their personality for the better. What we can say is that it’s not only teens that are susceptible to influence, but younger ages as well. Whether its that people have a picture of themselves that they can be proud of that some see as narcissism, I see posts of this generations kids congratulating others for being full of themselves. Someone commenting “You go” on a captioned photo stating they maced someone for assuming they had the right to talk to them is absurd. Especially if the reason a stranger was engaging in conversation to obtain information, not forcefully but in a curious manner, they don’t deserve to be maced for having curiosity. I do believe that seeing others as beautiful is important and others have the right to own something to be proud of, it’s just that the only person bragging about that something is themselves. And no one tells them otherwise.

  • Claire

    I think teens are more narcissistic because of social media. We all portray our lives as amazing and use filters to make us look better. Once we post all of this I think that we start to believe it. We live our lives like we are as pretty and amazing as our profile pictures. People expect us to look and act like we do online, and we start to believe it.

  • Crystal Marie

    I believe that teenagers in this generation have been conditioned to be very self confident and even narcissistic. I think social media plays a large role in this because teens do whatever they can be noticed by their peers. For example posting things on their social media pages like: selfies, photos of events they attend, pictures of food they eat, where they are, and who they’re with. Basically bragging. Teens want to be popular so they try to catch peoples attention so that they will be noticed and have more friends on Facebook or more followers on Instagram or Twitter.
    Going to an art school people tend to be more competitive, and they let their egos get the best of them. Yeah, most of them just strive to be the best, but there are people who try and take the spotlight away from others simply because they can due to popularity.

  • Crystal sandoval

    I think that it has always been a trend for teenagers to be obsessed with their image. The only difference is that its more acceptable

  • Crystal sandoval

    its always been a trend with teenagers to be interested in their looks. I just think that now its more openly acceptable.

  • anthony palmer

    Society has made kids more narcissistic. As children become more exposed to what the world is really like, they start to realize that it doesn’t work the same way as when they were little. We get praise and love for doing our best and people are all appreciated giving everyone the notion there special. Social media definitely makes people narcissistic. This can totally be a positive and help peoples confidence go up and they will take charge. The negative, however, is they can get absorbed in their own benefit and leave other behind. Overall though i think this is having a positive action and more people are taking action in society and everyone is showing their true potential. People are earning their success and are very proud of themselves.

  • Conor Donehue

    I believe that the milenial generation is arrogant because of their surroundings, our generation is just barely coming of age and hasn’t been tested in the real world yet. Teenagers, not just our generation, have been known to be narcissistic and “know everything.” I believe that our generation hasn’t grown up yet and will shine in the future.

  • Zack Reiter

    Teens are more narcissistic today than previous generations. This is due to the fact that we are exposed to so much vanity with the introduction to social media. We are also faced with more stress to get a good job so that we may live a stable life. We are also found to take things for granted and not be as appreciative of the things we have, unlike many of the generations before us.

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  • Caroline P

    I initially thought that today’s teens were no more narcissistic than past generations, they just had a wider platform through the internet to broadcast their beliefs about themselves. Although I wanted to believe this, it ends up this is painfully wrong. Today’s teens are more narcissistic than ever before. A look at statistics such as increased plastic surgery rates, less focus on common names, and a nationwide fixation on social media sites paints a picture of a nation of young adults too into themselves. Believing in yourself is a completely different story than being narcissistic; if you have faith in yourself, you do not compromise relationships for success. Narcissists often have trouble holding stable relationships due to their self involvement; empathy is often a missing charactersitic in the usual narcissist. Narcissism is thrown around lightly, but I do think it should still have a negative connotation. You can work hard, push yourself, believe in yourself, and do incredibly well without being a complete narcissist. Narcissists are not a “necessary part” of today’s society, nor will they ever be.

    • Austin Williamson

      Doesn’t this have more to say about the ease of getting credit cards than anything? Today’s society is also more accepting, and allows people to change their outward appearance to reflect their gender identity. In short, statistics without proper analysis is about as useful as weather forecasting based on granny’s butter dish.

  • DevinForcier

    yes I believe we are more narcissistic today than our past ancestors because we were born with the new technology. At this day an age everything changes minute by minute. the world revolves around technology. most of everything today is built from a machine. things back then were different because they had to build everything by hand.

  • Emma C.

    I do think our generation is more narcissistic than the generations before us but I also don’t think that’s a bad thing. I feel like being a little narcissistic actually helps our generation. When you are a little narcissistic you have more self-confidence and think you matter in the world. People think everyone should have a little narcissism. #AJHSHardee

  • Hope

    Teens in this generation are much more narcissistic than in previous generations. It’s one thing to believe in yourself and be comfortable with your own image, but many teens take it too far and put others down to make themselves feel better and act like they are better than other adolescents in a way to make themselves believe that they are better and good. They aren’t so narcissistic on the inside, but they put on a front to help their mind believe in themselves.

  • jazmyn

    i think that narcissism is a part of our lives today because everybody is so caught up in images and how they look what they wear what people think oft hem i have the best thing s the most expensive things everybody’s ego is a big part of their lives boys acting like they are all that and girls like they know everything and that they’re the best because of what they have and that’s not all girls and boys but the majority of them are and then when it comes down to jobs and certain things like that most of them don’t know what they’re doing because they haven’t learned or were never taught or just thought they never needed to because they got it like that so to speak. it is a way to boost someones self esteem because when people think you’re all that and your popular you feel a sense of mhmm I’m that girl or guy everybody knows and loves hates and likes and you feel special verses someone who isn’t that popular and all that but has good self esteem and they’re themselves. People just need to learn to be themselves and that it doesn’t matter what you wear or what you have as long as your great on the inside and being who you are makes greater friends and a better life fr you than trying to be someone you’re not because the truth is everybody’s already take and why waste time being someone else when you can be yourself

  • Megan

    Certainly, attitudes and education are much more individual-centric today. But I’d like to point out that adults tend to idealize their past behaviors. Social media has made supposedly narcissistic behaviors more obvious, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t previously exist. One only has to look at the elaborate portraits commissioned by aristocrats to see that “selfies” aren’t a recent phenomenon. Furthermore, confidence is often equated with narcissism. I won’t deny that there’s probably an unhealthy degree of narcissism in this generation, but I’d also like to remind everyone that older generations tend to criticize the young, either from secondhand embarrassment or fear of change.

  • Virshon

    Written by an angry parent that can’t control an over dramatic daughter all the same shit. Just angry that our generation is bigger and smarter and better in all ways

  • Ayy Lmao

    lol, that podcast was as narcissistic as it gets.

  • mymomswag


  • Dustin Turner

    I truthfully think that that test was sort of fair in the way of saying that it is correct in its questions determining whether you are or are not narcissistic, but It really needs more information. I mean listen to the pod cast 6:20-6:40 it explains “modern” narcissistic tendencies so well, as if I even look in the mirror once I am a major narcissist but It is so broad that there’s really no way to say it is one or another it needs more options I am only 15 but I have studied psychology for my hole life. Of course every one in the world has at least one narcissistic tendency, especially the people that say that they don’t. I know that I am rambling on about who knows what so I will get to the point. I have a blame point for modern narcissist, which is gen x (the generation born after that of the baby boomers (roughly from the early 1960s to mid 1970s), often perceived to be disaffected and directionless) When they started having kids the said “I will never be like my parents”,”I will never hit my kid”, and especially Participation ribbons because “every one is special and a winner” and I hate to say it but this gave my generation a false sense of self worth. #blame gen x! (but the answer to the question of is this gen more narcissistic is yes.)

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